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  1. kokousic

    The os x installation couldn't be completed.

    your onboard graphics is unsupported.
  2. However you should calibrate screen or buy a factory-calibrated monitor because the colour accuracy of MAC is great out of the box which may not be true many cheap monitors (though same hardware may be). So calibration is absolutely necessary.
  3. kokousic

    How to create a DSDT file for my laptop?

    Geforce will never work unless you have the bios option of turning Intel one off completely. And is your processor 4700K ?
  4. kokousic

    AMD FX + HD7xxx 10.8.3 Hackintosh Build?

    First of all test OS X on a different hdd, it will be easier to troubleshoot. Than go for dual boot because as you know AMD support is not good and that goes true even for their graphics card.
  5. kokousic

    Extremely poor performance from GTX 560 Ti, QE/CI Disabled

    currently no solution.
  6. kokousic

    After updating MacBook Air 2012.

    Intel HD graphics dynamically uses RAM as VRAM, it depends on available memory and/or driver/OS. So maybe the driver under new OS allows to use more RAM as VRAM.
  7. kokousic

    AppleHDA for Realtek ALC892

    Does not work for me, Intel DB75EN
  8. kokousic

    FakeSmc Console Spam

    Edit: using darkwake=0 and dart=0 solved the issue I am having almost same problem . I can only boot in safe mode. Normal boot gives smc: ksmc bad argument error, resetting IOCatalogue and again those SMC errors. I have not installed any hwmonitor.
  9. You may disconnect all but one ssd and try then. Also you may try USB keyboard and mouse (though PS/2 works for me).
  10. If you can, try disabling one of the graphics card from bios.
  11. kokousic

    installing mac on a touchscreen laptop

    Because real macs dont have touchscreen, so you will never have touch screen!
  12. kokousic

    [Sell] 12 Core Hackintosh Running Yosemite DP 8

    How much do you want? How old are these?
  13. kokousic

    hardware compatiblity

    I am not sure that your graphics card will work or not, best try it on a separate hdd.
  14. kokousic

    Display goes blank

    Thank you very much, this solved the issue.