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  1. You my friend are smoking something..........a used Dell XPS M1330 for $700.00. I just bought mine new in the box for $500.00.
  2. Yes you can use the darwin.iso found in "Library\Application Support\VMWare" after you install Fusion, to install the VMWare tools for OS X. You must attach the file as a virtual DVD once OS X is up and running in your VM. I used the ones from VMWare Fusion 3 on my 10.6.3 VM. It gave me the ability to change resolutions and mouse grab features, but no Unity or multi monitor. PM me if you need help in getting the VMWare tools installed
  3. iATKOS Dell xps m1330

    You are the low life......You smug ass. He is asking a simple question, if you don't want to help ignore the question. It's people like you who pollute these forums with with nasty comments and pissy attitudes, you need a good ass kicking.
  4. You really need to read more carefully, the instructions tell you to use Macgirl's 9882 Kext using Kext Helper to install it. The link he provided to Cheeta.net is one source you can download the Kext installer tool from.
  5. Thanks Mysticus, I have tried every version of leopard 10.5 and non of them would load on my machine, this one installed per your instructions and booted the first time no problem. With a few tweaks I have everything working except Quartz Extreme and I am working on that. Thanks for the Trumpets.
  6. Hey guys, I don't know if anyone has gotten back to you yet on this. I have the HP Pavilion ZD8230US, it has the X600 ATI Mobility Video card and I have it working perfectly with QE/C and 1440X900. Search the forum and find Callisto 03Fixed and Koverg Patches. Read the instructions and apply both patches as instructed.My sig needs to be updated, I am currently running OS X 10.5.2 Kalyway
  7. HP Pavilion zd8000 and BOOT CAMP...HELPPPP!

    That is correct, you will get much better performance and compatibility if you just dual boot without bootcamp. Bootcamp was apples answer to being able to run windows at all on the Mac. I own the iMac 24" and I installed bootcamp and then vista. I had some issues so I found a way to by pass bootcamp and I just created a second partition and am now dual booting windows and OS X without boot camp and all of my issues are gone.
  8. Is Leopard Release slow on your Mac?

    I had the same problem after I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. The issue was that I had to uninstall Parrallels and then reinstall. After I did that everything was Faaasssstttt.
  9. Has Anyone Bought a New Mac with Leopard?

    I just bought the iMac 24", but it came with Tiger installed. I called Apple and got the Leopard DVD and installed it and everything is great. I have heard that some people like you who got it preinstalled are having issues, but a clean reinstall fixes the problem. It was probable a snafoo at the time they did the install at the factory.
  10. What Apple Really Thinks of Windows

    jvangent100You have got to be kidding, OS X any vesion is heads better than any M$ version out there. It is 100 times more stable, unconditionally more secure and works so much smoother than Vista. Quite frankly I don't know why anyone would want to run windows these days, except to play games and that is why I have XBox Live.See my sig. Even though I can dual boot, I haven't used Vista in over 6 months.
  11. Does anyone know what the root user password is on this so I can add myself everytime I try to sudo, it asks for password.
  12. Must buy notebook, which one?

    Try the HP Pavilian zd8230us if you can still find one, I have it working 100% up to 10.4.8, I have not got it to work well with 10.4.9 or 10 yet. I have Video, wireless, lan, modem, Cardbus, bluetooth and everything else working.
  13. Do you still use MS bob?

    You do know that it is an Easter Egg in Vista that is accessible? Google for it and you will find instructions on how to activate it in Vista.
  14. Toshiba Satellite A105-2712 Error

    Did anyone ever get back to you on this problem, I have the same on my Toshiba M45. I can not get the Boot disk to get beyond "com.apple.Boot.plist missing". I can install using the original hack by coping it to a partition from Windows, but that is 10.4.1 and I can not apply any upgrades from that point. If you find out how to fix this problem please let me know.
  15. 10.4.9 Updater Results (Loki.10.4.9)

    Kiko update worked great for me, everything worked out of the box except wireless and I lost QE/CI support. I got the wireless working with a little tinkering, but can not get QE/CI support working, any one have any ideas?