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Can I install MacOS X on my PC with this hardware without patching?

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Hi there, so, here is my system (please don't laugh :P ):


i took the info from AIDA 32:


Processor: Intel Pentium 4A 2666 MHz

Motherboard: MSI MS-6701 (Medion OEM)

Memory: 256 Mb

Chipset: SiS 648

Graphic card: Radeon 9700 VIVO (128 Mb)

DVD drive: NEC ND-4550A



Hey, can I "make it"?



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You can't ever install os x on your pc without a patch, even if you are using the same hardware as a real mac because of many reasons.

The most important is that apple uses efi to boot os x and we all have bios.

Do not worry about your computer because patching only affects os x not your computer.

The best choice is the JAS 10.4.6 install dvd.

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Okay, thanks a lot and can you tell me which patches should I download? I don't exactly know which .iso I have loaded. I can just say that I have found it on rapidshare.de =)


Where can I find "JAS 10.4.6 install dvd"?

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hehe google is your friend mate- and these isos- already have the patches embedded in them- during installation- just select custom install and install the appropriate patches for your system- follow guides on teh genius bar..

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SiS chipset is not going to be fun. Need patches for UDMA and Audio - they only work for certain chipsets also.


648 is one of the chipsets having problems with the audio driver.



Such a bull :gun:! ;)


I think it will be easier to buy a MacBook. Oh man (


My all dreams are broken *cry*


Thank you, I think you have saved me before the second system death.

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JaS 10.4.6 install dvd or MacOSX_10.4.6DVDPATCHED_Myz?


Which one is better?


Well JaS and HotISO is the same patch HotISO just copied JaS and renamed it, but any of them are good. I used JaS 10.4.6 and then downloaded his update to 10.4.7 everything worked just like a champ. If you have problems with JaS he frequents these forums and he or someone will help you with problems.

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you can email me at [email protected]

My computer is an E-machine with a P3 and 500 MB of RAM. I've split my 40 GB main harddrive into 4 partitions. One of them is for my Mac OSX operating system, one is NTFS, for windows XP, one is FAT, for ancient windows and DOS, the fourth one is where I keep all files I download. That partition I have connected to a program to share, like a server. If you have the time and patience, you can download my OSX bootable patched DVD ISO straight from me, or for a low price, I can burn it to a DVD and send it to you through the US post office. (only the price of the DVD itself, time consumed to burn it, shipping and handleing, etc.. )


If neither option appeals to you, there is http://www.thepiratebay.org *

this is a moderated web sites, so most often, anything with spyware or a virus or anything won't get past them and to you. It's as safe as can be, it's where I got my copy of the ISO from and so much more stuff for Mac as well.


I hope I could have been of help, sorry if this was of no use to anyone reading this topic. **






* you MUST use a Bit Torrent client like the one found at http://www.bittorrent.com in order to use the torrent files found at the pirate bay!


** just a reminder: it's illegal to put Apple software on a non-Apple machine unless you work for Apple or Microsoft. Not like I care, but I'm not going to be blamed for anything.

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