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HOWTO: Install Leopard without DVD (easy way)


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What you need:

DMG of Leopard

Extra partition or external drive to install to.

  • Mount the image:
  • On mounted install DVD image:
  • System>Installation>Packages>OSInstall.mpkg
  • Run this app
  • Install to new partition or external drive
  • you know the rest.

Oh yeah, you still have to set it as the Startup Disk or choose during startup to boot into Leopard. But you knew that!



When the BSD Subsystem Installer stalls, go to Terminal, type: sudo killall temacs




peace in the middle crease.


Works on Dual 1.8 G5 running 10.4.7

I would suspect it works on Intel Macs.

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You could always use the guide that I posted at http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=24532


That will get you a local partition for Time Machine as well as Leopard installed as your Primary OS without needing to use a single DVD. 


As well, you can also use my guide with your original installation media and an external hard drive to back up your data, partition your drive with your old install disk, restore the Leopard image to your Time Machine partition, and then install from your Time Machine partition. 

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I tried at least 3 times, but I get allways stucked in the Post-Treatment phase of the BSD installation...


Is it Ok, does it take this long (it says 2 minutes left before the end of process, but the bar doesn't progress...) or do I have a real problem ?


I try to install on a second hard disk, without any system on it...


I also tried in safe mode, I still get blocked in the final phase of the installation.


Any comment?

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I have a separate partition on an External Drive dedicated to running Leopard but when I try this installation method, it says that I cant boot Mac OSX on that volume...or any other volume for that matter. Help!


If you have it hooked up USB and you have a Power PC Mac (g3-g5) then it is correct, hook it up firewire if possible, if you have a intel mac the reverse is the same and hook it up USB.

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Wow. Thanks alot, I diddnt think of that. I actually just got my external HD yeterday. Im new here just came over from MacRumors. They go all Gung-Ho when you talk about Leopard saying its illegal and whatnot. Anyhoo I like it here, thanks for the help.

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Uhh.. Thanks, that was perfect!

I used parted to shrink my hfs+ partition. It worked fine.

But how can i format this partition (and only this partion) to hfs so that I can use it? Disk Utility just shows me a unformated free space at the end of the harddisk..


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for your support, fullOut!


I tried to erase that partition by using disk utility after booting my 10.4 installation DVD.

But when I want to erase the free partition it shows me, that all data on the disk (including Volume 1 Macintosh HD) will be lost.


Does this only work on intel macs with boot camp or something?


Sorry for being that stupid. But well, this was easier with partition magic on windoze..

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Humm.. u have two partition right?!.. one with Tiger and one with FREE SPACE!!..


Exact. I think this should look like this, right?



select the free space partition and choose erase in ERASE TAB.. DO NOT click on partition in PARTITION TAB.


When I try to erase the HD on this screen I get the message that the data on the whole HD (including data on Volume 1 Macintosh HD) will be lost.



Maybe I just try it tomorrow. I have recent updates of my home dir, so there would be no big loss. Would take a while to recover all apps and my music, which is not located in my user directory.


But I would prefer a solution without screwing up my HD. :)

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I have a little problem. I have the disk image on my server and I am connected to that usine file sharing and have the Leopard disk image mounted on my desktop. I want to install onto a firewire disk. This is what I get when I try:




Please help me!!!



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