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System Info, an app to get hardware and kexts info

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Hello, I'm releasing the System Info app, developed by me based on oldnapalm's idea. It has two main uses, first as a hardware parser, as in this image:





And second, linking devices to its related kext, as shown below:




The application goal is, beyound helping the user to identify hardware, to generate a Hardware Compatibility List, which browser is available (still being finished) at http://olarila.com/kexts. The user can send kext information (name and version) and respective device ids to feed the system from inside the application, selecting the menu option "Transmit data", as in the image:




I hope you find the software useful and help us back providing data to the HCL.


Mac version download: SystemInfo.zip


There is a version for windows that allow users to evaluate the hardware compatibility. Requires java JRE to run.




Windows version download: SystemInfoWin.zip


Linux version download: SystemInfo.tar.gz


Icon meaning:

  • checkq.png - device was reported as working;
  • positive.png - device was not reported, but devices in this class are not usually reported;
  • negative.png - device was not reported, and devices in this class are usually reported.

How to upload kexts


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how does it prevent reporting hardware that is listed but not working correctly? or does it flag for that?


It only send the information of the "Kext" tab, not all your devices information.


If you have a device and a kext that loads but doesn't work, I am not sure if it will be linked correctly, you can check at the kexts tab table and check if the relation is present.

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There's a weird entry for Disabler 1.0.1 in all the Snow Leopard categories. The data for it under "tested devices" does not make sense either.

You are right, we missed that. It got there because the Disabler kext is related to the devices in ioreg. We are adding an exception.

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May I suggest adding alternating light blue backgrounds for every other line so that the lists are easier to read?


Good idea. I've already updated to a 0.2 version and made some updates based on users suggestions/observations:

* On the kext tab it now shows the device name instead of device-id;

* Tables now have an alternate light background color;

* Kexts with no version have its version set to 'undefined';

* The Disabler and kernel.iokit kexts were added as exceptions.


I'd also want to thank for those who are sending data to the HCL, I believe we'll reach a consistent and useful database. =)

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Data transmitted.


It would be a nice feature if we can see all the kext on our system, while the ones which aren't working correctly should be marked as incompatible.


Another nice feature would be a view of the kext we are using and the newest available version of it.

Don't know if you can build such a feature into the app.


Thx for the nice app.

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Can't use because of Tiger


The application depends on java 1.6 cause of its UI (1.6 swing resources). You can use java 1.6 on Tiger, but you'll have to install it manually, the last official apple java update for Tiger was 1.5.

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How the database would handle patched kexts (LegacyHDA plist kexts or patched binaries)?


Right now it will only evaluate the CFBUndleName and version to identify the kext. If a patched version has the same bundle/version it will take as the original.


I am planning to allow multiple instances of the same kext when the download feature is ready (when you select the download button, it will list the available kexts and its description), so people can download a patched version for a specific device or situation.


Soon I'll release a new version of the client with the capability of selecting which kexts the "Transmit data" is going to send information, so if a kext is loaded and linked but isn't working as it was supposed to be, the user can unselect it.

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