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  1. Radeon 3870 HD Snow Leopard

    I'm the depressed owner of a 3850. It works perfectly under Leopard, but under Snow Leopard it works only minimally, and only then in safe mode or after having removed a couple of Radeon-related kexts. Anyone having luck with this card?
  2. chipset p45

    Hey, folks -- I'm looking at a P43 board myself (which appears to be a stripped-down p45), and I came across this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=112033 ...which seems to indicate that P45/P43 is dead in the water for now. I think I may get one anyway, though...it's exactly what I want, and I'm betting it will work in the future. EDIT -- also this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=110698
  3. Linux/Mac OS X/Windows XP Trial boot

    I do this with GRUB, installed as a part of Ubuntu. Works especially well for me, since I have three hard drives, with one OS apiece. I have GRUB installed on the MBR of the first HD, which also contains Windows XP. The second HD contains OSX, and the third is a SATA drive with Ubuntu, which contains the GRUB boot menus, support files and all that jazz.
  4. Hey, all -- Installed from the 10.4.4 DVD, and all is fairly well, expect that I notice that OSX is apparently *not* detecting the presence of sse3 on my CPU. Linux and Windows can both see it, though. Furthermore, I tried patching my own mach_kernel as per M's instructions, and I get a dumb, blank stare from an early kernel panic, stating "commpage: no match on last argument". Huh? Others seem to get this with sse3-related issues. So my curiosity is this: are the AMD patches screwing with sse3 detection? Am I stuck using the sse3 emulator? And is anyone else having this problem? edit: I'm running this on a VIA chipset with a 2.2 ghz Venice Athlon 64.
  5. What network cards work?

    My Intel Pro/100 works perfectly. OSX thinks it's "Built-in Ethernet." Hah!
  6. Daffy, there's really no need to be condescending. And that's a *lot* of declarative statements from someone who, as far as we know, has no connection to Apple. This is all just speculation -- and let's keep it friendly. I don't think it's a safe bet at all that Apple will continue to develop custom I/O hardware. With the state of modern x86 I/O being what it is, what would they possibly gain by doing this, other than making it somewhat more difficult to run OSX on stock PCs? My thinking is this: if the OSX install CD won't install on stock PCs, then 99% of PC users aren't even going to touch it. End of story. Why spend that much money, time and effort just so that it's cracked in 3 months instead of a week, when only a ridiculously small number of people are even willing to go there? I think Apple would love it if they could spend less time worrying about the nitty gritty of I/O chipsets and more time thinking up cool {censored}. Now they can. But I do agree that Steve-o has something up his sleeve. For whatever reason, he's watching all this very closely, I'm sure.