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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! Yesterday I downloaded Sierra and El Capitan retail and put it to my usb using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. (I have tried transmac also, same result). I booted to my clover but unable to reach the installer. But when I use distro (niresh yosemite) I can install it. But yosemite was laggy so I want to try another. Boot flags I have tried: GraphicsEnabler=no GraphicsEnabler=yes cpus=1 /amd64 -x -F npci=0x2000 and 0x3000 My specs AMD Radeon 8180 HD Graphics @1GHz, 2GB RAM. The usb i used partitioned with GUID partition table. I tried on another laptop (amd and intel) and had the same result My verbose mode said in picture attached. After showing that it just shut down and booted again into clover. Sorry I haven't attached the photo
  2. xEvanGz

    Toshiba NB205

    Please tell the mac netbook owner to change the compatibility chart for the Toshiba NB205 because he put sound and audio i/o doesn't work. well using voodoohda it works now. still experimenting with bluetooth so it could be the perfect hackintosh netbook like msi wind dell mini 10v and others and im also using mac os x 10.6.8
  3. Well, there are people trying, and trying hard: http://www.osx86.net...-3150-a-26.html We need all help we can gather for this to be done. If you have any knowledge about what makes apple graphics tick, or about kext patching, or about C/C++/Cocoa/Assembly/Hex editing, join us! Even if you're not particularly skilled in any of these fields, but are willing to help somehow, you're welcome! (sorry if this post looks like armed forces enlistment propaganda, lol!) A little review of the current situation to help the newcomers to this thread (and arches, noobun2, meklort, firemansam and anyone involved can correct any wrong info if they please): 1) GMA 3150 isn't supported by apple, so we couldn't achieve full graphics acceleration yet. However, you can get native resolution (in most cases, 1024 x 600) even with no kext loaded. But, as said, no qe/ci: certain programs, like iMovie, won't work. Certain features, like time machine, will be in the better prospect buggy and unreliable. Youtube movies are a no go; 2) Even without full support, some people can get the GMA 950 kext to load with some editing (i'm not sure what must be edited though). But this will result in extreme slowness of the system, and the boot time will exceed 30 min., at least in older iterations of osx (arches, if i understand correctly, have a boot time of circa 2 min. with mountain lion, however without any hardware acceleration, unlike lion, even with the kext actually loading). Since GMA950 (which has native qe/ci) and GMA3150 are somewhat related, the GMA 950 kext is our current target for getting (hopefully) qe/ci for GMA3150 someday, at least in Lion (and hopefully in Mountain Lion someday, if we somehow patch the GMA950 to give acceleration in 10.8); 3) It's possible to use the gma 950 ketx framebuffer to attain a certain degree of graphics acceleration (again, how to do it, and how much graphics acceleration can be achieve, this will be for arches to say to us). As i understand, with the framebuffer, some simple (but crucial for a reasonable user experience) graphics tasks can be done, like watching youtube movies. However, as the sweet always come with the sour, when using the framebuffer, the cursor gets corrupted, which is pretty annoying. Meklort developed a solution for it in snow leo, but it does not work in mountain lion, and as far as i know was not tested in lion. That's the current situation. Anyone who wish to contribute to this adventurous task, be welcome! I recommend to spread this thread in every osx86 forum. Maybe this holds the attention of more capable people to unite eforts with us. Our primary material for this job: AppleIntelGMA950.kext.zip: The unpatched GMA950 kext; 2009 Q4 Drivers: Intel Linux Graphics: 2009Q4 2010 Q1 Drivers: Intel Linux Graphics: 2010Q1: The first one is the last intellinux915 before Linux support for GMA3150, the second is the intellinux with GMA3150 support. The codes could offer hints at the patches that should be made, and even the possibility of a full port.
  4. TitanKing707

    No Wireless on my Lenovo S10e!

    Hello Everyone I'm REALLY new to the whole idea of a 'hackintosh', i only found out about the concept about 6 months ago. I have wanted to try and make a hackintosh ever since and about two weeks ago i got hold of my unlocked school netbook (A Lenovo S10e) and immediatly researched what to do. Yes, i know it's an old machine but this is all a big experiment for me. So far i have been able to get Snow Leopard 10.6.4 working well Via S10 Snow Leopard Enabler, however i have one problem; the wireless card won't be recognised no matter what i try. The instructions that come with the enabler say that wireless should work "out of the box" but it doesnt, Bluetooth DOES work however. The Enabler also says that audio, full screen resolution (1024 x 576), sleep, two finger scrolling and wired Ethernet SHOULD work and i can confirm that they do, it's just the wireless thats the problem! My Machine's Specifications: - Intel Atom N270 @ 1.6GHz - 2 Gb DDR2 SDRAM - 160Gb Fujitsu HDD - Intel GMA 950 - Broadcom Bluetooth I think the wireless PCI card is this: Broadcom BCM4312M I previously have Windows 7 installed on this machine and the wireless worked fine Thanks in advance for the help anyone can render!
  5. Hi, I am installing Snow Leopard 10.6.3 onto my Acer One 751h netbook. I have been following this guide. What I have had to do differently though is use the NBI 0.84 RC1 to get into the installer as otherwise by simply using the bootloader that got installed on there already by the netbookinstaller app, it gave me a kernal panic as soon as I tried booting it. The next thing I had to do was get the JMicron36xATA.kext and inject it into the extensions.mkext on the Install DVD (on usb stick), by following this guide. This was so that it could see my IDE internal HDD. It installed no problem, it even came up with that the installation was successful rather than what a lot have often had "installation failed" (although it has installed), but when I start it up (obviously going through the NBI on the USB, when I click enter normally it will come up with the apple logo and the loading wheel, and then a symbol will appear on the logo (image below) So I boot into Verbose mode so I can see where it stops (image below in link) http://imageshack.us/a/img198/4083/mo50.jpg So I searched "still waiting for boot device" and came across this tutorial but I try following it by entering what is quoted below, but I have this (quoted below) appear which obviously is showing that it didn't do anything. I am enjoying myself doing this, and thats mainly what I use my netbook for, to mess around with it lol and I am pleased that I have managed to get really far without asking for help, but I do need a bit of help now lol Thanks for the help and if you need to specs of my netbook, they are here.... The only thing that is different is that I have 2GB ram in instead of the 1gb that came with it previously.
  6. Salve a tutti... vorrei iniziare un nuovo Progetto Hackintosh su questo simpatico Netbook Acer Aspire One D270 - 26Dbb La configurazione è la seguente: CPU: intel Atom N2600 (2 cores - 4 Threads) Scheda Video: Intel GMA 3600 (400 mhz - OpenGL 3.0 - DirectX 9.1) RAM: 1GB PC3-8500 DDR3 Come procediamo?
  7. So, I've recently installed SL from a retail disk on my Asus R500VD laptop using the ######/###### method. I've had previous experience with hackintoshing on my desktop, and installed SL completely and successfully with a few tweaks, so responses can be somewhat technical. During installation, my trackpad is non-functional, until about thirty minutes in, where it began to work with an inverted y-axis. Don't know if clicking worked, for I had no reason to click on anything at the time. After booting into the new installation, trackpad refuses to work, no matter what I try. I've spent a week and a half trying different methods online, but to no avail; I've tried all sorts of reccommended boot-args, and different 10.6 compatible kexts, but after the most recent kext install, keyboard stopped woking so I reinstalled. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!! Also cannot get usb to work, so no usb mouse. Relevant Specs: Elantech Trackpad 3rd gen quad-core i7 processor 2gb Nvidia GeForce Gfx 8gb DDR3 RAM 2 USB 2.0, 1USB 3.0 K55VD Motherboard Thanks All!!