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  1. Firefox and Camino - Flash and Java Working!

    Anyone tested this universal Camino build? http://homepage.mac.com/krmathis/Release/C...2-Universal.dmg
  2. Linux vs. OS X

    Imo they are not comparable! * Linux is a just a kernel. * OS X is a full blown operating system.
  3. HOW DO WE Make Uni-Bins!

    I Azureus is you main target, then I would pick up the PowerPC and Intel builds and merge them with lipo No need to use much time to build them yourself when they are available... Intel -> http://www.uploading.com/get.php?get=29SV4Q5Z PowerPC -> http://azureus.sourceforge.net/download.php Azureus is not a native (Cocoa or Carbon) Mac OS X application, so afaik it dont build using Xcode or a straight configure/make. But if you really want to give it a try, first install Xcode Tools. Then download and unpack the Azureus source code: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/azureus...ce.zip?download That said, building applications is not for everybody. Since it sometimes involves modifying source code to get a successful build.
  4. HOW DO WE Make Uni-Bins!

    You have several options: 1. Compile the source on an an PowerPC Mac, compile the same source on an Intel Mac, then merge them to an universal binary with lipo. 2. Compile and crosscompile the source on a Mac (Intel or PowerPC), then merge them to an universal binary with lipo. 3. Compile directly to an universal binary on a Mac (PowerPC or Intel). 4. Download separate precompiled Intel an PowerPC binaries, then merge them to an universal binary with lipo. It depends how the source are set up and which build system and compiler it requires. Xcode or configure/make, GCC 3.3 or 4.0 ....
  5. PPC or Intel?

    Yes it does!At least on my PowerBook G4 running 10.4.3.
  6. Universal Requests?

    Little Snitch is closed source, so you have to ask the developer(s) for a universal binary!
  7. MS.Paint program for x86?

    Perhaps it wont run with Rosetta? I have not tested it on OSx86, so cant verify if its working. I'm using it on my PowerBook though...
  8. MS.Paint program for x86?

    Seashore is pretty good. http://seashore.sourceforge.net/
  9. Firefox Performance

    http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ Yes, it is.
  10. Dont forget that these builds are most certainly compiled on Mac OS 10.4.3 (seeded to developers), so they might be unstable or dont work at all on 10.4.1 and 10.4.2.
  11. Josh Aas just posted a new set of Firefox, Thunderbird and Camino builds. First spotted in his blog, which then points to http://wiki.mozilla.org/Mac:Intel http://josh.trancesoftware.com/mozilla/fir...5.intel.mac.dmg http://josh.trancesoftware.com/mozilla/thu...5.intel.mac.dmg http://josh.trancesoftware.com/mozilla/Cam...0.intel.mac.dmg
  12. Linux Distributions

    My vote goes to Gentoo. By the way, why is FreeBSD on the list?
  13. Request

    Parted will not compile on Mac OS X. When I run 'configure' I get this message: You should join the Parted mailing list and ask its a way to work around this. http://www.gnu.org/software/parted/parted.html#maillist
  14. Nosleep patch for Kernel?

    I dont know if it works for i686, but might be worth a try. http://www.alxsoft.com/mac/sleepless.html
  15. Intel laptop projet

    The only legal way to get your hands on the Mac OS X for Intel are through the Apple Developer Transition Kit. All other methods are illegal, and should afaik not be discussed here!