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  1. lol funny, i laught at all who went and spent money to build a system around an OS, rule one, let them build there OS around your system
  2. About you

    Names Mathew Live in Melbourne, Australia... I'm actually Ukrainian, I jst live in aus 17 years old Had a legit licensed xbox xdk for over a year, been modding/customising/coding for xbox applications since 2003... Into 3d abstract graphics with bryce & maya, Love workin on my car & goin out with friends. Cheers HoZy P.S- C'mon peeps more input.
  3. Dual Boot or OSX Only?

    Own an old g3, Hate that slow ass SOB I got a switch on the front of my case to switch hdd's that count as dual boot? Regards HoZy
  4. adobe creative suite 2 irritation

    sounds like you keep clearing the system cache, or something like that, & it removes all the liccenses. And just because your friend bought it doesnt mean it's legit for "you" to use it, Read the terms & conditions of it.. Regards HoZy
  5. The part that makes me think, Is the "improved OpenGL support" does that mean there might be a chance for ATI drivers they have in OSx86 to work at all?? Because what crashe's ATI drivers is the OpenGL bundle/package. The actual ATI kext's work Regards HoZy
  6. Pc specs in sig, PM me if you need me Regards HoZy
  7. realtek AC97 audio

    heh My sound guide, Many of thousand have used it, Many of thousand have succeeded, If you do it properely it works... Regards HoZy
  8. Speed relative to PPC Mac?

    I'll take my system i built back in march 75.44 on xbench with only 1g ram & no gfx driver... Right On! Regards HoZy
  9. MSN Messenger 5

    unselect place in dock & start once install is finished & it shouldn't hang, then place it in the dock manually Regards HoZy
  10. enlarging hfs+ partition

    of just pop in the darwin cd and grab the bootloader file, no need to install darwin 8, waste of time imho Regards HoZy
  11. AMD X2 Box Up and Running

    im on irc, jst wondering where you are, Regards HoZy
  12. AMD X2 Box Up and Running

    Just curious if your on, Hit me up Regards HoZy
  13. Dude your wrong, Had my modified audio kext 3+ weeks, Itunes doesnt crash Sse2 here. Regards HoZy
  14. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    restlessone!!! Wrong thread Xbench results, check my sig Regards HoZy
  15. usb printing

    My printer works great, Lexmark z52 Regards HoZy