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  1. That didn't work as I wanted. The installer gives an error about installing to a GPT disk on a BIOS computer. Is there a way to make the DUET firmware read the DVD? The original person said that it worked for his Dell Studio 1555 and I'm using his version of the firmware in his second post.
  2. leatherman

    [GUIDE] How To Get Siri

    I love siri. Thank for post !
  3. leatherman

    Essential Windows Programs

    kaspersky Antivirus
  4. Are you joking ? i think we cant do that !!
  5. I hate tabbed browser exentions, it eats memory like no tomorrow. So anyway I use: SessionSaver Adblock Flashblock NoScript
  6. leatherman

    What blogs do you read?

    Never really was a big blog reader but after looking at Mash's many blogs I found myself subscribing to a good deal of them. Lets see if I actually read them.
  7. leatherman

    What antivirus do you use on your Windows?

    kaspersky which I have used since 2005 and have only had 1 virus while using it and that was in 2013.
  8. leatherman

    Windows 10 - Discussion

    I still prefer Snow Leopard over Windows 10
  9. leatherman

    Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    I'm also interested in this. Please let us now if you succeed in installing the soft. Thanks
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    ASUS 1001HA Simple Guide (Everything is working)

    Great Post. Iam really struggling with getting the correct resolution
  11. Congratz on getting it done!
  12. Thanks for the guide! I'll give it an attempt later and fill in any ambiguities.
  13. leatherman

    iMessage/Messages Fix-How To

    Thanks that works
  14. leatherman

    (GUIDE) Getting your Busratio

    Great post, many people seem to throw around completely random busratio= with no base in reality, hopefully this will help.
  15. this is an excellent write up. I am still having problems after the install but that is likely due to my 6970. I still have no idea if there is a way to get that going.
  16. leatherman

    Laptop - Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p - 10.9 - Mavericks

    Installation was successful, though I had to manually copy the mach_kernel from the usb to the HDD. How can I make my trackpad work?
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    Is there a proper way to install this via the installer. I tried installing it over my existing FakeSMC kexts and it didnt reboot after the install. Booting into windows and replacing the old kexts allowed me to boot again.
  18. I used atiwinflash and had no problems. My card is only displaying with hdmi out on boot so you might want to check that if you're using dvi.
  19. Ok finally I got in desktop area EDID-4c2d-79d.bin I am using chalomon boot loder how to use it. thank you.
  20. I tested it and it works but I had a little problem. The system pauses for 15 seconds at "can't find SMC driver" during boot. I have to use it with fakesmc to overcome this problem, which is counterintuitive.
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    Thanks Blackosx!!!!!!l for me this is the beast tooll for dump all info of the System and hardware, great work!!!!
  22. Hi, Is the sound fully functional ? This board looks fantastic for an HTPC mac. Hi, Is the sound fully functional ? This board looks fantastic for an HT mac.
  23. Many thanks to DD for the new script for Snow Leopard! Will try to install it this weekend.