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Help! Rampage II E. / ATI HD 7950: Weird problem


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I have the strangest problem, looked everywhere and haven't seen anyone having such issue.


I installed iAtkos ML2 and it works OOB. I then updated using the combo update 10.8.3 - it now supports my graphics card. no errors, no freezes, installation and update went through peacefully.


problem: after the update, just before showing the logon screen I get a full white screen on both monitors but the mouse cursor still works.

I can see it configured resolution and dual monitor settings correctly as the cursor size is the right one and I can move it to and from the second monitor.


I had a feeling this white screen was just a curtain and tried typing a few keyboard shortcuts and clicking on places I knew there was something that could be clicked and it works. the system is fully functional behind the white screen.


I am still able to see the desktop if I boot in safe mode but then I lose graphics acceleration and USB devices don't work as they should.


any help is more than appreciated!

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