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Pandora's Box 2.0 Candidate 3 roll out


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HermesLogo.png                                                          Ermes_3D.png                                                       HermesWindow.png






Hermes require a minimum 8GB size USB stick, but can be an external *Hard Drive also (internal or external, the important is that there is not a partition belonging to your boot disk.)

Is required to be formatted in GPT because we need the EFI partition.

The file system is not really important because Hermes will proceed to format the target volume automatically, but anyway Is still recommended to first format your Volume (your USB stick) using Disk Utility to avoid problems.

*(be carefull, Hermes delete all the contents of the EFI partition on the target volume (ie the one on your USB stick))



Hermes produces a .iso file on your desktop that you have to burn using Disk Utility or your preferred method.

Normally a DVD+R DL 8,5 GB is required  (has a considerable cost).


Warning: don't burn the iso, but the image inside it.





OS X Version

Select the OS you want Install. Hermes will do a check after it has mounting the ".app" or ".dmg" provided, if it contains the desired version.



Hermes gives you the opportunity to choose some presets, the first install the FakeSMC.kext only, 2 to 5 are for  Desktop and 6 to 9 for Laptop Systems.

Specifically, using the pre-configurations make it possible to install some kexts needed to boot the OSX installer, starting with the most common problems: 
- You have a Sandy/Ivy Bridge CPU?
Install a configuration that contain the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. 
This will help you to avoid a Kernel Panic on AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext  (This can be patched during installation or post-installation by Zeus).
- You receive a "Still Waiting for Root Device" error ?? 
This happens when OSX can not find a driver needed for your disk controller (the start-up disk in this case is the installer via USB controller and when OSX is run from the hard drive, we talking about the SATA/PATA/RAID controller) because is not natively supported by OSX, and you do not have a patched DSDT for this problem:
Install a configuration with the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, AHCIPortInjector.kext and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext.

This does not guarantee the  solution of the problem but you will have more chances of success: for beginners!

include kexts

- You need some specifically kernel extensions? 
Use the "include kexts" option! This allow you to install some kexts on the Installer, and these will be available to be find from Zeus and installed on your new OSX! 
Enable the checkbox "include kexts" and copy your kexts into "InsanelyBox/Custom kexts" by pressing the "InsanelyBox folder"  icon.


- Enoch, a branch of Chameleon, the easy way.

Chameleon, is the solution used for many years and is also a secure way for beginners.
This is bootloader that run in Legacy mode, modifying the boot sector to find the boot file, and then your preferred OS!
Hermes allow you to install:
a specific SMbios (Mac Model)
The SMBios.plist  should reflect your Hardware as much as possible, picts and descriptions will help you find the right one.
a display resolution in pixels (Resolution)
choose based on the resolution of the target display.
your patched ACPI tables (include ACPI Tables)
if you have your patched DSDT.aml, SSDT.aml, SSDT-1.aml ecc, mark the relative checkbox and copy it inside InsanelyBox/ACPI, and those tables will be copied to your Installer..
a customized Extra folder
you have a complete Extra folder ready for the target OS??? you can use that to build the installer. Mark the relative checkbox and copy it inside "InsanelyBox/Custom Extra".
This disable other choices (Mac Model and Resolution) since installing your Extra folder...this one must be complete in each part!

- Clover, Advanced EFI bootloader by Slice --> New

Hermes can do the installer using Clover in UEFI mode only. This mean that your motherboard must be UEFI capable!


Since revision r2.016 Hermes can make the installer in UEFI mode or in Legacy mode too
You can add some drivers from Hermes and if you have one install your custom "config.plist".
(HFSPlus.efi no more needed) and  NTFS.efi are optional driver for Clover (due to their license), so if you need it, you have to dowload it manually an copy it inside "InsanelyBox/AdditionalSettings/Clover/drivers/"
You can also install an entire EFI folder, but must be complete in each part, boot files and drivers. This option disable the choices for the drivers.
Note: to have a easy life you can Install Enoch first, and then install Clover and play with him as many times as you want!


include kernel  (and Yosemite--> New method


- Yosemite or AMD user??
Hermes give you the possibility to insert your specific kernel file by  putting a copy of "your kernel" inside "~/InsanelyBox/Custom kernel" by pressing "InsanelyBox folder"  icon and then  select it by pressing the "Add a kernel" popupbutton.

I this way you can install your custom kernel (original kernel will be renamed as "original_kernel"), and this is particularly useful for AMD users, or anyone who wants to use a patched kernel by themselves or by someone else (ex. Lapic patched kernel for HP users?)

How to use:
the kernel file name must contain the word "kernel" (case insensitive) to be found by Hermes, as the follow:
cool kernel
CoOl KerNEl

cat And Dog kernel

kernel v14.0.0 borg  :borg:

kernel super better


You can store all the kernels you want (since r2.016)


About  Yosemite, Pandora caming with an *original 10.10  kernel  and is the same for 10.10.1 .


*(for future update like 10.10.2, 10.10.3 etc., Pandora has the ability to download the new kernel, but only if the new build is changed!. If you don't have any Internet connection to download a new kernel, please provide it manually  ;) .

But If you have an active Internet connection (needed only if the right kernel was not already downloaded) there's no need to select any of it for a Vanilla Installation, just press "Start" ) 



Skip FakeSMC.kext (AMD) --> New


Use this option only with certain AMD kernels that already have the FakeSMC embedded (compiled together the kernel).

Do not use this option with an Intel processor!


All known official builds of OSX since Lion.

*Old Developer Preview (DP), Betas or Release Candidate (RC) builds are not supported!
*Until now, the Pandora Installer made by Hermes can install OSX on the formatted disks with MBR partition scheme (ATM all OSX since 10.7.1 to 10.10.1).

See the requirements above about the accepted build: Using the DPs could cause an unbootable installer, please use only the official app from the MAS.



more instruction coming soon...

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HeraLogo.png                                                 Hera_3D.png                                                           HeraWindow.png


Hera is a new app that allow you to create, update or Upgrade the Recovery HD partition with the OSX version you want!


Hera has only 3 requirements:


- Your startup disk must be formatted in GPT (GUID Partition Scheme). No MBR partition table or mixed GPT/MBR are supported (is automatically detected).


- The OSX Installer  (.app or .dmg) 


- the RecoveryUpdate.dmg or an active Internet connection.




The Recovery HD partition is created by narrowing the donor partition (the current OS) to create a new one with a capacity of 650 MB.


When is it useful? 
When the Recovery HD partition is missing, after that You played too much with it, or after you have done a restore using CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner)..or other tools.
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ZeusLogo.png                                                  Zeus_3D.png                                                   ZeusWindow.png


Zeus  is a new app, and is the heart of Pandora 2.x


What can I do with Zeus?


Mantain your already Installed OSX, or Installing OSX  :surprised:, or resque OSX :surprised:.

Yes, when Hermes build the "Pandora Installer" copy the entire Suite on your USB stick or DVD, and Zeus is always ready


At the end of the installation (2/3 min to the end) Zeus show up automatically overhanging the OSX Installer.


Resque OSX..how? 

by booting the installer, opening Terminal.app and typing "zeus" (w/o " lowercase letters),  Zeus.app will appear!


What can Zeus?


  • - install Clover** bootloader in UEFI mode and Legacy Mode with the possibility of installing a customized EFI folder, a config.plist, the kexts available or your custom ones  inside the EFI folder while installing the bootloader.
  • - install Enoch bootloader with the possibility of customizing the org.chameleon.boot.plist, installing a new SMBios.plist, installing an entire Extra folder or installing kexts inside Extra/Extensions while installing the bootloader.
  • - installing kexts provided by Zeus or installing your customized kexts to a different Repository like /System/Library/Extensions, /Library/Extensions or as above...
  • mount all the EFI partitions you have in your System (from internal/external or USB disks)
  • Repair kexts permission of /System/Library/Extensions/Library/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions (when found)
  • Rebuild the kernel cache
  • Go to the hot topics here on InsanelyMac
  • Install some Applications
  • Have detailed information about your disks


** As I write this, I realized that Slice released a new version of Clover with new drivers. Pandora will be updated shortly. EDIT: done



How use Zeus


I think you can find familiar how to use, only 3 things:
1) Select your Target Volumes:
select Volume.pngVolume selected.png
2) Declare if you want install a Bootloader or not (or acting with its options for Enoch)
  what you do?.png
3) Declare if you want to install some kexts or not (enable or disable the choices for the kexts)
Unlock.png select kexts.png
...same behavior during the installation process...with a little wizard...
press start!
NOTE: can go in Full Screen mode:
full screen.png
more instruction coming soon...
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bugs and bugs fixed                                                                                            bug_buddy+(1).png


Known bugs:

Hermes is not tested making the DVD Installer.

This will be the last thing to do.


bugs fixed:

from older Pandora's Box 2.001-2.011 Candidate1

Fixed a bug  installing Enoch bootloader binary files using Hermes.app

Fixed a bug  installing a custom EFI folder using Clover as bootloader using Hermes.app due to an incorrect queue that caused a crash

Fixed a bug installing the user custom kexts in Hermes creating the installer.

Fixed a bug in Zeus.app installing AppleHDA.kext if provided by the user


Thanks to carbo178 for the patience and its experience in doing tests  :) 

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Update                                                                                                                                                                        updateappiphone.png

What's new in Pandora's Box Candidate3 r2.016



What was new in Pandora's Box Candidate2 r2.012

- Enoch bootloader updated to the r2472, now kext-dev-mode=1 flag is automatically injected when the OS is Yosemite. Other fixes by ErmaC.


- Updated the autodetection for the device/codecs audio in Zeus.app. Now all devices, onboard or on the video cards, are detected and shown.


- Update Hermes options by deleteting the "Retail" option. In its place a "FakeSMC.kext only" is now available. Descriptions for the other options are up to date.

   Now choosing a customized EFI folder you do not need to install any additional kexts.




Incoming Updates


- ...a surprise..

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h i                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Supported AppleHDA's





. Zeus supports a great variety of both AppleHDA's Desktop's as to Laptop's. 

. New Users / First Experience with AppleHDA: 
   1 - Identifying Your Audio codec. 
        1 - Zeus Identify your audio codec automatically at the top of the windows (the Audio tab) any doubt consult your manufacturer's manual. 
        2 - codec currently supported are: (Realtek, IDT, ADI, Via, Conexant). 
        3 - Example DEVICE_ID Vs Codec_id: Realtek ALC282 = 10ec0282. 
. Requirements: 
    1 - OSX Supported Versions: 
        1 - Supported Versions of the system are: Mountain Lion 10.8.5, Mavericks 10.9.4 / 10.9.5, Yosemite 10.10 
        2 - You must have one of the following DEVICE_ID / name Codec described below: 
         1 - Realtek ALC for Desktop's: ALC662, ALC882, ALC883, ALC887, ALC888, ALC889, ALC889A, ALC892, ALC898, ALC1150. 
         2 - ADI for Desktop's: ADI1988B, ADI2000B. 
         3 - VIA for Desktop's: VT2020_2021 
         4 - Realtek ALC for Laptop's: ALC233, ALC268, ALC269, ALC270, ALC272, ALC275, ALC280, ALC282, ALC283, ALC284, ALC288, ALC290,  ALC663, ALC668, ALC888, ALC892. 
         5 - Conexant for laptop's: CX20583, CX20585, CX20588, CX20590, CX20752, CX20756, CX20757. 
         6 - Laptop's for RTD: RTD 92HD66C3 / 65, IDT92HD75B3X5, IDT92HD81B1X5, IDT92HD87B1, IDT92HD91BXX, IDT92HD93BXX. 
         7- Laptop's VIA: VT1802 / VT1802p. 
. Determining The Number Layout_ID / Audio_ID By Ports Motherboard: 
     1 - Audio_ID's / LAYOUT-ID's: 
          1 - Layout_ID=3   For Laptop's.
          2 - Layout_ID=5   3 Ports Supported (Pink, Green, Blue) 
          3- Layout_ID=7   5/6 Ports Supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue) 
          4 - Layout_ID=9   5/6 Ports Supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, CodecAddress: 2) 
. Audio_ID Injection: 
     1 - Methods: Clover / DSDT / HDEnabler.kext / Chameleon. 
         1 - DSDT / HDEF / Layout_id = Audio_id 
         2 - HDAEnablerX.kext (Where "X" corresponds to the number of Audio_ID / desired Layout_ID) 
         3 - Clover / Config.plist / Devices / Audio / Inject = Audio_ID 
         4 - Chameleon Installer / Customize / Setting / HDEF Layout / 
     Note: Only use of the methods described above. 
. installation: 
    1 - Requirements / mode: 
        1 - Connecting to the Internet 
        2 - After Selecting your DEVICE_ID / Name Codec click Download and then click start. 
        3 - Use this flag is mandatory: kext-dev-mode=1 (Only For Yosemite) 
. Reporting Problems: 
    1 - Inform the Kext version installed and attach files with your answer: 
       1- IOREG.ioreg 
       2 - DSDT.aml 
       3 - config.plist 
     Note: Some of the codec of the same model can have variations PATCHMAP, for example: there ALC269 with external microphone on
     nodeID = 24 and the other with nodeID = 18 in this case we need some small changes so that everything works well, read this topic: Guide to patch AppleHDA for your codec
. Credits: Kabyl for all HDAEnablers.
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Pandora has an integrate and nice "HELP" with some additional info, availabe from the Menu of Pandora's Box.app.

This will be expanded to accommodate more information.




Pandora.app has also an integrate System to give credit to all developpers involved and to meet licenses of 3° parties.


  • Pandora.app with Credits System, HELP, Sparkle Updater, Interface:  Marchrius
  • Hermes.app: Micky1979 and Marchrius.
  • Hera.app: Micky1979
  • Zeus.app: Micky1979
  • Enoch customized for Pandora: ErmaC, Themes by Carbo178
  • New 3D logos: Micky1979



Special thanks goes to:


  • Andy VandijckPiker Alpha and MinusZwei for the lzvn decompression tool
  • Piker Alpha for having raised Chameleon
  • Netkas for the FakeSMC
  • Slice to make and maintain Clover, FakeSMC and Plugins
  • Mieze for the AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext and for a special Lion edition of RealtekRTL8111.kext included in Pandora
  • Mirone for all the AppleHDA.kext downloadable from his repo!
  • carbo178 for the patience and its experience in doing tests (thanks)
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But in coustom kext , i can add fake smc and Ethernet and also kext that i need for my configuration?

mhmm strange...when try to add driver for clover ( HFS OSXAptio ) i dont have possibility to select this driver


HFS not select unterstan or i speak italian?

:lol: First error





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Hi Carmine :)


Yes you can add all the extensions you want (.......but EFI partition is 200 MB of corse :) )


OsxAptioFixDrv-64 can only be selected if OsxLowMemFixDrv is not selected and vice versa (deselect OsxAptioFixDrv-64 ...to select OsxLowMemFixDrv).

These two drivers can not and should not be installed together


HFSPlus-64.efi and NTFS-64.efi are not include due their License (are not Open Source):

You have to download it and then copy it to ~ InsanelyBox/AdditionalSettings/Clover/drivers.

so if these are not present, you may not be able to select them.


Also the official Clover's Packages does not have these drivers included



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ok...but i have problem


Hi Carmine :)


Yes you can add all the extensions you want (.......but EFI partition is 200 MB of corse :) )


OsxAptioFixDrv-64 can only be selected if OsxLowMemFixDrv is not selected and vice versa (deselect OsxAptioFixDrv-64 ...to select OsxLowMemFixDrv).

These two drivers can not and should not be installed together


HFSPlus-64.efi and NTFS-64.efi are not include due their License (are not Open Source):

You have to download it and then copy it to ~ InsanelyBox/AdditionalSettings/Clover/drivers.


Also the official Clover's Packages does not have these drivers included



 when start to create a usb , u see my problem ?

U see screen?


Stopped --ecc ecc

And another question...why in Zeus i dont see all Theme---there is only Metal by Sergey



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ok...but i have problem


 when start to create a usb , u see my problem ?

U see screen?


Stopped --ecc ecc

And another question...why in Zeus i dont see all Theme---there is only Metal by Sergey



I see tha you selected "custom config.plist" in one pict, but in the partial screen of Hermes you have clearly selected "Custom EFI"...the two pictures do not match....

...and here all driver become non-selectable

Themes are really heavy in MB, I know it Seemed only right to add one. Custom EFI function is implemented for this purpose, you have one and you can use it!
Hermes produces a log, by pressing this:
can I have it?
Edited by Micky1979
Retail option deleted (r2.011) since we can have always a Vanilla Installation by choosing any option during installation
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UEFI only.png


use Chameleon, then during or after the Installation you can select "Clover Legacy" in Zeus.


The gol is to install OSX, only ;)



Since r2.016 Hermes is able to install Clover in Legacy mode also!

Edited by Micky1979
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Can I have the log?




Understand the problems: Using Clover the kexts are installed in the EFI folder.

Hermes use a "dispach_async queue" to do more the one operation at same Time.

I have to modify to ensure that the bootloader (so the EFI folder), must be installed before installing the kexts to a EFI folder that does not exist yet. 

This can happen with processors with fewer threads or with less ability to manage queue. I'm going to solve this problem easily. New build coming soon.


Can you try if the same appen using Enoch? I think everything is OK, because the code is different. Can you confirm this in the meantime?

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which one you wan have several...have to look for the crash one


Hermes log

Ok, I've modify the code and I'm doing the restore using Clover using a sequential queue.

Stay tuned, only few minute (2 or 3) to know the reponse.




what CPU are you using?



seem ok now, testing again using Chameleon to see if all is OK...

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