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  1. Can we expect an EA Origin for linux, or perhaps we are moving into the platform independant ecosystem of the cloud? My question is this, Have milestone events like the realisation of Steam and Android plus the publicity stunt that was the Ubuntu Edge, changed or raised the awareness of Unix so that more companies will show in interest in developing for Unix, I dont care if they dont make the software just concider and consult with the public, or will cloud based web apps and software arive before that (either way hell will freze and I get to dump windows 7 for good). What are your predictions for 2014 "the year of the linux desktop"... (this year fingers crossed)
  2. Acro_Design

    does anyone like gnome shell/ eg gnome 3

    I just had to log back in (been a while) to say that I love Gnome-shell 3.10 and all the new core apps , I prefer to use a few extentions to make it more usefull such as and I recomend dash to dock, because I would rather have a dock that sits on my desktop and only needs one click to get to it. ps. for docky and plank fans. I have worked out a way to make the dash launch from docky / plank and this seems to be a lot like launch pad, it uses the super key bound to a .desktop file. I dont use this method anymore as I am used to Gnome Shell 3.10, but it might make OsX fans a bit happier.
  3. Acro_Design

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    Im back and im much more sober, Now then i really need to retrace mysteps here, this card has stoped me twice! wish me luck.
  4. Im back!... again again. Im going to try and remember everything once more, like lion usb setup getting my ati card to work and all that jazz. time i have some unix skills and understanding of basic programming, it might help.

  5. Acro_Design

    whats your favorite beer?

  6. What is the name of the windows tool, the link is dead and i really could use it, the linux way doesnt work for me. and i have no way to make a dos one.
  7. Acro_Design

    matt black mac pro case :O

    Ha! Thats the best! it took me a while to work that out what i was looking at, perhaps it needs some high heals.
  8. Acro_Design

    matt black mac pro case :O

    Actually there is a 3rd option that i have become quite good at. its non permanent and looks effective. vinyl wrap like the laptops i did in this section, one in white and one in wood grain. I am alot better at it these days and could probably do quite i nice job on it, theres a really nice matte black i have in at the moment. And its really cheap. I agree that re-anodising it would be best or powder coating. rattle can spray jobs are tricky and never quite as good, I do have a spray gun that might be neat with some car paint. lots of options really. i prefer the stealth look its more like the iphone 5. That image is a really nice render, i wonder what it was done with. i want a vray engine again. i used to have 3ds max but my student trial ran out . its for the best, it doesnt work on osx.
  9. Acro_Design

    Apple Heart Surgery

    sketchup is great isnt it! could i have a copy of your g5 model? was your milling machine btw, was it CNC? sorry so many questions its nice to see somebody with similar ambitions and skills. You use sketch up and illustrator so you must be a designer. Could i point out that perhaps the window that will be cut on the side of the case doesn't really fit the proportions of the case, might I propose a round window, like the lion login portrait. sand blasted apple and back light . sorry i know its none of my business. I will shut up now, i cant help it when i get excited about a project.
  10. Acro_Design

    matt black mac pro case :O

    I found this image. enough said. This is for my new build. im trying to choose a case, as a curve ball here is the other option for a case. http://www.corsair.com/en/pc-cases/carbide-series-pc-case/carbide-series-500r-white-mid-tower-case.html So my friend which is your favourite?
  11. Acro_Design

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    Booted to black screen after adding those kexts and hoolock personality, however I'm fairly sure it booted because I could turn it off from the io button. Hmmm. Going to try and get EDID sorted before adding the kexts, it wont work until i add the kexts and that should stop the black screen. The EDID tools suggested in the guide cant be download broken links. I found another tool that looks like it did the job, i will upload the dump. can someone point out if its ok to use? DELB123.txt
  12. Acro_Design

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    QE/CI is not working, the menu bar is opaque, dvd player wont launch either. so lets see what should i do next? im not sure what to google either. on the plus side me eth0 is working so i can type to you directly always satesfying.
  13. Acro_Design

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    Yes that did the trick thanks pookymac that has saved me from getting into trouble with the other half. I have booted it since and its fine. EDID is the next step. I have found out what it is via weki and now agree that its the next step. so is this a kext edit or a DSDT edit? I have looked at a DSDT and now realise that it contains all the information about my device and how the Smbios is interacting with it? so I must have the wrong EDID data and should now fix it, by perhaps looking up the correct EDID data in linux?
  14. Acro_Design

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 For All in one Desktop.

    Well actually it did boot and installed with kexts deleted from the installer. TheRacerMaster if you are correct, then i must have a semi working card? it looks terrible in 1024x768, What should i do next? add the kexts back in and then find out what EDID does/is?
  15. I think i can help, the only difference between my laptop and yours is that mine has not got the extra graphics from nvidia. yo need to add this to the root of your installer. go here this will supply you with an extra that will work with your created installer, on the last page. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=278094&hl=&fromsearch=1