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  1. What network cards work?

    same person here.... my 905c croaked ugh
  2. What network cards work?

    i think my 905c croaked.... it's not getting power from the bus... doesn't matter which slot... it does seem to get power at weird angles while inserting it but once fully seated... no juice
  3. What network cards work?

    Broadcom 57xx Onboard NIC - DIDN'T WORK 3Com 3C19250 USB NIC - DIDN'T WORK 3Com 3C980-TXM - DIDN'T WORK 3Com 3C905C-TX - WORK did you post this question on 360hacker?
  4. - Boot the LIVE Ubuntu CD into the GUI (Graphical User Interface) - Open the terminal application by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Terminal" - type at prompt: sudo cfdisk - use your down-arrow key to toggle to your unpartitioned space (the rest of your drive) - (Don't format the primary partition or OS X goes bye-bye) - Type Shift-T for "Type" - hit ENTER to scroll through the list of partition formats - type: AF hit ENTER - (now you need to write the changes to the drive) - type: Shift-W - hit ENTER - type yes - wait a few seconds and it will be written as a Unknown(AF) partition - reboot into OS X - Start Disk Utility - Select Partition - Select Erase Tab - Volume Format should be Mac OS Extended - Define Name and hit Erase Borrowed from suk_me on 360hacker
  5. Can't reset password

    thank you!!!! time to tweak now... hopefully i can get my nic working and come out of safe mode soon
  6. Can't reset password

    I'm trying to figure out how to change the display within single user mode. Everytime I start sh /etc/rc it panics on the display and stops on the debugger. Only thing I can tell is I don't have a Radeon 7500 in my system... it's a x300 Anyone help me get past this issue? I'm stuck on resetting the deadmoo password. Thanks It boots fine in -x mode but i have no password