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  1. 10.9.2 Audio Lost after Sleep

    I have the same problem after updating to 10.9.2. Also using toleda's patch, if it makes any difference.
  2. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Rampage Dev posted recommended settings for overclocking the 4930k here and also added support for the Wi-Fi on this board. He's doing a great job! I haven't had a chance to play with the OC settings yet but someone in that thread reported 24,700 on Geekbench.
  3. Asus X79-Deluxe

    No, I haven't got around to play more with Bluetooth yet. My hunch is that instructions in this post would be a good place to start though.
  4. ASUS Sabertooth X79 - Ivy Bridge-E - 4930k

    noisegate, you said you don't plan on over clocking, so your h80i is plenty sufficient. I have the same motherboard, cpu and case (Fractal R4). I have air cooling on my setup - Hyper 212X and it's doing a fine job at 4400 MHz. Above 4500 MHz you'll start entering advanced over clocking territory with voltage tuning needed, etc. Generally, for this CPU 4600 MHz is around the upper limit without exotic cooling. Fractal R4 has excellent airflow, I find that I don't need to use the top exhaust. I have 2 intake fans (stock with case) and one 140 mm exhaust in back.
  5. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Nice, looks like you're well equipped with SSD storage. Btw, for anyone who might benefit - I've been using the "Asus SSD caching" option on this board under Windows and it's actually been working pretty well, I enjoy it. Allows me to use my older HDD storage for stuff I don't really use much and don't care to buy big expensive SSD's for (i.e. Windows and games) and still enjoy SSD-ish speeds. Requires a separate SSD drive, so I'm using my older 128 GB SSD as caching volume.
  6. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Nah, I'll leave the advanced hackery up to the smarter people around here. I generally try to stick to Rampage Dev's guidance with this board. For the usb stick I just format it with disk utility as HFS+ journaled, I believe it's GUID by default.
  7. Asus X79-Deluxe

    I did a little research and it seems the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module on this board is similar (same thing?) as Asus Z87-Deluxe. Looking at the thread for that board I see that they have the module working - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290187-a-guide-to-mavericks-on-asus-z87-deluxe-4770k/ I tried the kext from that thread and Wi-Fi works, I was able to see access points and connect. Bluetooth not so much - I can turn it on and make it discoverable (and in fact I was able to see my Hackintosh from my iPad for a few seconds) but connection didn't succeed. Looking into it, I see that the Sub Ven ID in that thread is 106B and on this X79-Deluxe it's 1043. Other numbers are identical. This is on my board:
  8. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Heh, I had some SATA and USB controllers disabled in the bios, forgot to re-enable (facepalm). So all SATA and USB ports work, I edited my post above so as not to confuse people. Bluetooth is enabled in the bios but not visible in Mavericks, it says "No information found." under Bluetooth in the System Report. I bet you could still use your mouse with a Bluetooth USB dongle.
  9. Asus X79-Deluxe

    CPU is running exactly at base clock 3.4 GHz regardless of load. I guess it's a "wait for Mac Pro release" situation. My ram is Kingston HyperX 10th anniversary edition. It does 1600 MHz with timings 9-9-9-24 and 1866 MHz with 10-10-10-27. As far as I've been informed, there isn't much real world difference with memory speed and it doesn't need heatsinks, they're just for looks. Also, I'm not using a kit, I just got 4x 8GB sticks and popped them in. There is a lot of marketing around ram, that's mostly BS, I think.
  10. Asus X79-Deluxe

    I've been using Realtek ethernet on the board for the past couple days, working very well with this kext http://www.osx86.net/files/download/119-realtek-rtl8111-kext/ Rampage Dev's dmg didn't have that kext but it's been working well, so could be a good thing to add. I still need to test the older version of Intel ethernet kext. Power management - I'm not sure, but I don't think it's working, exhaust air seems hotter than in Windows. How do I check actual CPU speed on OS X?
  11. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Thanks, will test it.
  12. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Rampage Dev, I'd like to thank you for your guide and the files for this board on your dmg, I got Mavericks installled. Some important things to note: 1. The guide didn't have any information about Ivy Bridge-E specific installation, so I fumbled around at first. Turns out you need to take the mach kernel file (it's present on the dmg) and it needs to be copied twice. The first time you'll replace the one on the flash drive, the second time - the one on your installed system. This is necessary until the new Mac Pro is released. I know that you know this, I'm just saying for other people because this information needs to be made very clear. 2. My installation would freeze up without GraphicsEnabler=No. This wasn't mentioned in the guide and it took me some time to identify that this was the right fix. Some distributions like iAtkos have a list of common issues and troubleshooting tips, it's very helpful to have that kind of information on hand (just a suggestion for the guide). To anyone trying a similar build, you should know that the first part of the installation looks like it's frozen but it's actually not. It took about 12 minutes for the install to get to the Welcome screen. First the screen is light grey with nothing going on for about 5 mins, then dark grey with the mouse cursor for about 5 more mins. Now that it's installed: Intel ethernet kext (from the dmg) causes kernel panic on boot very frequently. Not all the time, but very often. I downloaded a kext for the realtek ethernet from osx86.net, will try it out.
  13. ASUS Sabertooth X79 - Ivy Bridge-E - 4930k

    Hah, "there's your problem". I thought I was just going to pop in the flash drive and get it going. That's what I get for sleepintoshing at 4 am. Looking back I see that it was clarified that Ivy-E support is expected with Mac Pro release, not Mavericks. Now I got it straight. What's the best way to use the posted mach kernel file then - does it go into the Extra folder on the flash drive or do I need to find an existing file on the installer and replace it?
  14. ASUS Sabertooth X79 - Ivy Bridge-E - 4930k

    Guys, is 4930k supported in the final Mavericks? For some reason I thought it was and then I suddenly got a creeping suspicion it's not (seeing how Mavericks installer gives me a black screen on my new build).
  15. Asus X79-Deluxe

    Well, tried it, no luck so far. The installer flashes a few messages on the screen and then the screen goes black. Did it with -v cpus=1 npci=0×2000 as instructed on Rampage Dev's blog. Also tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and GraphicsEnabler=No just in case. Used a GTX 780 and an 8800 GT from my older machine. The installer launches fine on the older machine (i3 on asus P8H61) so I know the problem is not the GPU but the X79 board. Is there something I can do in the bios settings? The bios version is 0403 if it matters. To make the installer I followed the guide at http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/os-x-10-8-mountain-lion/ My CPU is 4930k, I assume the final Mavericks release supports it? Rampage Dev's guide doesn't seem to mention anything special about Ivy-E, so I figure it should work out of the box, right?