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Hello Everyone


I'm REALLY new to the whole idea of a 'hackintosh', i only found out about the concept about 6 months ago.


I have wanted to try and make a hackintosh ever since and about two weeks ago i got hold of my unlocked school netbook (A Lenovo S10e) and immediatly researched what to do. Yes, i know it's an old machine but this is all a big experiment for me.


So far i have been able to get Snow Leopard 10.6.4 working well Via S10 Snow Leopard Enabler, however i have one problem; the wireless card won't be recognised no matter what i try. The instructions that come with the enabler say that wireless should work "out of the box" but it doesnt, Bluetooth DOES work however.


The Enabler also says that audio, full screen resolution (1024 x 576), sleep, two finger scrolling and wired Ethernet SHOULD work and i can confirm that they do, it's just the wireless thats the problem!


My Machine's Specifications:

- Intel Atom N270 @ 1.6GHz


- 160Gb Fujitsu HDD

- Intel GMA 950

- Broadcom Bluetooth


I think the wireless PCI card is this: Broadcom BCM4312M


I previously have Windows 7 installed on this machine and the wireless worked fine


Thanks in advance for the help anyone can render! :help:



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Is the netbook still school property? If so, just please think twice about what you do with it. That said, don't know what this enabler you speak of is, but would need vendor and device ID for the wifi to see if it's workable. You can get info using this System Info, an app to get hardware and kexts info

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you have here an exemple to how install OS X Lion DP1 (first beta version of OS X Lion, 32-bits compiled system, can work on your proc Atom N270 ) on this netbook : http://www.insanelym...__+lenovo +s10e


the kexts (drivers) that he use can be used on Snow Leopard too, i believe ! See if there's kext for your wireless !


I heard that the wifi works but not ethernet !


Good luck !



P.S: there's a netbook sub forum moderated by marugby123, maybe he can help you more ! ;)


P.S.2: Netbooks Snow Leopard's compatibility : Go here ! as you can see, your netbook is very good for OS X ! ;)


P.S.3: The Guide ! :)

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Is the netbook still school property?


No, the school has handed ownership to me :)


would need vendor and device ID for the wifi to see if it's workable.


I used the System Info app you linked and it spat this out at me:


Pro/Wireless 5100 agn (shiloh) network connection

Vendor: Intel Corporation

Dev ID: 4237


Is this what you need? :)

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can you post the full output from system info?







well, apparently my post didn't you give too much interest !

Hello! I Apologies profusely! I ment no offense!


Unfortunatly the Lion install guide was not much help...i think, im not sure.


The Snow Leopard guide you linked was the first page i opened when i was researching what to do, lol

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