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just joined after reading many posts

I have a DELL Latitude 7280 and tried to use lorys89 setup

My 7280 is slightly different and didn't work


The 7280 I have is as below:

  • CPU Core i7-6600U Skylake-U            
  • GPU Intel HD Graphics 520 Skylake-U GT2 D0/D1 DELL        
  • HDD/SSD Intel HM170/QM170 PCH/PCH-U/Y SATA RAID RST Controller C1 Sandisk X400 m.2 2280 256gb
  • DELL 0KK5D1    Latitude 7280        
  • Ethernet chipset Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM        
  • WLAN/Bluetooth chipset Intel Dual Band Wireless    AC 8265        
  • Chipset    DELL 0KK5D1    Intel Skylake-U Premium PCH            
  • Motherboard    DELL 0KK5D1                
  • Audio Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH    High Definition Audio Controller C1

I will post in the other Laptop forum the issue

best regards


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Hello, I've joined in hopes to gain more insight into high speed ethernet thunderbolt add-ons to my Macs. I have an M1 Max MBP and I would love to get 10Gbit ethernet. So far I have found some topics on this site that look informative in terms of things I could maybe do (patch kexts?) to enable some of the Aquantia hardware that I have to work. They are not working out of the box as I had hoped. 

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5 minutes ago, davidgrey said:

Hello guys, Im new here, thinking of buying new mac on M1 max for playing games and for work.

Hello and welcome! Thinking more you can buy new PC and make hackintosh.

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On 9/28/2010 at 5:44 AM, Alessandro17 said:

If you would like to introduce yourself, please do it here. Thanks.

Do not ask questions here. Do not tell us your problems with OS X.

For questions and help open a new topic.

Hi All .  Was a member a looong time ago but now back and trying to resurrect an older QUO motherboard configuration.  Having a bit of trouble. Hope to get it sorted soon 


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55 minutes ago, Mattuz said:

Good evening to everyone, I'm hoping to find solutions here for my dell hackintosh :)

Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay and find all you're looking for and more.

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On 4/7/2022 at 8:53 PM, Allan said:

Hello @Kj Furl welcome back!


If you still have your old account, I can merge it for you. 😉

Thanks Allan But I can't find my old log in info.. I checked with your site to search for by old email addresses and I think it was purged.  I did a Hackintosh with help from this site back in 2011-2012 era but now just trying to get my Quo AOS motherboard up on OC but need to get approved to get help by posting on that thread.

Will have to wait to get approved for that?

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Hi @Cyberdevs !


Thank you for your approved my post! I have a problem to install Monterey, but I do not know how to post my question on the Monterey forum. Please tell me how can I do it. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, Josbmw said:

New here. Just installed Montery on a HP 800 G4 Mini thanks to the guide found on this forum.

Really awesome!

Congratulations on your installation!  I love my HP EliteDesk 800 G4 and G5 Minis.  Glad you found this forum helpful.  When you're able to contribute outside of the new users forum, definitely feel free to post your questions and observations here.

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Hi everyone- been a member from 2009- built my first hackintosh then with Leopard distro on it from guides I read here -From then up to now I have gone through all Apple OS releases right up to Monterey at present from what I learnt here! - this is an awesome forum and I have learnt everything I know over these years from this one site- thanks InsanelyMac for making this journey possible!



Build 1: iMac20,2, i5-9400F, Samsung 16GB DDR4 RAM, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus , Radeon RX580 8GB, OC 0.8.0

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