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  1. Theme by Allan Nyholm...
  2. September 1940, Kent, England
  3. Yes, still on Yoser using Flavours 2 also!
  4. Using Celestia in full screen mode as a interactive desktop... Earth texture is nasa blue marble April
  5. This theme is very dark! This theme is very dark!
  6. Needed my graphite fix... Wallpaper is a Bryce render.
  7. Same desktop wall as last time... I had to clone out two clones... they were bugging me to hell!
  8. Celestia desktop... Realtime animation of the shuttle flying over Mongolia...
  9. Fictional nebula and system, real time animation, rendered in Celestia...
  10. Wall is a screenshot from Star Chart for iPhone... yellow star below centre is Rigel Kentaurus.