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  1. Marchrius

    TRIM Enabler

  2. Marchrius


  3. Marchrius


  4. Marchrius

    iStat Pro Widget Fixed

  5. Marchrius

    AppleRTC patch (CMOS reset)

    If the computer at restart/shutdown doesn't reset BIOS then the problem isn't the AppleRTC.kext
  6. Marchrius

    TRIM Enabler

    Hve you rebooted the computer after patch?
  7. Marchrius

    Enable TRIM on non-Apple SSD

    Need to reboot
  8. Marchrius

    TRIM Enabler

    Ciao Power Mac, lo switch del TRIM abilitato/non abilitato serve solo per rendersi conto dello stato del TRIM al momento dell'apertura dell'applicazione. Dopo aver attivato la patch devi riavviare il sistema.
  9. Marchrius

    Decompiled MS IrDA drivers

    This are the drivers for 64bit system extracted from Windows directory. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0a05limtlhdd913/nuvotoncir_x86_64.zip And this are the installable driver from the vendor. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ckjxd0b4qinm81/CIR_WinBond_8.60.1000_W7x64W7x86_A.zip I can't find any "pdb" file associated to the driver.
  10. Marchrius

    Broadcom Bluetooth Injector

    You are rigth, but I personally prefer to have a kext for every injection (or for a specific computer) and leave the fakesmc stock becouse If I update the FakeSMC I have to update also the Info.plist every time. My goal is a kext that will not be overwritten.
  11. Marchrius

    Broadcom Bluetooth Injector

    If you have this you have the injection with official kext
  12. Marchrius

    Broadcom Bluetooth Injector

    My kext inject only the product and vendor id. So, it doen't load any binary in the kernel space because the official broadcom kext do that. So, I think that, if I can use a vanilla kext why I'll install a thirdy part kext? My approach is same as the kext in BTFirmwareUploader.kext/Contents/PlugIns/BluetoothDevInfoInjector.kext/Contents/Info.plist but with my kext I have a full functionally bluetooth with handsoff support and hotspot with the BTFU.kext I don't have this. Thanks, I'll add it! Can you tell me the name of your card?