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AMD FX + HD7xxx 10.8.3 Hackintosh Build?

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I'm currently running a Windows 7 x64 PC with:

8GB DDR3 Ram


AMD Radeon HD 7870 CPU

1TB HDD (Windows 7)

150GB HDD (Blank)


Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 Motherboard

I am aware that getting OSX on an AMD machine is not an easy task, but can it be done with my setup?

I am currently running OSX 10.8.3 in VMWare which is OK but lags a fair bit and lacks any kind of 3d acceleration and would like to be able to dual boot it natively alongside windows on the 150GB HDD.

Thanks smile.png

First of all test OS X on a different hdd, it will be easier to troubleshoot. Than go for dual boot because as you know AMD support is not good and that goes true even for their graphics card.

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