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Found 91 results

  1. Hi there. Previously, I installed Mavericks and Mountain Lion with Niresh's Distros and worked well! I did shrink like 50gigs of storage for Mac installation, created usb with the help of instruction, changed bios settings, and were ready to rock with dual boot support and every time it worked out without an issue! Though I had my old pc that time. But I guess, from EL Capitan, things got messier a bit. Now I have to erase things and install mac first and then windows for dual boot. Also, I bought new pc, so whole bios settings are new to me. Conclusion : I need the latest Hackintosh with proper dual boot with my Windows 10, and I don't want to format nor erase anything on my HDD, and don't wanna format my windows 10. my father does work on this pc, me too, so please make sure nothing goes wrong, no file losing stuff please. I don't have other HDD so please I need the help. I want to install the mac on this existing windows machine. I could barely format windows 10 drive 'C' only and after mac, I will install windows again, but make sure except drive: C, no other drives get any effect at all. And also, as I said, my PC is new, telling the specs of this pc, so please mention the bios settings and drivers stuff if possible. Please help me with Bios settings at least if drivers are not possible. Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VH CPU: Core i3 7100 (7th gen) RAM: HyperX 8GB DDR4 2400mhz HDD: 500GB SATA [GPT Partition] GPU: Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB Monitor : ASUS VP228 (1920x1080 Resolution) Another thing, I have ps2 keyboard, will it be ok? Please help. Thanks.
  2. Ciao a tutti!! Vorrei sapere se è possibile fare un dual boot win10 e osx 12 su asus rog gl702vm-ba135t e come farlo. Non ho trovato guide ne nulla. Spero che possiate aiutarmi. Grazie a chi mi risponderà Hello to all!! I would like to know if it is possible to make a dual boot win10 and osx 12 on asus rog gl702vm-ba135t and come to do it. I did not find any guide at all. I hope I can help. Thanks to who will answer me: D
  3. Hola de nuevo, No consigo arrancar el Windows 10, se me queda colgado en la ventana del icono de Windows. Alguien me podria dar algunos consejos a seguir para hacer que el bootloader funcione? He estado mirando, buscando, y todo lo que encuentro es para UEFI, en mi caso ( LEGACY), no encuentro nada ni nadie que este en la misma situación. Como he escrito anteriormente ( en otro post), no tengo nada de Clover ni de conocimientos, pero aprendo rápido si alguien me puede hechar un cable. Muchas gracias por todo. Saludos
  4. I wasn't sure which forum to use but since it's mainly about Mountain Lion, here goes... I have been using an ML Hackintosh for years and finally decided to set up Yosemite. I split the drive so I could install Yosemite in a new partition and still keep ML. I used Clover and the install went well, I'm using Yosemite right now. But when I reboot to use ML I have a problem - I didn't think ahead that Clover would be configured for Yosemite and not ML. Also, I was using Chameleon as a boot loader, which was configured for ML, but I obviously wiped that out when I installed Clover. So now when I try to start ML it gets stuck at "RTC: only sing..." and that's all I get. I can access the ML partition from Yosemite so I haven't lost any data, but I'd like it get a boot loader configured for dual booting. I don't know if Clover can do this - it seems like I'd need to set up an additional EFI partition for ML's use so maybe some of you Hack gurus and direct me on this. Also, Clover's boot loader screen is butt ugly! Are there themes or different backgrounds that can be used?
  5. Section 1: How to make Clover default bootloader after Installing Windows on UEFI. If you installed windows on you Hackintosh and now you don’t have access to your macOS anymore this guide will help you to get back the clover as the main bootloader. The reason that this is happening is because when you install windows after installing macOS the UEFI bootloader will change from: \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI (Clover bootloader) to \EF\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi So, in order to make clover the default bootloader again you need to edit the UEFI boot entries and change the boot media file from “bootmgrfw.efi” to “BOOTX64.EFI” and here is how to do that. I personally use BOOTICEx64 which is for 64Bit version of windows and if you use 32Bit version of Windows you need to use the x86 version. Original Download Source Alternative download link. Here is what you need to do: 1. Open BOOTICE and from the tabs on the top select “UEFI” 2. Click “Edit Boot Entries” button 3. From UEFI boot entries select “Windows Boot Manager” 4. From “Boot entry configurations” change “Menu Title” from “Windows Boot Manager” to whatever name that you like, I changed mine to “macOS Sierra” because that’s the version of the macOS that I have and from “Media file” change “​\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi” to “\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI” and finally select “Boot this entry next time” Now save the new entries by clicking “Save current boot entry” 5. By clicking the “Save current boot entry” you will see the confirmation window. Click ok and you’re done. 6. Now restart your computer and now you will see Clover’s boot menu and boot into macOS. "Thanks to Pauly for BOOTICE" Section 2: Here’s how to create a custom entry to rename the Boot Microsoft EFI Boot from EFI to "Windows 10" 1. Open clover configurator and select GUI 2. Click the + sign to add a new Boot entry. 3. From the Volume drop down menu select the EFI partition that has the “Microsoft” boot files. In my case it is the EFI (disk2) 4. Add your desired name for the new custom entry like “Windows 10” or whatever you like, Click the “Title / FullTitle” check box. Select the type of the Operating system that you are creating the custom entry for which again in this case it is Windows and then select the volume type which is an internal disk in this case. 5. Save you settings and reboot. If you have done exactly as instructed here then you will see the new entry in the clover’s boot menu. To easily hide unwanted partitions in clover's boot menu without having to create the custom entries using clover configurator see this post.
  6. Hi to all of you happy users of hackintosh community ! This is my first post here on InsanelyMac and it will be a bit longer because I have a problems that I couldn't solve without someones help who's a bit more experianced then me in tweaking and patching a hackintosh. This laptop will be a present to someone and I have only one week from now to finish it up and then I have to send it abroad. Thanks in advance. The configuration is dual boot with prior Widows 10 installed on Samsung EVO 850 - 250 GB partitioned like: 1st partion was 100 MB EFI and is now 550 MB after deleting second Windows MSR partition 2nd partiton is still 16 MB MSR Windows 3th partition is Windows 10 NTFS with 99 GB 4th partiton is Downloads NTFS with 70 GB 5th partition is OSX Extended journaled with 35 GB 6th partition is OSX Recovery Extended journaled with 620 MB 7th partition is Acronis FAT32 with 27GB It's a Dell Inspiron 7537 Notebook: Motherboard Product: 038M0M - Intel Lynx Point-LP, Intel Haswell BUS ratio: min 8 max 20, 20, 28, 31 x 100 MHz CPU and RAM: Mobile DualCore Intel Core i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz - RAM: 16GB DDR3 - 1600MHz Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400 and nVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB Monitor: LP156WF4 Dell 890N5 @ 1920 x 1080 - Touchscreen BIOS: A14 - Audio: Realtek ALC283 - Intel 8 Series Chipset SATA AHCI WiFi: Intel Wireless N7260/Bluetooth is changed for Broadcom BCM94352HM Ethernet-RTL8168/8111 CardReader RTL8411B - 4 Intel USB 3.0 ports Dell Touchpad Webcam - DWGV8 SSD 850 EVO 250GB I have found on the internet working installer image with Sierra 10.12.4 and I placed it on the USB with TransMac and I tried to install it, but it didn't work right from the box untill I didin't find a "good" .config file with good flags for this laptop and I replaced it in the Clover. It has Clover 4049 in the EFI partition on the USB installer. That was my first problem to get Clover working on SSD but after some time I succeed to install the newest Clover 4128 on the SSD - EFI partition. I have installed at least 10 times this Sierra image on this laptop before I came here to post all of this because apparently I make always same mistake and I can't go any further with it. I hope that I did not messed too much with all of this because there is still working Windows 10 with working 4128 Clover. The only problem is that in biginning after first few times unsuccessful install of OSX I had different behavior then now of OSX if I would like to start it from SSD. In beginning, if I check flag -V and I try to start from SSD it will come to one point and it will hang enternally at that point and I must to restart notebook via the power button because it will never boot to OSX desktop without USB installer. I "played" apparently a bit too much and after changing and putting the same . config to EFI partition on Clover and sometimes even Clover will not show up untill I don't swich off the power on notebook. I went further and I thought, O.K. I will continue with installing kexts to see what I can get working. It was also not so easy and acctually I still don't know exactly which kext I really need to install and what I should avoid to install assuming I didn't use any patched DSDT cause I never make it so far. What I got it to work somehow till now with Pandora's Box (Before that I tried and other post install tools as Vietnam tool 1.9.6 with not so much succes, actually after using the Vietnam tool I got this kernel panic and immediate rebooting if I try to boot from SSD and it's never gone even after deleting the whole OSX partition and Pandora's box is noob's friendly tool) is: Booting from USB installer, Sound, Ethernet, USB (but I don't know if it's full speed or not) Some hardware monitoring info, touch pad and keyboard, trimming. I changed internal WiFi Intel N7260 card with bluetooth for the one Broadcom BCM94352HM WiFi+Bluetooth card which is here and overall advertised as working out the box with OSX but I didn't get it working untill now. Dedicated Nvidia GT 750M video card is not working and also Intel HD 4400 looks a bit too slow by opening applicatons box in the OSX. Webcam doesn't work, hibernate doesn't work, touchscreen doesn't work and booting from SSD doesn't work. This time I have installed OSX again and I have pressed F4 to extract my original DSDT file from this notebook(I don't know if it does a metter that I pulled DSDT.aml file after install of OSX and not before installation, I mean after rebooting) but I didn't boot to finish installing until I don't get good information from someone who knows where I make mistake. I only tried to boot once from SSD to see if something is changed with immediate kernel panic, but there is still one there waiting to be removed. - I have attached here Clover config file which is in the EFI partition on the USB and it's a same config file from EFI on the SSD. - Also I have attached an already patched DSDT file for Dell Inspiron 7537 which I found here in Download section but it is patched for El Capitane and is not from this laptop so I don't know if it can help. - I also added a full folder of Clover from the EFI partition on the SSD. Who can help me to bring this installation to the end ? I have not so much time to finish it so please don't hesitate to help me in it. Thanks ! Greetings from Holland ! Config file from EFI partition in Clover.7z Patched DSDT from InsanelyMac for El Capitan.7z Not patched DSDT from this Dell 7537.7z CLOVER from EFI partition on the SSD .7z
  7. Hello all, I am getting prepared to build another hackintosh, and I have run into something that is puzzling me. I have 2 Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo external hard drives that I've used for years with my MacBook Pro. It is my intent to begin moving away from using my MacBook Pro whenever I finish my hackintosh. As the title of this thread suggests, I am building a dual boot system with Win7 and OS X. I want to be able to use my external hard drives seamlessly between the two operating systems, but I'm having trouble finding a way that I can plug my drives into when the system is finally built(or perhaps I'm having trouble understanding the concept in its entirety). If you were not already aware, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo's I/O consists only of 2 thunderbolt ports on the rear for connection, no USB. And even if it did have USB ports, I wouldn't be able to daisy chain the two drives, as I do now, which is at the moment also daisy chained in with the monitor I'm using. So, is there anything I can buy(like a pci card or hub) that will allow me to plug my thunderbolt hard drives into my computer, that will give me full thunderbolt functionality between both operation systems? Once I get my hackintosh built, I'll be plugging the monitor into the gfx card(obviously), so thunderbolt storage is the main functionality desired. But if there is something out there that supports thunderbolt video and storage in a hackintosh like mine, don't neglect to let me know. Here is my pcpartpicker list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/R2j2nn I am building a custom water loop for this hackintosh, so certain otherwise essential components may be left blank in this list. Thanks is advance!
  8. Pessoal estou tomando um baile na tentativa de fazer meu hack. Minha mobo é uma Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 (conforme minha assinatura). Possuo 02 x SSD M.2 950 Pro NVMe onde num deles tenho o Win10 instalado e no outro obviamente eu quero instalar o Sierra 10.12.3 (que foi o que baixei da App Store). Segui o tutorial daqui na criação do pendrive e tal mas estou tendo erro. Me disseram que eu tinha que remover da instalação a kext IONVMeFamily.kext na pasta system/library/extensions, o que eu fiz, e incluir na pasta das kexts do Clover (Other) a kext HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_3.kext Mas só está dando erro e por isso peço ajuda aqui pois sou totalmente novato no assunto. As Kexts que eu tenho no Clover são: FakeSMC.kext USBInjectAll.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_3.kext e o erro que está dando é esse:
  9. Hello everybody, I just passed the full progress from a Windows 10 to a Dual Boot Hackintosh. After a few stupid mistakes it's working now absolutely fine. I have a Radeon 380X I set my iGPU as primary in BIOS. But I experience some issues with sleep mode. The thing is, in OSX it will just stop the video output, when pressing a key it will activate it again, but the PC itself just stays on as in normal mode (no affect). In Windows 10 there isn't the energy saver button in Start Menu. So there's no way of pressing it. By the way Shutdown and Restart work perfect. But, now it's getting interesting, when I boot my Windows through BIOS boot menu, this option is available (if I boot Windows through Clover it's not). I think it's (hopefully) not a big deal, as it's actually working in "pure Windows 10" which I think boots through legacy. I just read through all the "Sleep Issues" Thread and also used the search function but none of them fits to the issues I am experiencing. I was thinking about the "darkmode" bootflag or something with DSDT but as I'm absolutely new I'm really unsure what to do and don't want to destroy my actually running system. Thank you very much for your help! P.S. If any other informations are necessary I'm glad to provide them to you.
  10. I used to have El Capitan and Windows 8 working on two separate drives perfectly for the most part and have had dual boot working great for years. For some reason after some time I started having strange issues while booting into either OS or having slow loadup speeds when booting onto mac side. So I decided while I had some free time I was going to do a full clean wipe of both the windows and mac ssd and start fresh. To summarize my installation process. Made a windows 10 (rufus GPT) and sierra usb install on two usb drives. Booted into sierra installer, wiped both ssd's with disk utility as Mac os Journaled and GUID, and then installed sierra. I get sierra working fine using Clover UEFI bootloader and I can boot from it without the need for the usb installer (aka clover is working fine) so I begin the windows install. I unplug all drives except the windows ssd and install windows onto that. I make sure I can boot into windows with no issues as well. Now here is where the problem occurs. I plug my drives back in, and my 3tb storage hdd is recognized just fine in windows and clover, however in clover I am not longer able to see my sierra ssd, but I can see the recovery partition for it. So I use the sierra install usb and check in disk utility and it seems like somehow after the windows install, my Sierra partition is being corrupted/wiped because under the ssd name the partition no longer says "Macintosh HD" but is being replaced with just "--" So somehow after the Windows install, the Sierra partition which is on a completely different ssd is being wiped out. I have tried this process 3+ times and the same thing keeps happening. I know I am not wiping the partition because the ssd is unplugged during the windows install. Only when I plug it back in and then try t boot from it or the sierra install usb do I realize that the partition is gone. So I am not sure what in the world could cause this but any input or ideas would be super appreciated because this has already taken up close to 24 hours of time spread across a few days trying to resolve and I am out of ideas and extremely stress because of this. Thank you! Relevant Specs: MoBo: GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD4H on version F9 Two Samsung 840 EVO SSD's UPDATE: Plot twist... So since I already had windows installed and my sierra partition got removed somehow, I decided to just keep windows on their and install sierra afterwards. Once I did that, the same thing that was happening to sierra was happening to windows. And I cant boot to it via clover or any other method. So i checked and the only difference is the partition name still showed up in Disk Utility but it said that only 300mb of it was being used (it should be gigs of data since the OS was installed on it). So now Sierra works great but windows is borked. For some reason whenever I install one os, the other is getting destroyed and I have absolutely no idea why.
  11. Hi everyone. I need advise on how to get clover to dual boot Sierra and windows 10 on E6420. I have installed Sierra first and after that installed Windows 10 on the same HDD. The DIsk is GPT and BIOS is set as legacy. Installed clover on the EFI partition but its unable to boot to windows 10. It says BOOTMGR is missing whenever i select windows 10. I can confirm windows 10 is booting whenever i choose the windows 10 partition as active. To boot to Sierra i have to make the EFI partition as active. Thank you.
  12. After a week of sleepless nights and reading guides, I've finally got a working hackintosh with full QE/Cl on hd5500 on Broadwell (will post a guide soon). thanks to RehabMan , Andres ZeroCross and many others. The only problem left is dual booting. Please consider the following points before suggesting a possible fix. I have to boot on same drive I had Windows 7 (legacy) already installed I made a partition in Win7 then formatted it using Gparted to hfs+ on the same drive (that makes the partition scheme GPT/MBR hybrid?) then installed MRB patch on my clover USP install drive I am willing to replace windows 7 with win10(UEFI) as a last resort but I can format only the c drive instead of whole disk. Now I cant boot to mac without my clover usb no matter legacy mode or UEFI. Please Help? Specs:i5 5200u(broadwell), hd 5500 and gt940m,Intel 8 series mobo, Hp pavilion 15 ab205tx
  13. i just finish install windows 10 in UEFI mode and now i also finished create el capitan bootable, but i'm stuck in here.. why ??
  14. hi guys, i have a problem and was wandering if anyone has encountered this as well i have windows 10 installed and configured on dell precision t3500, i7 920, 12gb ram, msi r7950 3gb graphics, 2tb mbr hard drive, i have installed osx yosemite 10.10 on a 500gb apple hard drive guid, gpt partitioned hard drive, and it works pretty much flawlessly, the bootloader is not yet installed but that is another problem i can deal with later, i can boot from usb as neccessary. the problem comes when i reboot back into windows 10, every time literally the grahics drivers are seriously corrupted and i end up with a screen full of noise and no other display, at which point i have to start chkdsk, sfc /scannow, sys restore etc just to get it working again. if anyone has any idea as to what is causing this i would be happy to hear and maybe find a way to fix it, even better ! i have reinstalled win 10 and yosemite multiple times now to try and fix it but its got me totally stumped at this point, i do remember in a post online somewhere stating that this might have something to do with booting graphics enabler=yes or no, but couldnt find it again, i cant for the life of me understand why the mac graphics would be damaging the windows graphics when they are on completly seperate drives ?. if you need any more info pls let me know. tnx
  15. My first build, will this work?

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently getting ready to buy all the parts to my first hackintosh rig and I need a little help from some experts. First, a little background. I film professionally. With that comes a lot of video editing, and all the editing software we use at my office are Mac OS X based which is why I'm building a hackintosh in the first place. Currently, I'm editing off of a Macbook Pro with a 2.4 ghz i7 proccessor, 8gb DDR3 RAM, Dual Graphics (Intel HD 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M) with a 250gb SSD drive. Pretty nice and portable rig, but doesn't quite cut it when breaking into the realm of 4k. So, I figured I'd build a powerful rig that can dual boot Mac OS X and Windows 10. That way I can also use it as a gaming rig for entertainment at home and in the office. Also trying to keep it fairly portable, hense the mini itx suggestions. Here are the parts I'm considering for my rig, hoping that you guys can help me figure out what's compatible, what isn't, what could be a better value, etc. Thank you in advance: Processor: Intel Boxed Core I5-6500 FC-LGA14C 3.20 Ghz 6 M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151 (BX80662I56500​) Motherboard: Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel H170 Mini-ITX DDR4 Motherboard GA-H170N-WIFI RAM: Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DIMM 288-Pin - BLS2K8G4D240FS​B (Gray) SSD: Samsung 850 EVO - 250GB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM​) FAN: Noctua Low-Profile Quiet CPU Cooler for Intel 115x Based Retail Cooling NH-L9I Power Supply: Mini-Box picoPSU-160-XT High Power 24 Pin Mini-ITX Power Supply WIFI Card: BCM94352Z NGFF M.2 WiFi WLAN Bluetooth 4.0 802.11ac up to 867 Mbps card 22*30mm Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC 2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card 02G-P4-3753-KR Case: SilverStone Technology Mini-ITX Slim Small Form Factor Computer Case RVZ02B Thanks again for reading my post, guys. Hopefully you can help me get this list settled in and I can build my first rig. Can't wait!
  16. Just bought a new PC which I got on friday, and already now(monday), it is working perfectly and dual booting Windows 10 and El Capitan. Since it is working flawlessly, I would really like to know how you guys back up your systems... is there some good way of making backups of the entire internal disk in one go? Including both partitions and boot? Best, Ztardust
  17. Salve, ho installato osx El Capitan sulla mia workstation utilizzando il bootloader clover.. El Capitan funziona alla perfezione ma il problema nasce quando cerco di avviare windows 10 (installato su un ssd separato). Il mio scopo sarebbe quello di avviare tutti i sistemi utilizzando soltanto clover, ho provato a seguire delle guide ma o illustrano la procedura per eseguire le due installazioni sullo stesso disco o quei pochi tutorial per l'installazione su due HD separati sono scritti in un inglese molto "maccheronico" e di difficile comprensione per chi non è madrelingua . Il mio è un BIOS Legacy la mia motherboard è una ASUS P6X58-E WS. La chiavetta di installazione di windows 10 l'ho creata con il tool ufficiale della microsoft e prima di installare in sistema ho formattato il disco in fat32 formato GUID e poi ci ho installato sopra il sistema. Fatta questa procedura provo ad avviare windows da clover ma lo schermo rimane nero per qualche minuto e poi esce il classico errore di windows quando non trova il bootloader installato su un disco ntfs. Voi avreste qualche soluzione ? grazie mille e buona serata
  18. My new brand Hackintosh: CPU: i7 6700K GPU: Intel 530 MB: Gigabyte Z170X-gaming 5 Well, after 2 weeks of hard work i managed to install el capitan, 10.11.5, then install Windows 10 in EFI mode. Before installing winupdates i changed the clober configuration for a dual boot, but, win10 not load i get the message "Inaccesible boot device". Ihave tried to change the BIOS without results. Some one can help me?
  19. Buenas a todo el mundo. Llevo ya varias semanas queriendo darle provecho a una máquina AMD con procesador ATHLON II X2 270, placa madre ASROCK N68C-S UCC y tarjeta gráfica RADEON HD 6700. Tengo windows 10 ya instalado y me gustaría instalar la versión de mac más moderna posible, con dual boot en el mismo disco. Esta placa no admite ahci, sólo raid (que es lo que tengo elegido) e ide. No veo manuales que digan como hacerlo en un sólo disco duro sin ahci. Lo poco que he encontrado en español no me ha orientado, y tampoco manejo muy bien el inglés. Encontré en inglés el caso de una muchacha que se bajó una sparseimage de mavericks, la restauró en otro disco, modificó/añadió algunos archivos y le fue bien, pero si pudiera ser, me gustaría instalar en el mismo disco. Por cierto, ¿se puede instalar mac os en un disco IDE?, ¿sabéis cual es la versión más moderna que soporta IDE en caso afirmativo?. Probé a instalar hackintosh ##### el capitán, pero creo recordar que aunque el gestor de arranque funcionaba, a la hora de elegir para que instalara el sistema, ahí se quedaba, o directamente el pen drive no arrancaba, ya no me acuerdo. Hoy mismo he probado a instalar con niresh 10.10 (por que según parece ser, hay varias ventajas en instalar con una distro de estas, como por ejemplo el ahorrarse editar o cambiar kexts, mayor compatibilidad con AMD, etc), pero tampoco arranca el pen drive. En la bios tengo que arranque desde el pen drive, lo he repasado 2 veces y cargué los valores óptimos. Parece ser que hay maneras de cambiar algunas extensiones para que no importe que no se tenga ahci, pero no puedo ver los archivos del pen drive de niresh 10.10 desde finder. No he probado por cierto a ver el contenido desde la terminal. Me gustaría saber si se puede instalar yosemite en esta máquina, o incluso el capitán. Si no, pues saber si me queréis ayudar cual es la versión más reciente que puedo instalar en esta máquina, para instalarlo junto a windows 10 en el mismo disco. Con el MBR también hay problema, pero decían q el niresh lo solucionaba sin tener q andar cambiando los archivos (por cierto, no me importa el curro duro, si hay q ir por el camino difícil pues bien, pero es que me he pegao un hartón de buscar y nada soluciona mi "necesidad"). No estoy muy puesto en esto del hackintosh y encima creo que estoy en un berenjenal bueno. No sé si al pen que tengo de yosemite-zone (niresh 10.10) le tendría que meter un gestor de arranque (glober o no sé, por que he visto tantas cosas, q en vez de resolver dudas estoy más confundido), o grabar un gestor de arranque en otro pen drive… Tengo un disco IDE de 20 GB, por si ese puede instalar en IDE, que justo para el sistema vale, aunque no es muy apropiado. Si no hay más remedio estaría dispuesto a comprar un disco sata. En fin. La verdad me gustaría darle provecho a esta máquina, que tengo un macbook pro de finales del 2008, no quiero darle mucha caña ya. En la medida de lo posible no quiero convertir películas o jugar con mi MBP, además para hacer pruebas entre ordenadores en plan servidores que monte, compartir carpetas, etc… para hacer pruebas de estudio o trabajo me vendría muy bien. Por favor, si no os es molestia u os quita mucho tiempo, ¿me podríais ayudar?. Gracias. ¿Sería necesario ver el chipset que tiene la placa?

    Ciao a tutti, sto cercando una guida aggiornata per il dual boot di El Capitan + Windows 10 SULLO STESSO HD. Ho trovato solo guide datate, se qualcuno potesse darmi qualche link di una guida recente mi farebbe un grande piacere Grazie in anticipo a tutti!
  21. Ok i finally got a mostly operational install of El Capitan 10.11.3 on my new dual boot Windows 10, OSX rig. Just to clarify this machine has an SLI setup under windows with a pair of 970 GTX 4gb, 1 dedicated Samsung Evo 850 250GB SSD for windows and OS X each.. as i thought having separate boot drives would be less hassle. Each OS also has a dedicated 4TB Hybrid HD each, and there is one old Maxtor 160GB SATA HDD i use for windows backup. And a Apple Native Broadcom WiFi Card. I have injected USB, entered all the fixes to raise the number of ports in Clover config.plist, added the entries to get the Nvida web driver for 10.11.3 to work, as well as the latest Cuda drivers for OSX, And done the edits to get the onboard Audio (ALC 1150) along with the shell script to get it all working. The Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH, and the SMBios entries are for mac pro 5,1. I Also have USB-SSDT.aml, and SSDT.aml for CPU in the clover patched folder. Processor is a i5 6600K, clover updated to latest as of time of posting.. right now i have the hardware and basic setup clarified. I shall get onto the niggling issues. In The Clover GUI i have the following entries from left to right: Boot Microsoft EFI from EFI (this if selected does boot into win 10) Boot Mac OS X from Mac (this works as intended, Mac being the name i gave the drive) Boot Recovery from Recovery HD (have yet to test whether it will boot but i suspect it will) Boot Windows from EFI (Black screen with a HD icon, does not boot, i suspect the EFI referenced is the Clover EFI not the Windows EFI Partition) Boot Windows from Windows 10 (Windows 10 is the name of the drive where windows is installed.. same result black screen HD icon, no boot) Boot Windows from (i suspect it should say Data as that is the other NTFS formatted Drive for Windows use) All drives are GPT Partitioned, there are no legacy devices, as i wanted to simplify any issues as far as i could regarding Dual Booting etc. Mac Drives are HFS+ Journaled, and Windows Drives are NTFS. Firstly i would like to find out how to remove the non bootable entries, so i only leave the Windows 10 SSD, And the Mac OSX, and Recovery Drives. and or modify the boot loader so everything is working nicely, it works at the moment but its messy and has other problems. The other issue i am having is every time i reboot it adds extra entries in my boot options in the bios, so after a few reboots it can have a string of extra entries. i have gone into the clover Command line and removed these by hand by typing: cfg boot dump, looking at the entry number and removing all except the ones pointing to HD directly by typing cfg boot rm XX (where XX is the boot entry number listed). I have read other posts on the web of similar issues, but as yet not found a fix. I have selected the Mac SSD as the 1st boot option in the bios and saved and exited. When i built the machine i installed Windows firstly, as there was no working solution to install OSX on this hardware, Windows is installed on the SSD that is Attached to SATA port 1 on the board, The Mac SSD is attached to SATA port 2, I don't know if this will have any bearing on the issues I'm experiencing, but id like to give as much clear info as possible, to hopefully find a solution. Does anyone know of a way to stop these extra boot entries being created after i remove them and set priority of boot in the bios? I'm VERY new to Clover having only used Chameleon on a somewhat elderly Core2Quad based hack running Mountain Lion. And is there a way to move the extra non bootable drives/partitions in the Clover GUI?
  22. Hello everyone! I have following configuration for the PC: 3.10 gigahertz Intel Core i5-4440 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B85M-D3H UEFI: American Megatrends Inc. FB 06/19/2014 Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM0' is Empty Slot 'ChannelA-DIMM1' has 4096 MB Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM0' is Empty Slot 'ChannelB-DIMM1' has 4096 MB ( 8 GB RAM) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 [Display adapter] What is the recommended procedure for installing OS X El Capitan on this? Your help would be much appreciated!
  23. Firstly i had uefi boot enabled and legacy boot disabled and after rebooting with the usb containing windows 10, my computer made a sound like beep and then got stuck at the startup screen. Then i enabled legacy mode and disabled uefi and then i installed windows in the other partition then after enabling uefi and disabling legacy again, in clover when i click the windows option, it shows me what is in the ss. So with uefi emabled, my el capitan woupd start and with legacy enabled windows would start, cant both be in UEFI?How to fix this.
  24. Update: Despite 99% of the research I did suggesting the cause was a corrupt boot sector/MBR, the issue appears to be isolated to my Clover boot loader because upon attempting to boot with a Chimera USB Win 7 booted perfectly fine. Background: I have a machine that was previously dual booting legacy El Capitan and Windows 7 off of the same drive on a non-UEFI board. Issue: When I try to boot the Win 7 entry through Clover I get a "Disk Read Error". Possible causes: The El Capitan install is a recent fresh replacement of the Mavericks install. I will try to retrace my steps that may have caused this but the troubleshooting took place about a month ago and was a lengthy process. 1. If I recall correctly, upon first installing the new El Capitan, Clover was not loading off the drive and instead I was getting a Windows boot menu. To remedy this I think I had to switch the Boot0 to AF or SS. After that I can say with certainty the system was booting both OSs fine. 2. Then there was an issue at some point where the EFI was improperly formatted as HFSJ so I had to set it back to FAT32 and I think at this point the dual booting was still in tact. 3. At a later point I tried to format the EFI again in order to troubleshoot another issue but accidentally improperly formatted it. In order to fix that I found a post on Stack Exchange that detailed out to swap the EFI out from starting to ending byte with the EFI from my boot USB. 4. I reset my BIOS to factory defaults. These are the possible things that may have caused this issue but I'm not sure. Questions: • Is my boot partition damaged? • Is there BIOS or Clover setting causing this issue? • Is there a possible way to examine the boot partition or see a detailed log that may hint at what is causing the "Disk Read Error"? • Is there any possible way I can repair this with out having to install both OSs from scratch?