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whats your favorite beer?

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ohh how exciting, i love all thease exotic names. uk beer is just not that good, we have a great cidre culture in the south west something a bit like moonshine but made of apples. i cant think of a single bear/larger that isn't imported from Europe or us.


lets see my bottle top collection tells me i have tried:






supperbock brazil


asahi &--#60;japan dry very nice

san migel

budwiser &--#60;uhhh

cools light &--#60;worse then water

hoegarden &--#60;highly recomended

hieneken &--#60;good


things in cans/tins do not count because they suck


look at this


also i wonder where i can buy exotic beer

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I like this Brazilian beer:


It's similar to Heineken, Corona and Stella (Stella is my favorite out of the three) but it's a fair bit stronger, both in alcohol content and taste. But, even though it's a local beer you can't get it in all of the bars here, even supermarkets don't have it most of the time so you have to look around for it or just get lucky. I don't know why that is...maybe I'm the only one who likes it. I hope they don't kill it.


I don't like thick, dark beer, but I'm not a big fan of the watery beer that everybody drinks down here either, Skol and Brahma etc. People don't seem to care about the taste as long as it's cold enough. Truth be told, after a few glasses neither do i, so..yeah.


Because of the soccer world cup in 2014 they're trying to get Budweiser brand recognition going down here. Budweiser is awful.




I'm not a connoiseur or anything but the best Whiskey I've ever tasted was a "Makers Mark" that a friend brought for me from the US. I'm sure there are better Whiskeys out there that I don't know about but that sure beat the hell out of Johnny Walker (any label). If you ever see it somewhere, try a small glass with ice, just for the taste.


I can enjoy two or three drinks with a strong alcohol content but I can't let myself get drunk on it anymore, my body can't take it, I get completely incapacitated and I have to lie down all of the next day. First sign of old age I guess. lol


So...not too many Caipirinhas for me..

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Yeah, the bubbles make the alcohol travel faster in your blood stream or something. Can be quite a rush if it's a good strong champagne. It's so expensive..maybe that's for the best :angel:


And thanks for making me think of something that I had totally forgotten - when I was in my 20's I used to like to mix pear or apple cider with white wine, with the right white wine and the right ratio, the effect is like champagne, only stronger.


But it's not a very "manly" drink is it? lol


Please, I know you don't drink but if you ever see a bottle of Makers Mark, try just a teeny tiny glass and remember me. I'll probably never drink it again, I'm sure if I ever see it here in Brazil it'll cost a months wage.


Oh yeah, I lied (actually forgot) about my real favorite beer - my favorite is the legendary and hard to find, Belgian beer "Alzheimer Light"


*yes, now I do remember mentioning that elsewhere*

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Yes,the beers here in Brazil use to watered beer, but...

I prefer the American one Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ..


about whiskey I tasted a Irish one named "Jameson"




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i have now decided to teetotal (weekends excluded) i think it was getting a bit silly having all day hangovers. i like the addition of cocktails to this thread! im gona have to try them out. who cares if its manly just dont let anyone see you drink it ha ha.

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i need a beer right now, the other day i stepped on my laptop, thinking nothing of it i left it alone, realising that i have actually broke the lcd screen i dismantled it rather quickly and have now ordered another.


im glad i can strip a laptop in around 45mins :) though now im considering trying to get hold of a acer 5750g motherboard with the nv chip and the ability to take i5 to i7. its the same board it should fit. just have no idea where to buy one as i am not a company i cannot order one from acer. and god knows how i would explain my rather dubious upgrade idea. like i said i need a beer.

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im gona have to retract my fav beer weihenstephaner original, it doesnt taste like it did 4 yrs ago.. changed. ( just had it and it didnt taste same)


i think my all time fav was golfers choice aka bombers nose.

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Lambics dont get my attention.

did u know back before 1516 lots of peopel died due to reformulation with bad stuff like tar and other stuff to try to preserve beer.

thats why germans used the purity law of 1516.. holland didnt.

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Guinness stout !!!

dragon stout isnt bad either.


bigben . u into pictures c674b97238595201caa7cf307b5b0105c8d662d8be56fea46ad350968ef58d146g.jpg (this is a real pic not photoshopped last i read)


or music ? 3c2a7548c9d5840a5adc76b4be2f2c309321a6d651074248bf3fa94f4c3ee1b26g.jpg


hehe i had those for counter strike game spray . made people sit and look at it while i shot them :P


(feel free to use them)

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do yourself homebrew. it's cheaper.. simple. and you got agood beer..


the homebrew is better because:

-the beer is pure.. no additional water or sophistications..

-the beer is sane and safe.. no additional chemicals..

-the beef is alive! if it's not pastorized.. the yeasts live on and on.. and the beer is very good in taste.. and it stil continue to grow in the bottle.. as do all the Trappist Belgian beers...

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