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Windows 8 on old laptops

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According to many websites, Windows 8 does not run on many older configurations that are Pentium M/Radeon X300 based, despite the requirements of a 1Ghz CPU and a WDDM 1.0+ driver and the fact that Windows 7 runs with aero with the X300. Since Windows XP was discontinued, I decided to try installing 8 on my old IBM ThinkPad T43.

My specs:

Intel Pentium M 1.86 Ghz with PAE, SSE2, NX, and 2MB of L2 Cache

2GB DDR2-533 RAM

60GB Hitachi Travelstar, 5400RPM

ATI Mobility Radeon X300

Intel Pro/set 2915a/b/g

14.1 inch 1400x1050 screen :)


So after making a USB installer for Win 8 Pro on my USB, I installed, and afterwards, ran Windows Update, which installed drivers for sound, the UltraNav, and some PM drivers. With the XP drivers for the wifi card and Vista drivers for the X300, 8 was quite usable :)

So try it out if you have an old laptop... 


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Incredible as it seems Windows 8 helps a little.

I installed it on a Netbook, with this configuration.


CPU: Intel® Atom™ N270 (1.6GHz, Cache L2 512KB, FSB 533MHz)


HD: 160 GB

Display: LCD 10.1" WSVGA(1024x600)

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Windows 8 is less intense on hardware, it's designed to scale better from lower to high end hardware. I'm doing some testing on my machine for memory usage, on average Windows 7 uses about 38mb for explorer. Windows 8 with Metro uses about 18mb on average. 

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You can also speed it up by running the nt kernel out of the kernel cache spot. I'll have to find the registry command, but I did it in Windows 7 before.

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I am using Windows 8 on a toshiba satellite L300 with a Pentium Dual processor. It has GMA 965, which is only supported till Windows 7 or Snow Leopard 32 bits.

I made Hackintosh with it, and after having SL 10.6.8 running perfect, using Clover in legacy mode, format GUID in a legacy computer, and using a Windows 8 UEFI USB I installed Windows 8 in this lappy. At first graphics were crazy bad. But after Windows Update ran, it installed the proper drivers. Laptop feels smooth like butter now.. But Snow Leopard still kicks Windows 8 or 10 in the arse. hehehehhe

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