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  1. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    Does this dvd include a new sse2 kernel? or still beta 6? and are the gma900 packages same with the ones in the Jas reseed version? just a few questions hopefully someone might be able to answer, coz i've got a poor net connection and acquiring this new dvd version will take weeks to finish.... tnx jas and semthex and all involved in this great osx86 milestone!!
  2. Geting everything to work on my laptop.

    hmmm... what are your system specs? and for the third problem did you enable the magnification option on ur dock? have you repaired permissions too? happy new year!!
  3. 10.4.8 video playback

    same here- using a laptop - 1.7 pentium M sse2, gma 900, and dvd/ quicktime playback is indeed slow although using vlc- dvds run fast and great- however im still loving the apple dvdplayer which works flawlessly in 10.4.7- maybe we need new drivers for the intel gma...
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    okey tnx- will test this out- any special instructions for this? does it work on ur part?
  5. Finally!

    me too!! sse2 beta 6, mac osx 10.4.8 combo update- qe and ci
  6. SSE2 - Exp 4 released (UPDATE2: Exp6 out)

    Many thanks for the help guys!!! got my almost pure 10.4.8 booting to gui!! hehe now to find the right kexts to enable qe and ci on gma 900...
  7. SSE2 - Exp 4 released (UPDATE2: Exp6 out)

    hmm a new problem- i previously used jas updater with beta 9 kernel- but now using the apple 10.4.8 combo update and beta 6 kernel- i got no problems booting- but after the loginwindow the screen turns blue and just stays blue... (how gma900 looks like without the paperclip hack on 10.4.4 kernel) i used my backup smbios, ioatafamily, acpi etc... still the same....
  8. SSE2 - Exp 4 released (UPDATE2: Exp6 out)

    hmm could someone help me out pls... got beta 6 kernel- its booting fast and all but not to gui- i end up with a blue screen- no mouse, the hard disk is reading.... any one with similar results- i followed sabersho's guide... im using a pentium M 1.73, with gma 900 vidcard...
  9. SSE2 - Exp 4 released (UPDATE2: Exp6 out)

    does the beta 5 work with the apple original 10.4.8 combo? or we need jas' combo? tnx..
  10. how is the New kernel 8.8.1 ?

    hi kiko!! do the new ATI drivers remove the mouse tearing?
  11. New JaS DVD

    tnx guys for all your efforts!! hope sse2 appears sooner than expected..
  12. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    you still need the decrypted 10.4.8 files, which might be causing the coreservices problem...
  13. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    oh well still we need the decrypted 10.4.8 files to get this to work... i guess its better we wait for the devs...
  14. What Does The New 10.4.8 Kerneal Mean?

    haha nicely said xtraa..
  15. What Does The New 10.4.8 Kerneal Mean?

    well basically with new kernel- better support for new kexts/drivers that come along with it, that in turn would provide a more stable and more optimized osx, also better support for new hardware- which are similar to mac osx.. and im hoping there's good news for people with old hardware, like me (sse2, etc) that the new kernel would be more accomodating and even have better patches/ emulation to run osx better... hehe hope the new itunes would run natively..