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this looks like a kind of topic for flooding, but no

just for curiosity


where are you from?

I'd like how many x86 users we have and where part of world you using this mac.


I'm brazillian

there are lot of us (brazilians) using mac osx x86, and about yours?


I already got pm's from: germany, french, italian, portugueses, spanish, chinese ppl B) asking about the language pack installed on osx, it's give-me a little curiosity.

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Sure, I got nothing to hide. I'm currently based in the Philippines. But soon going back to the place where people sue each other for fun B).

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Names Mathew

Live in Melbourne, Australia... I'm actually Ukrainian, I jst live in aus

17 years old

Had a legit licensed xbox xdk for over a year, been modding/customising/coding for xbox applications since 2003...

Into 3d abstract graphics with bryce & maya, Love workin on my car & goin out with friends.






C'mon peeps more input.

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w00t! My name's Matthew too :D


Living in Toronto, Canada right now

Pretty athletic....mostly Hockey, Swimming and occasional Golf

I've done some Xbox modding as well....though no coding yet

I use Maya as well, along with Photoshop


I'm pretty deep into music/music recording/editiing etc.

Play guitar/piano/vocals....

Into anything rock (and a bit of oldschool rap/hip-hop), mostly your Zeppelin's, Pink Floyd, The Who, Radiohead, Oasis, Mars Volta/At the driv-in etc.


Enjoy watching House, Lost (Season Premiere next week...w00t!), Prison Break....and a lot of sports (soccer (or football, for all you brit's >> FC Porto, and Arsenal), hockey(leaf fan), football (greenbay).





I'm everyone'es favourite Moderator, of course :)

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