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Bluetooth stuck in "ON" state and not working

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I never had to do anything with the bluetooth kexts to get working bluetooth. My adapter vendor id and device id are in the kext by default. It's in the 10.9 bluetooth kext too. Bluetooth icon appears in system preferences, but I just can't disable it, I push the button and nothing happens. And also it can't find any bluetooth device. Is this a bug in the kext? My device is in the kext by default so I don't get why it's not working. I tried to use 10.8 kext and everything works fine. So something wrong with the 10.9 bluetooth kext. Is anyone else have similar problem?


The button not working and the indicator spins forever, and no device appears.


Same issue here. However i can see my devices, but im unable to connect / pair. And it's stuck in ON. Working fine in 10.8, with wireless trackpad / keyboard. Could you tell me what .kext u used from the 10.8 partition for your 10.9 DP1 install?

Only things i tried yet to get it going was doing some resets with the "bluetooth explorer" utility. 

Bluetooth has the same issue in Maverick dp1, I think it is not working on purpose.... cause maybe Bluetooth 5.0 on the door (u never know)

I have the same issue, I can see all my devices including iphone 5, magic mouse, etc....

Same issue here! I tried 3 different USB dongles with different chips, so I wonder if its a USB controller issue. Tried swapping IOBluetoothFamily kext with one from 10.8.3 but doesn't change anything. I'll grab the kext from 10.8.4 tomorrow at work and post again. Good luck!

Weird! I swapped my kext with 4.1.4 from ML using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], but after several reboots my system profiler still reports "Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.2 beta" and the problem remains.


Is IOBluetoothFamily kext the only ingredient here? Or am I missing something??

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DP2 here. Patched to the 10.8.4 kext. Bluetooth turns on an off, but I can't connect to my devices. Worked fine after patching on DP1. Anybody else getting this?

Anybody? Still haven't gotten this fixed on DP2. Bluetooth goes into discoverable mode (I can see the light flashing on my usb dongle), but my devices never show up in the list when I try to pair.

I just got WORKING BLUTOOTH WITH UNMODIFIED 10.9 DP2 KEXT! :thumbsup_anim:



And the solution was extremely easy:

- just went to /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist

- Changed the "ControllerPowerState" to 1.

- Reboot.

- And boom, it's working lol. :lol:


(but can't/don't disable it because then you have to modify the plist again to get it working)


So it looks like they changed some power state related things in the kext, and that is the problem. Btw I read on some forum that there is people with bluetooth problems on real macs too. So still hoping that this is just some bug.


edit: tested every function that I could, and looks like everything works, file sending, browsing the bluetooth device, etc... Just can't disable bluetooth, and can't change the "discoverable" setting anywhere. I just can't find the place for discoverable option... And I see that discoverable is disabled (and greyed out) in the cmd+click bluetooth menu.


edit2: just noticed the stretched bluetooth icon on the file sending window, it looks like bluetooth is not completed yet...

I just got WORKING BLUTOOTH WITH UNMODIFIED 10.9 DP2 KEXT! :thumbsup_anim:

I did tried this, but I'm still having issues. Changed the setting, rebooted, but my mouse, keyboard, and phone don't show up in the Bluetooth page in System Preferences. Oddly, when I have the page open, the menubar actually says it's in discoverable mode, and I see the lights blinking on my dongle, so that's funny you can't get yours in discoverable mode.


Now that I think abut it, I'm not sure if I'm using the kext from DP1 or 2 (things got lost from swapping out kexts and whatnot). Does anybody have a copy of the DP2 kext they can post/share in case the previous method only works with the DP2 kext and not DP1?

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