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Freezing Youtube playback & general advice/help Mountain Lion!


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Hi all, im really new to the hackintosh world and have done much reading and roaming around various forums and the posts submitted. I initially used the tonymacx86 uni & ###### to install Mountain Lion with alot of trial and error on my windows machine (on a seperate hard drive). Then I started having problems and stumbled onto your forums and read all about the the tensions between developers and tonymacx86 so decided to wipe mountain lion off and start from scratch using your forums guide lines. *Touchwood* i've managed to install Mountain Lion again without a DSDT (non available for my motherboard) from this site or any other and have managed to get my lan working with a kext file from another forum. Please could SOMEONE help me with the problems im having...


1> Whenever I watch a video on YouTube, the video plays for 5-10 seconds and then freezes and does NOT continue to play (vlc works


2> How would I get audio to work with my GTX480 (hdmi to monitor) as my soundcard Asus Xonar Hdav Deluxe is not supported,

3> When I boot into OS X my computer freezes for like 5-8 mins before loading into Mountain Lion OS X.

4> Please does ANYONE have an DSDT for Asus Rampage II Extreme on ANY bios revisions?


PLEASE could someone help me as I'm nearly there with the install.


System Spec


Asus rampage II Extreme

Intel i7 920 D0

Corsair XMS3 6gig memory



Many Thanks and Kind Regards

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