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  1. Are the links for upload2 working for everyone else? I can get the downloads to works after the ticker.
  2. 10.4.8 finally installed...

    Install a boot loader. Google that.
  3. My Results with the NEW JaS 10.4.8 DVD

    Used an old 10.4.6 to erase partition. Installed JaS 10.4.8. Bootloader working. Now, no sound yet. No LAN. Using a E1505. 2.0GHZ Core Duo. ATI X1400. Sigamtel 9200. Intel 3945AB Wireless. Realtek LAN.
  4. Can't boot 10.4.8

    Disk Utility is broken. Use one pre 10.4.8.
  5. My Results with the NEW JaS 10.4.8 DVD

    I can't get Darwin bootloader loading. Tried OS Selector, no luck. Partition is primary and active (I tried bootable too) Install goes smoothly just no bootloader. I only have two partitions
  6. me too 8384 7690 I haven't tried it yet with this. Anyone tried it yet?
  7. ALC655 + VIA8237R stereo fix

    thanks a lot. sweet stereo sound.
  8. Buying OSx86 installation CDs

    Not at least until February no
  9. x86 is running :)

    that chipset is not supported. get a $5 Realtek NIC
  10. does the new build have support for SiS Chipset UDMA Controller? Thanks
  11. Athlon 64, any chanche?

    like macgirl said. google that brother. maxxuss site has the patches and instructions.
  12. USB not working

    time and time again..... hey, post your config so we can help.
  13. sound in OS X Tiger

    just to remind you that SiS sound chipset is not supported i guess your mobo is not SiS anyways.