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2D Benchmark - window creation bench


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Small 2D benchmark (of course OpenGL is used by QE / OS X) that measures creation time of 333 windows.
Possible to select tested gpu/display for multi gpu systems (HD4000+discrete GPU).
HD4000 performs very well compared to discrete gpus, because of fast cpu(cache)gpu bandwidth , no PCI-E overhead times/transferlimits and very low complex OpenGL commands / very less memeory transfer sizes compared to 3D benches.

430 GT / OS X 10.9 / Quad 2.8 : around 24,1 sec (Oct 2013 Version!)


EDIT: New Oct 2013 version:

- max. window size = screen size doesnt matter anymore

- added an second buffer flash = a bit more cpu>gpu transfer for each window

Old values cant be compared to oct 2013 version!

users with lower (



Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-01 um 07.30.10.jpg


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screen size does matter (takes a bit more time to render).


yeah, i think that's a variable to take in consideration. :)

I've installed the new gfx card just yesterday and i'm doing all possible tests to understand if it's all ok...

cheers mitch and thx for all benchs software :P

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Yep - CPU/ CPU Cache Speed and PCIe TransferSpeed does matter much. GPU Gaming speed doesnt matter.

Ist not an classic OpenGL / GPU bench , more an 2D Bench - as it is named (even OpenGL and therefor the GPU is used by Apple).

But anyway interesting - shows that gpus like Intel HD4000 work really good in ths case of 2D / Window tasks.

Also, that 2D window bench would run extreme slow if the GPU isnt enabled as OpenGL accelerated Quartz device - in case of dsdt / chameleon injectin problems.

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Geforce 8600 GTS 256Mb / OS X 10.9 / i7-2700K@4.75Ghz


1920x1080 = 22 sec

attachicon.gifShot 2013-10-28 в 7.06.17.png


2560x1440 = 24 sec

attachicon.gifShot 2013-10-28 в 7.04.38.png


Old good Gf 8600 GTS is enough for 2D :) No  problems with desktop animation in Mavericks.

See, I have 27 seconds with IntelX3100. Is your Geforce only 20% faster? I think it is 5 times faster. It is not the test.

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