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My MacBook Pro is GONE!

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  • 2 weeks later...

^^^^ I'm not going to ask.







I have only used a friends Macbook, which works well enough apart from the infamous early logic board fault.


Personally, I hate intel systems. I'll survive the Core Duo in my Apple Hac TabletPC Edition because bar a few kernel bugs and ongoing hardware support issues (Ever improving :P ) It's a good system, and being Fujitsu it's well built.


I now have two Real Macs. And not only do I mean they're manufactured by Apple, they also use PowerPC processors. A G3 iBook and a G4 PowerPC. My iBook is the 14.1 model, and has all it's original parts bar the HDD, and the battery still holds well between three and four hours of charge. My G4 and the accessories to go with it arrive soon (a DVD-Rom, Wacom UD1212, PCI-Cardbus adaptor, Compactflash to Serial connection for the Tablet.)


Of the iMacs however, I've seen wuite good things. But I guess. . . I still prefer the good old fashioned PPC boxes.


I'm just glad of the macbook because it gave life to my Apple Hac.


Good luck with yours!

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In UK I have waited 3weeks for changing logic board but they accidentally broke the bottom case so they have to order another one but I have waited 3 weeks...

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Guest goodtime

I hope your get your MacBook Pro back. Apple, get these kinks out of your products. You don't want me blogging about you. Hehe


Man, I don't feel so bad with my homemade Hackintosh. Only problem I had was the Ben-Q DVD-RW drive didn't work. Sent it back and got an LG DVD-RW drive in about a week. No problems since. Generally Mac products are reliable. Is this not the case anymore? I did have some problems with faulty Power Adapters and Power connectors on iBook G3s and PowerBook G4s. This is why I don't own a PowerBook G4 anymore and also why my iBook G3 is R.I.P.


Anyone want to buy a PowerBook Pismo G3 with a custom internal WiFi 802.11b card, 386 MB RAM? It does not have a battery but the power adapter still works. Runs good for general web stuff, slight bulge in keyboard from my Frankenstein WiFi card that came from an original AirPort Base station. I am thinking about selling it on eBay soon.



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I'm buying an iMac to replace the last of my PC's.


My collection of intel macs will then be two iMacs a Mac Pro and a Macbook :) an expensive collection and I've had not a single problem with any of them.

Yup, got two iMacs for work, got myself a Mac mini, an iMac as our family computer, another iMac for a relative, convinced my friend to get a MBP, got myself a Powerbook G4 (nearly new...beautiful machine).

None of these seven machines (of which only one is PPC) have had any problems. I had a Macbook with me for a little while (for testing purposes) and I had no troubles with it either.

I gues your either lucky or your not, and the unlucky ones are more vocal...


But if ANYONE (I repeat, ANYONE!!) tried to take my Powerbook away from me, I WOULD decapitate them. Swear to God I would. My baby... gone? Yes, I'd kill the f***er who would so much as lay an unauthorized finger on it.

*Hug to my 12" Powerbook*

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