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  1. MacBook Pro 13" - Mid 2011 Apple Wireless Keyboard + Mouse iPhone 5 with dock connector and iPhone 4 dock Horrible Samsung monitor Bonsai Tree
  2. whats your favorite beer?

    I should also add that it's the Beerfest here in Cambridge, if you ever have anything local to yourself in terms of Beer festivals, and if you're a fan of wheat beer, look out for something by the name of 'liquid bread' and avoid a stout by the name of 'wobble'.
  3. whats your favorite beer?

    I prefer Londons Pride when it comes to Fullers.
  4. whats your favorite beer?

    Pauwel Kwak, a nice 8.4% Belgian drink served in a traditional glass. Theres a pub in Farringdon, London called The Dove which specialises in Belgian food and beer. Worth checking out if you're ever in London.
  5. I have just installed the consumer preview and I have to say I am a fan of Metro UI, I like how fluid it is. The only thing I dislike is how much of the space is wasted in Metro apps. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 and an Xbox 360 so I guess I'm generally used to the UI. Performance wise I would compare it to Windows 7, even with the original style desktop running. I look forward to seeing more Metro UI apps, I hear Google are working on a Metro Chrome which will be nice. IE 10 is pretty slick also. PS. If you're going to install using Bootcamp, use the Windows Support files, that way everything should work properly.
  6. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    I've edited some of the image files to be used as my dashboard and mission control background. Also I've repurposed my dock as I find launching apps using a gesture from Launchpad much easier. I only have currently running apps and commonly accessed folders on my dock now. Enjoy:
  7. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    And another one - Star Wars fan obviously (who isn't?) Mission Control.
  8. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Haven't been here in a while, finally back to the Mac with a new MBP
  9. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here is my fresh installation on my new Intel hardware. Needs a bit more personalisation though I think.
  10. Dropbox Kernel Panic

    Anyone else seem to be experiencing this at all? I'm running 10.5.8, any help would be appreciated. Please note I have an AMD system (see sig for specs).
  11. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    My Leo install is pretty much complete, all I need now is to sort out ram and bus speed issues and I have a perfect AMD hack
  12. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Lovin it! Just gotta fix my HDD icons
  13. AMD installation issues HELP!

    BUMP! I'm bumping this due to the fact that I need to solve the issues with my Bus Speed and Ram speed, any info on this would be brilliant, otherwise I have literally everything else working smoothly. Any advice would be amazing!
  14. Installing Leopard on LG x120

    Interesting, if you try this please let me know how it goes! We have a few X130s at work (I actually work for LG here in the UK) would love to try out and installation on one of them.