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Found 34 results

  1. Hello, I have a question - is there any BootCD that will be abble to boot Mountain Lion installation? My laptop- I think - have a problem with booting from USB. I have a new SSD drive and I want to install ML from scratch. I made USB stick with ML, and then installed chameleon on it. After restart chameleon is showing, I can select Mountain Lion Install Disk but after that I only see light colour screen with "rainbow wheel" cursor. Nothing happens. When I try to boot from my "regular" chameleon on my old disk - installation boots properly. Next funny thing is ithat if I put my HDD into USB case and try to boot from it - I can't (disk boot normal from SATA)... That's why Im thinking, that BootCD may help (installed SnowLeopard using bootcd) ...
  2. Help please, I've been trying to install mountain lion on my dv7 but i keep getting stuck on this screen, i followed the instructions from TheRacerMaster here "http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281892-wip-guide-hp-pavilion-dv7-4087cl-lion-installation/" and i believe its getting hung up on the thing where it says Pthread supports when sync kernel primitives misused? --any help?
  3. I am all tired and frustrated trying to install mountain lion 10.8.3 (mac app store app) on this build CPU - corei3 530 @2.99ghz MOBO-intel DH55TC GFX-Sapphire HD7770 ghz edition 8 GB ram @1333mhz 2.75tb HDD space spanning 4 hdds. Ive had no luck trying different build/install guides that i googled and also the tools available at "other" forums. The problem is that the installation just wont start..keeps still at "DSMOS has arrived" ive tried various boot flags on chameleon but to no avail. What the hell am i missing? HELP!! is a hackintosh at all possible with the above specs?? thanks is advance. P.S - I do have a working hackintosh laptop made out of a Dell Inspiron1525 thats running 10.6.8 pretty smoothly(used nozyczek's amazing guide) P.P.S - i am still a bit of an noob with all the dsdt's and kext stuff...!!
  4. Installing Mountain Lion on this motherboard is a piece of cake. With this tutorial you will got a DSDT-FREE installation, with everything working. Requirements: -My package and modded bios: here -MyHack Start: First we need to flash the bios , for native speedstep. Prepare usb key with myhack and the guide present on the website. Start the hackintosh. Start and install my package. Reboot and everything should working. (If you are using a particular videocard , is up to you now to make it working) Tested on Mountain Lion 10.8 with cpu ivy bridge.
  5. Hello All, I have been using my computer for a long time as an hackintosh. Yesterday i made a clean 10.8 install with my hack. It was the smoothest update i have ever seen before. Everything works great even without DSDT or usb fixes in com.apple... But i have a small problem. Everytime i starts my computer after apple logo it takes more time than usual and just before login screen and i hear my disks shutting sound. After password they starts again. Is it normal? Thanks in advance for help.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to install Mountain Lion but don't know how do it properly. My motherboard has no AHCI option but has RAID. I've heard of people installing on an external USB HDD because of this but I have also heard it is possible to install in my main HDD with something called ATAPortInjector. I have no idea how to do this but I have a VM through which I can create a Mountain Lion USB (don't know if I should use ###### or what else). How do I install it? What would I have to do to get a dual boot with Windows 7? My specs: Dell XPS Studio 8000 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM HD 5770 Intel i5 750 Thanks!
  7. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is now very possible to boot my installer straight off the laptop itself! (Instead of swapping out hdds and stuff) Just install a kext from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/genericusbxhci/. From what I've found, Sony's motherboard uses XHCI to manage even the USB 2.0 drives. With this kext in place in /S/L/E in my OSX Installer, all three ports (USB2 + 3 + 3) work now. P.S. I am using OSX 10.9 Installer but this should work with ML too. Hi Everyone! I managed to get my Sony Vaio SVS1311FGS (Vaio S 2012 Series) on working with Mountain Lion DP4! Spec: i5-3210M (somehow unrecognized, cpuid model not found etc, but works) Intel HD 4000 (main GPU for OSX, works fully *details later below) NVIDIA Geforce GT-640M (Optimus cards are useless for Mac. However, I would like to know how to disable it via DSDT.) Realtek 10EC:8168 Ethernet card (work in progress, I haven't searched deeply for a 64-bit kext that would load in ML) Intel Wifi Card (garbage. I'm using a RTL8192SU USB dongle) Sound Card (lol, I don't know the model, but it works fine with VoodooHDA) (Should be the Intel HD Audio) Notes Beforehand: You cannot plonk in a USB OSX Installer made from either: ######, MyHack or any other USB solution. The absence of a BIOS mod (which I would have avoided anyway) to enable AHCI to get the USB Installer to recognize itself renders using USB Installers useless I'm not sure about using DVDs. I used a Sandy Bridge laptop to act as the installing machine instead. I switched their hard drives and got the thing to work, as my Sandy Bridge is hackintosh-friendly You need a special bootloader. No Chameleon-ML, No Chimera 1.10. You need those special ones OSX CANNOT BOOT FROM UEFI MODE. I use UEFI to go into Windows and Legacy into Mac. YOU MIGHT RUN INTO TROUBLE TRYING TO ENABLE CLICKING ON TRACKPAD. I've somehow managed to enable mine through the keyboard Steps: Partition the hard drive on any partition program (u can use diskpart or Disk Management from Windows itself) Remove it and place it into another machine where the USB Installers have successfully booted Get OSX installed. The hard drive is in a GPT format due to UEFI, no modding of Installer needed. When the hard drive is placed back into the Vaio S, get into the BIOS through F2 at boot and change Booting Mode into 'Legacy' and Place 'External Device' before 'Internal Hard Drive' in boot priorities THE NEXT STEP REQUIRES AN EXISTING MAC, to install the custom bootloader on the USB device. Get the USB Installer, insert it into the other Mac or Hackintosh and install http://blog.stuffedcow.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Chameleon-2.1svn-r2012.pkg, a bootloader by stuffedcow for HD 4000 users. Set the settings on the Installer as follows: Standard boot, GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Ignore the HDMIAudio, NVIDIA, ATI options. When you're done, navigate to the Extra folder on the USB stick, and place the DSDT.aml attached in the zip file in this folder. Boot the computer with this USB stick. When at the boot prompt for the OSX partition in the HDD, type: -v -f "Graphics Mode"="1366x768x32" HD4000PlatformId=3 This should get it all working. Fix Everything Up (Network, etc). Others: INTEL HD 4000 Credits: http://blog.stuffedcow.net/2012/07/intel-hd4000-qeci-acceleration/ The table for HD 4000 is there. Those platform-ids that start with 0166 are for mobile (ours). Those with 0162 are for desktops. If you wish to try the platform-id for the alphabets, a is 10 and b is 11. I've tested them and the platform-id 3 should work for ours. It enabled Internal Screen and HDMI. I'm researchiing on editing the connector info for VGA. Some info on connectors for HD 4000: http://www.tonymacx86.com/graphics/60010-official-hd-4000-support-11.html NVIDIA GeForce GT640M Useless. Optimus does not work on OSX and probably never will as Apple uses MUXes. Do Note that the Speed/Stamina switch can be switched to either option. OSX does not care. However, I'd like to know how to disable it via DSDT to save battery life. REALTEK 10EC:8168 CARD In progress. INTEL WIFI Nope. Nada. Intel wifi was never used by Apple. USB 2.0 This will work if you use the USBPackage attached. Install the files in the folder 1 first, before installing those in 2.USB3 is a work in progress by other people using Intel's USB3 Controllers, although some have worked by changing XHCI setting in their BIOSes (no such option for us) SOUND Use VoodooHDA for Mountain Lion. SLEEP Using the SleepEnabler for Mountain Lion, but haven't tested yet. TRACKPAD Mine is Synaptics, so it works. But sensitivity needs changing. DSDT.zip USBPackage.zip
  8. E' il mio primo post, quindi se ho sbagliato titolo, sezione o per qualsiasi altro problema bacchettatemi :wink2: Allora prima di tutto vi elenco la mia configurazione: mobo: ASUS P7P55D-E cpu: i5 760 ram: CORSAIR 1600mhz CL7 4GB gpu: nVIDIA GTX 470 MSI TWIN FROZR II alimentatore: CORSAIR HX650W hdd: SEAGATE BARRACUDA 500GB (con windows 8) SEAGATE BARRACUDA 80GB (per hackintosh) veniamo al dunque: ho provato ad installare Mountain Lion creando il disco di avvio usb con un hard disk usb (anzichè la pendrive). ho creato il disco d’avvio di Mountain Lion da un MacBook Pro con Snow Leopard con U Ni Bea st per Mountain Lion. Setto il BIOS della mia scheda madre Asus P7P55D-E come da guida : http://macinformers.com/hackintosh/ All’avvio premendo F8 e selezionando l’hard disk esterno come boot tutto ok, entro in Chimera ma mi vede sia l’hard disk esterno e sia l’hard disk interno (alla destra dell’hdd esterno ricordandomi che è NTFS) Avvio Mountain Lion quindi dall’HDD esterno, viene visualizzata la Mela col caricamento, ma dopo qualche secondo…black screen (schermo off, nessun segnale in ingresso) e dopo qualche minuto mi si spegne tutto il sistema riavviandosi. ho provato con tutti i comandi possibili per Chimera, quindi i vari "-v -s -x PCIRootUID=0/1 etc" ma niente da fare, vedo la mela con un inizio di caricamento ma dopo qualche istante si spegne il pc e si riavvia. Così ho provato con una versione di Hazard di Snow Leopard la 10.6.6i, avvio con F8 il cd, parte Chamaleon bootloader ma stesso discorso come prima, il pc si riavvia. (allego lo screen di chamaleon fatto in modalità verbose settando PCIRootUID=1) Cosa devo fare secondo voi? Grazie
  9. 29eddy

    ASUS X201E - come fare?

    Ciao a tutti, sono un vecchio hackintosher che per un lungo periodo ha abbandonato le pratiche di hackintosh ma mi vorrei nuovamente cimentare dato che ho acquistato un notebook economico ma interessante, soprattutto sotto il profilo osx. Il modello è esattamente questo: http://www.asus.it/Notebooks/Versatile_Performance/X201E/#specifications Io ho processore Celeron 847 @ 1.10ghz 2gb DDR3 1333mhz Hard disk 500gb LAN Atheros AR8162 WLAN Atheros AR9485 VGA Intel Graphic HD4000 LCD 11,6" @ 1366x768 16:9 Non ho altre notiize, ma più tardi vi farò la lista HW ID delle periferiche se serve. Potete darmi una mano a capire come installare OSX, in qualunque versione dalla Snow in poi qui sopra? Partendo dal presupposto che non ho nè un mac nè un hack però..... Grazie a tutti dell'aiuto.
  10. Hey guys im trying install os x on my laptop but when i boot i got this screen
  11. Hi all, im really new to the hackintosh world and have done much reading and roaming around various forums and the posts submitted. I initially used the tonymacx86 uni & ###### to install Mountain Lion with alot of trial and error on my windows machine (on a seperate hard drive). Then I started having problems and stumbled onto your forums and read all about the the tensions between developers and tonymacx86 so decided to wipe mountain lion off and start from scratch using your forums guide lines. *Touchwood* i've managed to install Mountain Lion again without a DSDT (non available for my motherboard) from this site or any other and have managed to get my lan working with a kext file from another forum. Please could SOMEONE help me with the problems im having... 1> Whenever I watch a video on YouTube, the video plays for 5-10 seconds and then freezes and does NOT continue to play (vlc works fine), 2> How would I get audio to work with my GTX480 (hdmi to monitor) as my soundcard Asus Xonar Hdav Deluxe is not supported, 3> When I boot into OS X my computer freezes for like 5-8 mins before loading into Mountain Lion OS X. 4> Please does ANYONE have an DSDT for Asus Rampage II Extreme on ANY bios revisions? PLEASE could someone help me as I'm nearly there with the install. System Spec Asus rampage II Extreme Intel i7 920 D0 Corsair XMS3 6gig memory GTX480. Many Thanks and Kind Regards
  12. Hey there, i tried to install osx mountain lion using vmware 8 ... Ich bypassed the vertualization becuase my computer doesnt support that and when i start the machine i get a blank grey screen with a blocked sign inside it and then the window closes ... I would be very greatful if someone could help me! I really love to get that os! Thanks a lot!
  13. ernesto1993

    Gigabyte G31M-ES2L

    Salve a tutti Recentemente ho installato sul mio PC fisso mountain lion.. Tutto perfetto ! Funziona tutto benissimo (tranne che per il mac app store, facetime e se qualcuno ha una soluzione mi faccia sapere)... Il problema principale è l'audio... ho seguito qualunque guida su internet (la migliore su tonymacx86)... ma niente quando installo il chameleon o mi si blocca all'avvio oppure la situazione è la stessa. Quindi.. dopo avere seguito ogni guida, ogni kext installato (e il computer non si avviava più), formattato e riformattato più di 10 volte... chiedo aiuto alla community... Se qualcuno sa come risolvere, mi faccia sapere Grazie in anticipo. (ovviamente la scheda madre in questione è la Gigabyte G31M-ES2L)
  14. venom89

    Kernel Panic all'avvio?

    Ciao a tutti, ieri sera ho installato il kext sleepenabler, poi l'os stava scaricando gli aggiornamenti del pacchetto iLife, dato che ci volevano 3 ore ed andavo di fretta ho forzato l'arresto dello store. e spento il pc. stamattina all'avvio mi ritrovo questo che tipo di errore è? sono abitutato a quelli di windows ma questo è la prima volta che lo becco. Grazie
  15. I'm trying to install the Mountain Lion on my notebook Acer Aspire 5750 / 5750G. The installer just boots when the kexts AppleIntelHD* and AppleIntelSNB* (or something) are deleted from S/L/E, and boot to installer with -x -v PciRoot=1 GraphicsEnabler=No After install boots only with PciRoot=1. Feedback after install: Sound: No Video: Only 1024x768, recognized only 64MB, slow speed. Webcam: Yes Microphone: No Battery: No USB: Yes Wi-Fi: No Ethernet, SD Card, HDMI, VGA, disk burner: Don't tested yet There are my specs: Processor Mobile DualCore Intel Core i3-2310M, 2100 MHz (21 x 100) Mobo Name Acer Aspire 5750 Mobo Chipset Intel Cougar Point HM65, Intel Sandy Bridge System memory 2669 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM) DIMM1: Smart Modular SH564288FH8NWPHSFR 1 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz) DIMM3: Smart Modular SH564568FH8NWPHSFR 2 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz) BIOS Insyde (05/24/2011) Monitor: vga Intel® HD Graphics Family (1235896 KB) vga Intel® HD Graphics Family (1235896 KB) Accelerator 3D Intel HD Graphics 3000 Monitor AU Optronics B156XW02 V2 [15.6" LCD] Multimedia: Sound Intel Cougar Point HDMI @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [b-2] Sound Realtek ALC269 @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [b-2] Storage: IDE Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller "Storage" Broadcom Memory Stick HD Generic Flash Disk USB Device (8 GB, USB) HD WDC WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1 ATA Device (500 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA-II) Optical Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT32N ATA Device (DVD+R9:6x, DVD-R9:6x, DVD+RW:8x/8x, DVD-RW:8x/6x, DVD-RAM:5x, DVD-ROM:8x, CD:24x/24x/24x DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM) Enter device: Keyboard Default Keyboard PS/2 Mouse Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad Network IP MAC EC-55-F9-97-90-6E Wifi network Atheros AR5B97 Wireless Network Adapter ( Ethernet Broadcom NetLink ™ Gigabit Ethernet I found a kext pack with DSDT but after install the PS2 keyboard and trackpad stop work.
  16. I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THESE KEXTS AND TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THEM, I HAVE SIMPLY JUST CONSOLIDATED THEM HERE FOR EASE OF OTHER USERS. SOME KEXTS MAY NOT BE NEEDED. SOURCES: http://www.insanelym...ionize&st=0 http://www.insanelym...38;fromsearch=1 http://www.insanelym...howtopic=280388 + Kexts from miscellaneous locations Mountain Lion USB installer Guide: http://www.insanelym...ionize&st=0 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. After installing Mountain Lion, before booting your new OS immediately place the kexts in "First" into your System/Library/Extensions (This will prevent the KP that would happen otherwise). NOTE: you will either need a mac to do this or windows with "macdrive" installed. REBOOT INTO OS After step one, the order is really optional but this is how i did it: 2. Install the Cuda Drivers 3. Install all of the kexts with kext utility 4. Install Chameleon, use your own extra folder. a. If you receive a boot0 error, i have included some files you will need for the fix for people who do not have a mac available. Here is a link to the guide: http://www.macbreake...oot0-error.html REBOOT. You should now have most features working, install cam twist in order to use the camera. (whenever you need to activate it open cam twist and hit the select button when webcam is selected) WORKING: Keyboard: Yes Trackpad: Yes Wifi: Yes Battery: Yes Disk Drive: Yes Audio: Yes Video: Yes LAN: Yes USB 3.0: Yes Camera: Must activate with camtwist NOT WORKING: Card Reader: No Bluetooth: No (Wifi instead) Keyboard Backlight: No Keyboard Functions: No Sleep: No Brightness: No (Forgot about this until now, will add later if found) There may be fixes for Sleep, Brightness and Keyboard but i have not found them yet. Enjoy! 1 First (Before Booting).zip 3 Third (Kexts).zip Boot0 Error.zip
  17. Buenas noches a todos, os cuento en primer lugar las características de mi PC. Procesador: Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 ( 2,10 Ghz, FSB 800 Mhz, 1 Mb. de cache ) Memoria: 4 Gb. DDR3 a 1066 Mhz Disco Duro: 500 Gb. a 5400rpm. Red: Gigabit Ethernet y Wifi-N Tarjeta Gráfica: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 (512 Mb.) Pantalla: Pantalla de 15,6" HD (1366x768) Cinecrystal Otros: 4 puertos USB, lector de tarjetas 5 en 1, salida HDMI, salida VGA, webcam, salida S/PDIF, teclado numérico, y modem. Bueno ahora os cuento el proceso que he seguido, como veréis el foro en el que escribo esto, he instalado Mountain Lion, en concreto iAtkos ML2 hasta ahí todo bien, sin Graphics Enabler pero con un Kext de mi gráfica que me da resolución nativa, los problemas a continuación son: No consigo la aceleración gráfica por lo que me gustaría que me ayudarais. He conseguido extraer el DSDT de mi ordenador gracias a un comando o script que el compañero Juanerson puso, y ahí lo tengo en el escritorio, con el único inconveniente de que no se que hacer con ese archivo. Tengo el Kext de sonido instalado (ALC888/1200) pero aun así no se me oye nada por lo que no se que mas hacer. Otro problema que tengo es que a ver, tengo instalación dual con tres particiones, en una Mac, en otra Windows 7 y en otra Documentos, el caso es que para iniciar Mac muchas veces tengo que reiniciarlo un par de veces ya que se queda en la Manzana pero no pasa de ahí, como ya digo lo soluciono reiniciando hasta que inicia. ¿Alguna ayuda con mis dudas? Muchísimas gracias
  18. Hi: I have a Gateway M685-E that I had running 10.7 Lion previously. I needed to redo the laptop from scratch (unrelated hackintosh problems). I now have 10.8 installed successfully but can't boot regularly. When I boot to safe mode, I can log in but afterwards I get a completely "grey" backdrop with a mouse cursor. It appears the system is running fine but there is an issue with the desktop being rendered. All my research points me to my graphics card not being configured. My question is: has anyone successfully gotten the GeForce Go 7600 / 7800 working in Mountain Lion? The best thread I've seen so far is here: http://www.insanelym...o/#entry1842802 I've read about NVEnabler in other places on the net but haven't tried it yet. Has anyone had success with it? I've tried all other command line options that I've read about. GraphicsEnabler, PCIRoot, SafeMode, Cache flags, etc. I haven't done any DSDT stuff yet. Can't do any DSDT editing yet because I can't get working graphics in regular or safe mode. This is definitely going to be interesting since I'll be working in single-user mode until I can get some kind of graphics support in at least safe mode. Thanks for any info.
  19. charial

    Artefics on Mountain Lion AMD

    Hi everyone, i installed sucefully Mountain Lion 10.8.3 on my AMD FX 4170 but i noted some lags when I go to Launchpad or to the dashboard. I've an AMD Graphics HD 750 incorporated Is there any kernel for my processor with no artefics?
  20. Hello everyone, i have installed niresh 10.8.2 on my esprimo p5720 with these specification: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 2.83 GHz RAM: 2 GB GPU: Intel Q33 Express Chipset family (chipset tipe intel 3100) AUDIO: Realtek alc 262 ETHERNET: broadcom 5754 it works everything except for audio and video card, which kext could i install? Help me!!
  21. Hello everyone. Recently I've been interested in trying out and using Mac OS X. However, neither my PC's nor my laptop's hardware allow for a Hackintosh installation. Fortunately, I will be buying a new custom built PC soon and I will try to install Windows 7, Mountain Lion and Xubuntu on it. I don't have many options as you cannot find many pieces of hardware over here, however using guide found on hackintosh.com, I think I have found the optimal PC I can build with it. Here it is: Case Fazn-A18 Piano Black - Midi (A1008) Power Supply Turbo-X-650W Value Series CPU Intel-Core i5 3570K (s 1155 , 3.4 GHz , 6 MB) Cooler Xigmatek-Gaia SD1283 Heatpipe Cooler 120mm (Intel 775, 1156, 1366 & AMD AM2/AM3) Motherboard Gigabyte-Z77MX-D3H (s 1155 , Z77 , DDR3 , HDMI) RAM Corsair-Vengeance 8GB Quad 1600 C9 Hard Drive Seagate-Barracuda 1TB HDD 3.5" (64MB Cache, 7200RPM, Sata 6Gb/s) Graphics Card MSI-GT 640 (PCI Express 16 ,2 GB GDDR3) DVD Reader Samsung-DVD-RW SH-222BB Sata Black Bulk I was wondering if this PC would be capable of running Mountain Lion... Also, this is my first attempt at a Hackintosh system, so I have to ask that: Will I be able to access networks through ethernet cables fine, or is it mandatory to get a WiFi adapter card to? Thanks for your help, shamanas
  22. agentej

    Slow Boot

    So I've succesfully installed Mountain Lion (except for some problems regarding audio and iCloud). But it takes more than a minute to boot. It hangs at Waiting for DSMOS for about 30 seconds :S What can I do to fix this problem? Thank you very much!
  23. ***See Second Post Below*** The latest! (01.14.13) I'm going to start scheduled updates to the guide/Gatsby Pack. If I fix something, or someone else fixes something, I'll update everything here on the following Friday. So like this Friday I'll update the Gatsby m6-1045dx pack for three-finger swipe actions, and I can probably add the BIOS update, in case HP's website goes down or whatever. Good News, Everyone (12.28.12) USB 3.0 ports work, at least with the latest BIOS update, but they only work with 3.0 devices. I was only recently able to test this. Furthermore, a lot of 2.0 devices work with the 3.0 ports, like wireless mouse dongles. Things that don't work include flash drives, iPhones, Android phones, pretty much anything that transfers files. Sound is now fully-functional (see the post in this thread about sound). Still on Tap (to fix) Intel Turbo/SpeedStep (I know it should be working, but I have a feeling it isn't) USB 2.0 functionality in the 3.0 ports Mapping for action keys with the latest VoodooPS2.kext that enabled three-finger swiping and brightness adjustment Sound sometimes cuts out, like with YouTube videos and Spotify... I haven't had an issue since updating to 10.8.2, at least I don't think..so we'll see. Sleep (supports the theory that SpeedStep and TurboBoost aren't working) SD Card reader I'm probably not going to bother with HDMI audio, VGA out, or getting ethernet to work post boot, they're nominal issues IMO.
  24. I've been trying to install Mac OS 10.8 on my desktop for the past couple of days but have been running into a ton of trouble. This PC isn't a Hackintosh, just a custom built PC that has parts that happen to be supported. Most of the problems occur when I try to boot from my USB drive containing the ML installation. My desktop doesn't detect a bootable installer on the drive unless it is for UEFI. This has only worked for iAtkos ML3U, but I ran into trouble with that, but that's another story. For all other things I've tried, such as iAtkos ML2 and Niresh, my desktop simply doesn't detect the boot media (resulting in the black screen and a blinking underscore). My parts are as follows: Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H (F7 BIOS) i5-4670k GTX 770 8 GB RAM 2 TB HDD/ 120 GB SSD I've tried to set my BIOS settings to everything that I've seen online and nothing has worked. I can provide more information if needed. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
  25. Hey there, i tried to install osx mountain lion using vmware 8 ... Ich bypassed the vertualization becuase my computer doesnt support that and when i start the machine i get a blank grey screen with a blocked sign inside it and then the window closes ... I would be very greatful if someone could help me! I really love to get that os! Thanks a lot!