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  1. Weird, did you exacly follow the guide ? And what errors did you have before ? Are you using agpgart ?
  2. Please help with GeForce4 ti 4200

    Also have a gf4 ti4200. Natit seems to recognize my card and loads up fine, but then i get this: NVDA: start display NVDA: start display failed Have no idea how to fix this.
  3. Did someone get this card to work. It worked for me in 10.46 but cant get it to work with the latest JAS/Semthex release ... Tried to load the AppleAirport2.kext, but its not loading, and gives errors. I've seen some people using this card, but have no idea how to get it running. Peace !
  4. Didnt work for me. Thanks for the trouble though Could someone perhaps post their kexts ? Think im dooing something wrong in editing them... Have a GF4 ti4200, and running latest jas sse2 10.48 release.
  5. hold f8 and do: -v -x then post the output here. someone might know whats up
  6. Converted to ppc, the did show package and opened the file as mentioned in one of the above posts. Running 10.4.7 on p4 2,66 sse2
  7. I also have that card aliquis. (GF4 Ti4200) Running on a SSE2 so im in the same position as you Lets keep eachother updated on our progress ?
  8. Any hope for a GF4 based card ? Very nice work !
  9. Tnx for the reply. Do you mean external keyboard ? Gonna give it a go.
  10. Hi all, I really need some help. Today when i started my ibook G4, it gave me a blue screen after the grey apple loading screen. I can see a mouse for about 1 second, and then it dissapears. Now you would say, boot your tiger install, and do a permission repair. But this doesnt work. Appareantly it doesnt see my boot commands, so i cant boot into safemode, boot from cd, boot from fw or any other boot option ! Does anyone have any idea ? The machine is about 1.5-2 years old, so i really dont't want it to be dead Please share your thoughts ! Tnx
  11. THinking about getting this mobo: Asus P4P800-X, 865PE (Sound, LAN, SATA) http://nl.asus.com/products4.aspx?modelmen...;l2=12&l3=0 Looks nice, but it doesnt give me an option to upgrade to a newer CPU
  12. Hi all, After alot of annoyance with my old motherboard (which had a SIS chipset). I've decided to spend a little money to buy a new motherboard. I can get the following boards at the local internet shops, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. I very much want a board thats fully working, or close to it. ECS P4VXAD+, P4X333 (Lan, Sound) € 29,- 12-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4P8X, i865P (Lan, Sound, Sata, WiFi) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4S800-MX SE, SiS661FX (Sound, LAN, SATA, VGA) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4PE-X, i845PE (Lan, Sound) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 2 Asus P4P800-X, 865PE (Sound, LAN, SATA) € 29,95 14-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4S800-MX, SiS661FX (Lan, Sound, Vga) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 5 Asus P4V800D-X, VIA PT880 Ultra (AGP/PCI-e, Sound, LAN, SATA,... € 29,95 14-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4V800-X, PT800 (Lan, Sound, Sata, Raid) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Asus P4SP-MX, SiS651 (mATX, Sound, Lan, VGA) € 29,95 10-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 Intel D845EPT2, i845E (Sound) € 39,- 12-10Plaats in winkelmand 1 AOpen AX4BS Pro, i845S (Sound) € 39,90 12-10 Also, im going to power it with a Pentium4 2.66Ghz. Will this be enough for stuff like video editing ? Currently running with 1 gig DDR400, but going to upgrade to 2 gigs. Tnx for all the help and support !
  13. Any progress with the 648 chipset ? Didnt work for me. Ill watch this topic.