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would it be posible to make a bear with menthol taste in it? i had a polo mint with my beer and it was the most refreshing thing ever!


i have not looked into beer making but would love to.


also on another note, i tried rolling rock thinking it was going to be awfull and watery, it wasnt bad, tasted like stella crossed with bud. another bottle cap added to the collection.


also do people still play counterstrike? realy but its like frozen in time.

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ah ah.. good..

I've also put a cup of scotch in my homebrew while it was 'boiling' in the tank.


in the past I was addicted of bottle of beers.. and I've collected more than 300.. whose I prefer absolutely the Colombians.. (they're sold with a special spice bag).. the Chech/Slovack Pilsener.. and the Irish

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i been craving henninger lately.. cant find it



the mint idea isnt bad.. kinda made me think of guiness in can with bottom pop fizzy thing. mint instead ?


nah only hack (cheat) kiddies with weak video play counter strike... and noobs


battlefield. (heroes too) @ play4free.com

yes peperoni is good, far nicer than san migel.


7% i would be off my trolley by now!


oh my god look at this, its real!



i wonder if its a really tiny pint glass the size of that leprechauns hat?


oh this is quite a funny one! look at this.

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Pauwel Kwak, a nice 8.4% Belgian drink served in a traditional glass. Theres a pub in Farringdon, London called The Dove which specialises in Belgian food and beer. Worth checking out if you're ever in London.

I should also add that it's the Beerfest here in Cambridge, if you ever have anything local to yourself in terms of Beer festivals, and if you're a fan of wheat beer, look out for something by the name of 'liquid bread' and avoid a stout by the name of 'wobble'.

Im in london soon, i will definately check that out! hey just a point of interest and totally unrelated, i made my uni final deadlines today and now have no work to worry about only setting up my art exhibition!

After a long walk to my local (two miles) i like to get the ball rolling with a nice pint of London Pride (4.7% ABV).

Then I will move onto the ESB (5.5% ABV) and get sloshed, probably.




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I'll throw in a curve ball. My favorite is Japanese 日本酒, or Nihonshu. Known as 'sake' in the West, in Japanese 'sake' simply means 'alcohol' and what you call 'sake' the Japanese call 'nihonshu'. And what you think is rice wine is actually rice beer. So, my favorite beer is Japanese sake. :smoke:

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oh really? i had always thought it was wine, forgive my ignorance. so is Tiger beer just a carbonated n

ihonshu? assuming its made of rice. i could google it but conversation is so much better.

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My new best friend...





Fullers (Gales) HSB...


"HSB is brewed with the finest malt and hops for a well-balanced character. It is full bodied and silky textured, with a hint of Dundee cake that leads to a rich, fruity taste and a silky smooth finish. It has an ABV of 4.8% and is a beer to savour."

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family guy beer.jpg


Pawtucket Patriot Ale is the local brand of beer in Quahog, Rhode Island. Brewed at Pawtucket Pat's brewery, it is Peter's drink of choice. The name "Pawtucket" comes from the town with the same name. After the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory becomes defunct, Peter drifts for a while before getting his current job brewing Pawtucket Patriot Ale. It is likely an American pale ale.


In "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar", the advert shows hot women were sun bathing, putting some sun lotion and taking their bikini bras off with the motto "If you buy it, hot women will have sex in your back yard".

I have no idea what that beer is... but I want one.

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