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  1. Rockett

    chat broken this morning

    Looks like someone forgot to renew ext3.net (domain name hosting the IRC channel). Is this finally the end of moofspeak after 10 years?
  2. Rockett

    Sapphire Radeon 4890 w/Display Port

    Old thread I realize. But if anyone is still trying to get this card to work, you need to use a Display Port > DVI adapter and DVI for dual-screen.
  3. Rockett

    Forum optimisations

    Yeah. I just switched to IPBoard Pro and the site flies along. Something is seriously wrong with the default theme obviously.
  4. Rockett

    problems galore

    superagent, I feel your pain. I just spent 5 mins trying to login on my MacBook and had to reset my password again. After resetting my password the new password didn't work till the 3rd or 4th try. :\
  5. Rockett

    login failure?

    So I lost a paragraph of text trying to post as the site is slower than molasses flowing up hill in january. Great! Nothing has changed since the forum update then. Now back on to what I was originally posting: I have been unable to login on and off for the past month (since the site "update"). The only reason I am in now is that I had a cookie from a few days ago. Add this to the fact that the password reset function is completely hosed. You get to the form to fill out info and the confirmation image wont show up.. you have to reload the image like 5 times before you get anything. When you finally get the form submitted and your new password you still can't login. How can a site like this roll {censored} out without testing it and leave it in this state for over a month? Personally I can't be bothered to browse these forums any more. It takes like 10 mins to get anywhere and then you can't login to post. EDIT while trying to post this I was presented with: http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/4829/picture1urz.png Congratulations of officially screwing the number #1 hackint0sh website on the internet for ad revenue.
  6. Rockett

    New InsanelyMac!?

    I second this motion!
  7. Rockett

    New InsanelyMac!?

    The final battle!! (pic) ^^ stroke, I can confirm the password reset feature is broken. After I couldn't login for no aparent reason, I reset my password 2 or 3 times. You get as far as the new password e-mail and then it won't take the new password :\
  8. Rockett

    New InsanelyMac!?

    What he said!
  9. Rockett

    New InsanelyMac!?

    So after not being able to login to my account for 2 hours i'm back. Man are things every screwed up now
  10. Rockett

    New InsanelyMac!?

    This is the ugliest new website I have ever seen. Not to mention it is broken all over the place. I also see we've turned in to an advertisement haven. As if the site isn't slow enough already. This is very dissapointing and with no warning
  11. eBay link below http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=290292988409
  12. Rockett

    what i think of this forum

    Get your own realityiswhere. He's mine
  13. Rockett

    Bought myself a new Mac....

    congrats :mellow: if those machines have the same kind of power audio wise as some of the older macs, will make a good itunes box also.
  14. Rockett

    iMac graphic cards

    The dual display thing is no problem. iMacs have mini-dvi ports on the back. You will merely need a mini-dvi > vga or mini-dvi to dvi adapter. Not sure about the other stuff though :mellow: