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  1. Keyboard & mouse prob

    I think it was IOUSBFamily.kext. GoodLuck!
  2. Keyboard & mouse prob

    I had this problem too with my first osx install (10.4.1 i guess) and I had to disable usb support in the bios before I could use my mouse and keyboard in macos. But after deleting a kext, i can't remember wich that was, it was all ok! And now, i have a 10.4.3 installation in wich it worked out of the box.. i still have some problems with keystrokes not beiing recieved by the os, but that's another story. Good luck.
  3. SLOW Wireless Keyboard

    i have exactly the same problem. but my english was inadequate to describe the problem so nobody understood me. My problem is not solved but it was reduced by replacing the batteries for new ones. And it looked like it misses less keystrokes than before. But maybe it's a placebo and just between my ears I'm very interested in a solution too!
  4. About you

    Flying Dutchman reporting for duty.
  5. Project: Wireless Drivers

    i found the ip_compat.h file but i really dont have libstdc++.a, but I read somewhere on apple's developer sites that the libstdc++.a file is useless since gcc4, I removed it and no error about it.. i get more specific errors but I guess that's because the build process moves on. I attatched a file with lots of errors when compiling the WirelessFramework, i guess that's the file I also need before compiling the other projects. oh, i'm really not the right person for this kind of work framework_errors.rtf
  6. Project: Wireless Drivers

    maybe my card is supported by the wirelesdriver2 (compiled in nuWirless) but i can't compile it because i miss those files: - /usr/lib/libstdc++.a - netinet/ip_compat.h does somebody know where to get them?
  7. disable spotlight search on XP partition

    I don't agree, Spotlight ROCKS!
  8. disable spotlight search on XP partition

    I have the same prob, so i unmount my win partitions with DiskUtil.
  9. I had this too after i removed the tpmacpi file. I removed the platform=x86pc boot argument and now everything is working again, quick and stable.. maybe this is the case. Good luck.
  10. Project: Wireless Drivers

    I built the sourcecode oniq posted, some things went well, other things didn't work. I'm quite a noob at this sort of work but I tried some buttons and something did happen I built all the projects that i found in many diffirent ways and orders, this is a little summary from what Xcode told me, I guess that's the same you'll find when you compile: nuWireless: -SimpleApp: fails. Missing file or directory /usr/lib/libstdc++.a -WirelessDriver2: fails. Missing netinet/ip_compat.h and a lot of other errors/warnings. WirelessCard: -WirelessDriver: succes! -UserClient: succes! WirelessConfig -WirelessConfig: succes! -Preference Pane: succes! -Command Line Tool: succes! -SigMeter: fails. Missing SystemUIPlugin.h and other errors. What I have now: a new panel in my config screen and a new kext in the Extensions folder. The UserClient app launches but dissapears from the dock immideately. I don't know wether the kext is loaded but my card is still not recognized, i guess i need the wirelessdriver2 (for prism2?) wich is not working yet. I hope this info is usefull for some of you, i'd be more than happy to help. Greetings, Thomas attatched: -wireless_panel.jpg > just a picture of the config panel -wirelessDriver.zip > zipped kext (WirelessDriver.kext) (zip because i'm on winxp) -UserClientTemplate.zip > zipped UserClient app, not working for me ps.sorry for the doublepost UPDATE: since nobody is replying/reading i'll just go ahead and post some results. I managed to get the kext (attached) loaded, it loaded fine without any errors (as far as I know) but still no card in the pref pane, do I have to edit weird files to tell osx where to find my card? Maybe my card isn;t even supported for this driver (http://wirelessdriver.sourceforge.net/), i have a minipci card and all they're talking about on that site is pcmcia.. hmm, can anybody help me with this? WirelessDriver.zip UserClientTemplate.zip
  11. Project: Wireless Drivers

    thanks! I'll try to compile it, it would be awesome to get my PRISM card working I'm not a programmer but i have Xcode so i can give it a try.