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What network cards work?


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I owuld assume intel chipsets have more of a chance of working (natively). So any hardware built in onboard would be more likely. Im about to install on my dell 700m, *crosses fingers*.


although since a 57xx broadcom series card didnt work. i worry about my "broadcom 440x integrated controller.... brb..




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Since the VMWare built-in ethernet drivers do not work, I am wondering if anyone had success using external USB ethernet cards with VMWare? I am not going to do a native install and would like to continue to use VMWare, but lack of network makes it difficult.


My other thought was to use the serial ports+ppp to do some kind of loopback remote access to my host OS. Haven't tried that yet, but I really do want to get this up and going.



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Broadcom 57xx Onboard NIC - DIDN'T WORK

3Com 3C19250 USB NIC - DIDN'T WORK

3Com 3C980-TXM - DIDN'T WORK

3Com 3C905C-TX - WORK


did you post this question on 360hacker?



Broadcom 5701 *should* work. It's listed in the supported network cards from xplOdenet.com Have you actually tried and confirmed it does not? According to that site, ONLY the following should work:


3COM 3C90x

Broadcom 440x

Broadcom 5701

Intel 8254x

Intel 8255x

Realtek 8139

Realtek 8169


And also those supported by the below:








I have OS X running in VMWare, but with no net, it's kind of useless. I have a P4 3.2 w/ SSE3 Hyperthreading and whatnot, on an Intel 915 chipset w/ 900 Graphics card. The network card is Broadcom 57xx GigaFast ethernet. If it doesn't work, though, I won't bother with a native install. If it *does*, it sounds like I'm in great shape.

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VMWare works with a serial port / PPP connection. I used a demo of Virtual Serial Port Driver XP v5 to create a pair of serial ports. I bound one of them to Incoming Connections, no flow control, 115200. Allow directly connected users to connect without a password, give it a pair of IP addresses under TCP/IP config.


The other serial port I bound to the Virtual Machine. Within OSX select the Null Modem at 115200 as your modem, unselect compression and wait for dial tone. Under PPP Options, select use terminal window. Click Connect. When the terminal window appears, type in CLIENTCLIENT and hit enter (you won't see anything in the window as you type). The XP side should respond with CLIENTSERVER. Click connect. If all goes well you'll be connected via PPP.


Those of you using Native mode can probably do the same thing with a null modem cable.


There's some hacks you can do to your mdmhayes.inf to prevent needing to type in CLIENTCLIENT manually:




We do the same trick for directly connected TiVos, should work fine here too.

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I just bought a new Realtek 8169 card (Compusa)


I install boot up and have a connection. All of a sudden I get the Restart screen. I reboot and when I go back I have 9 PCI3 Slot Realtek cards and I cannot get connected once again. Is there a fix for this?


Thank you

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All linksys cards do not work <_< . but that is expected, as linksys is a PC only card manufacturer. Looks like I need to shell out on a Realtek card. Does anyone know if there are any Realtek's that support Ubuntu 5.04, windows, and OSX86? Cause networking is essential in Linux :rolleyes: .

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My broadcom 57XX onboard does not work, interestingly it works fine under Darwin 8.0.1. When I boot in single user verbose mode it complains about not being able to get an interrupt


got it working by disabling plug'n'play OS in my bios - also fixed onboard ac97 sound.

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