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  1. Need a lion DP4 guide

    I do as well. Asus P5W DH Deluxe wih a Q6600 Proc. 8600 GTS
  2. Bump.... Anyone? I do a fair amount of final cut work and would really like something that takes full use of my video card hardware.. :/ TinFoil
  3. Hi all. While playing some 1080p footage I saw my processor (Q6600) just pegged 90-100%. On Win7 it barely goes above 15%. While system profiler shows the card as it should (QE & CI enabled detecting the right resolutions), I did it with Graphics Enabler. This was done and the only way I knew back in the 10.5 days. Now I see in Chamelon (on 2.0 RC5) I can run .rom files direct, etc. Please help, I am running without graphics enabler on and can tell a HUGE improvement on OS X speed! How can I get my processor back while still having full QE/CI running utilizing my older (yet still good) 8600GTS? Quick Info on my system: 10.6.7 Q6600 stock speed on a Asus P5W DH Deluxe 7GB DDR 800 (reporting correctly on sys profile) 8600GTS 256MB 1080p Insignia 32" via DVI to HDMI cable Thanks in advance! TinFoil
  4. Hi all. Im running via optical just fine with my p5w dh (alc882), but it is only 2 channel recognized in audio setup via utilites... I am using Woody's HDA. All the other HDAs I found try and use coaxial instead of optical... Any luck on getting this guy 5 channels or higher (this soundcard can do up to 7.1 with vista)? I tried playing around in the plist under the Amp section for the id marked "SPDIF", no luck...
  5. Hi all. Im running via optical just fine with my p5w dh (alc882), but it is only 2 channel recognized in audio setup via utilites... I am using Woody's HDA. All the other HDAs I found try and use coaxial instead of optical... Any luck on getting this guy 5 channels or higher? I tried playing around in the plist under the Amp section for the id marked "SPDIF", no luck...
  6. Hey bud. Yah once u showed me removing that one kext fixed my kernel panic I read up on that smbios would make that kext load and cause issue.. Just replaced it with the one u just gave me in this thread.. So the DSDT you gave me still good? I'm still using it with no issue.. I even feel a bit of a speed increase (might be my imagination).. I am dead sure this is a alc882, and others got it working u.. I just remembered I had an app that had an icon of a lizard or gecko that would take a .txt (like mine was alc882.text) and I guess did modifications to the apple HDA? It worked great but this was some time ago, would something like that still apply today? I'm so lost.. LOL. U gave me the legacy AppleHDA right (put it as a download in the last thread).. Do I need anything else? I did have "ALC8xxHDA.kext" in my extras folder, but that is a full HDA and I think it was causing issues... Also got a copy of "ALC882Woody.kext", what do ya think? I'm going to uninstall voodoo hda since I put in that new smbios.. Hope that might do something???? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Woody's ALC882 WORKS!!!!!!!!! Combining your DSDT work, newest Chamelon etc etc does the trick!!! Thanks to you both!!! ******Only Supports 2 Channels.. No 5 or 6 Channel, Contacted Woody, hope I get a response****** Now I wish I could control Optical volume like I can on vista. Even real macs dont let u cause optical is always suppose to be +/- 0dB change.. Eh... I got my Sony DB-930 next to me. 5.1 of 550watt speaker and 180watt subwoofer goodness!!!!!! ))))))))))))) Thanks!! Here is woody's kext if anyone sees this post!! Thanks Mald0n and Woody!!! Ill just include everything u gave me Mald0n.. For other P5W users just try woody's kext first then work your way up. The DSDT did specifically for me by Mald0n may or may not work for u.. I take no credit for any of this! I just made a care package for any other P5W users... TinFoil My_P5W_Optical_Fix_Files.zip
  7. ********************************************************* *This is Now Working! Read Below For Timeline * *First Post MaLd0n Helped me With: http://tinyurl.com/p5w1stpost * ********************************************************* MaLd0n got me 90% of the way, i'm sure its something silly.. I really would like my optical connection to work with OS X. It is running fine with Vista... So I know my all my hardware is ready to go. MaLd0n did a DSDT for me that got AppleHDA to work for the analog connections. Problem was it listed 3 outputs as "Line out" then the 4th as headphone... I went trough all of them, no dice. I tried in the bios to mark my sound as either "Vista" or "Non-Vista" and nothing fixed it. I recently did the plist change with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to make my computer look like a 5,1 MacPro, could that cause an issue? I then asked about VoodooHDA, and he said go for it. Well I am on that now and the labeling of my outputs is more distinct, but zero mention of Toslink or Optical. Also, no for what I have receiver wise I can't go coaxial. So with VoodooHDA this where I stand: I have seen posts of people getting it working. If you can get it working with apple's own HDA that would be great, if it requires a 3rd party HDA.. Then OK.. It is my understanding people want Apple's own KEXT to work so you can upgrade easier, and even a bit more efficient than 3rd party solutions? P.S. - I was going to leave it as analog, but there is soo much damn line noise coming out of the mobo sound card!!!!! It's driving me bonkers!!!!! Thanks to anyone reading this... TinFoil
  8. Ok i got sound on my analog outs, but nothing for digital toslink... I have Line Out, Line Out, Line Out, Headphones for output selection... I just tested heaphones and it works... Can I just use VoodooHDA??? Thanks for your help through this, TinFoil
  9. Its a p5W DH Deluxe running a Q6600 quad core (stock speed) Umm chipset for audio is suppose to be ALC882 I believe IF your talking about the bus chipset its a intel IACH7 (im 99% sure) Hope im answering your Qs
  10. Awesome man thanks. I was going to use the DSDT Auto Patcher u made (not kissing ass, but u making a program that has profiles for most boards is {censored}in' awesome!) Since u know all about DSDT and I know nothing about DSDT here it is! P.S. - Even this send me app is bad ass. So u don't get 10000x "Just give me a copy of your DSDT" "How do I do that???" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" lmao Tinfoil send_me.zip
  11. Thanks for the reply mod. Will this fix everything or just get out of the kernel hang hell I am in right now?? Going to try it now.. Thanks, Tinfoil Im back up and running!!! Yippie! Soo. What did we delete??? LOL.. Ok well im back to no sound devices.. So MaLd0n what do I need to do? I tried earlier to put my HDAEnabler.kext to fix the hang, but it didnt. Its still in there, should I remove it now? All I need is Digital Toslink to work. I use an external USB card for my inputs (gives me RCA in and out) If you can help me with this toslink MaLd0n I will write 15 times by hand, not paste that you are my hero!!! Tinfoil
  12. Hello all. I got myself a Sony STR-DB930 and I tried fixing my Digital Toslink connection for OS X on my Asus P5W. Vista is running it fine.. I'm 99% sure I screwed my self when I did the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] install of the ALC882 injector (*it tells u about doing DSDT before reboot, I screwed up*). I did the 10.6.2 AppleHDA install reboot with no problem, this was my last step before the injector.. So my question is this.. How do I uninstall the changes (in single user or even my USB boot up flash) [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] did on the injector? Here is a screen shot of my problem. ((((( Please Help, TinFoil
  13. ASK For It !

    I'm with errandwolfe and 2nd the motion for x200 support. Tons of these laptops are floating around. Also it appears some new kext's from 10.4.10 circle around the ATI mobility's. Possibly help with the whole memory sharing thing? I pray to the mac dev gods! Thank u!
  14. Poll: For us ATI x200 Mobility Users

    Here is something to ponder. ATI is getting flack from the whole *nix community for not doing open source. Now ATI and AMD are merged, and AMD was and still is considered Intel's "Rebellious Punk Brother". Doing what it can to open instructions sets for Linux. If ATI/AMD go back and open source how their shared memory hands off to the OS. Will that help OSx86 developers make a x200. Bring new life for us x200 users?