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  1. If you get stuck on the blue screen, you have to startup in Safe Mode once (hold down shift when computer is starting) then it will work to start normally.
  2. Guide: Leopard Install

    Nope, sorry, it uses the GUID (or what's it called) table that's only available to Intel Macs.
  3. Crossover Mac

    I've heard it doesn't feature a list of open processes/applications (such as WineHelper in Darwine), is this true?
  4. Probably you'll have to use DiskUtility and Restore the .dmg file over the iPod. Then again, I'm not sure, since that's not how I did (I created a new partion on my HD via BootCamp, restarted with my Tiger disc, reformatted the new partion to JHFS+, restarted back to normal Tiger, used OSInstall.mpgk from the .dmg to install Leopard, restarted and held down Option and choosed my new partion and finished installing)
  5. So a OS is only real if it works in almost any PC? Oh, and on that deleting files only by dragging them to the trash, Shift-Backspace does that. And some of the things people are suggesting are already in there.