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10.6.3 legacy kernel for INTEL/AMD ready to download by qoopz/nawcom - a few new features

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Alright, xnu src was released so that means patching up that source code so everyone else can use the latest and greatest kernel.


Standard fixes are included, plus a few extra stuff:


* Built-in kernel blacklister automatically blacklists bad kexts from loading. Therefore you don't need to use a disabler to disable it manually

* bigger dmesg Which translates to a larger log file so that you can troubleshoot easily

* uuid patching/fix Eliminates the need of UUID kext or specifying manually

* fsb detection

* cpu cache detection

* reboot fix- Eliminates the need of OpenHaltRestart and fixes shutdown/reboot issue

* sse3emu -SSE3 emulator for SSE2 processors . Bear in mind that most of the applications in Snow Leopard run fine with this emulator.


Some things added:


* For people wanting to use XCode apps, I decided to add all the CHUD kexts to the kext blacklist. This means no more kp hell when installing and dealing with the development tools. If anyone thinks this is something that shouldn't be added, let me know.


Features in this specific package:


* If you have SleepEnabler installed, your SleepEnabler kext will get updated. If you don't use it, don't worry about it - it won't get installed.

* All of the CPUIDs in the new versions of programs from the 10.6.3 update will get patched. this means you don't need to deal with the hell regarding iTunes, etc.


(The actual patcher program also gets installed (/usr/local/bin/patcher, you can run from anyware via Terminal) as well as the CPUID text file (/Library/CPUIDs/*) Though this is only important to people who love control and want to be able to run it themselves :-P - this is all automated in the installer regardless. Unfortunately we still havent gotten on the fly patching working, so this is a reasonable fix for it for now.)


I do make cpuid files for updates and keep them online http://nawcom.com/osx86/cpuids/ for AMD people to use regarding updates as well as a nice frontend to Maxxuss' patcher app, drag and drop a cpuid.txt file onto the app to launch it - just like Taruga's HDA Patcher.


Anyways, good luck to all. Source diffs are always available. -> http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Kernels...-1504.3.12.diff


If anyone wants to contribute I'm always on irc - irc.osx86.hu #snowleopard #hackint0sh; irc.voodooprojects.org #chameleon #xnu-chat; irc.moofspeak.net #osx86.


Updated code - If you had issues before please try the new version


For the people that have been getting instant reboots, so far them booting with arch=i386 works. I am looking into why this is needed in this version of the kernel by looking into diffs between xnu versions. Since this kernel is only one architecture i386 is the only real option. I've updated the pkg so it checks to see if you have arch=i386 in kernel flags, and if you don't it will add it to your kernel flags.


External link: http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Kernels...-10.3.0.pkg.zip

Another External link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mqyzohqmnyg


If you are looking for the 10.6.2 xnu kernel, look here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=191606

Edited by nawcom

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Working great as the old one. Only problem so far (same as every kernel) when running in 64bit it won't load 32bit apps at all, instant crash.

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Works on my AMD phenom II system, however the FSB detection is off, i suppose this shouldn't be too difficult to fix since the bk kernel had this fixed in 10.6.2.

Furthermore it reports my 800mhz ddr2 ram as 1600mhz.

Also, -force64 works, i got to run galaxies but most apps crashes etc and no 64bit extensions etc.


Apps i tried in forced 64bit mode that crashed:



Quicktime player 7






Logic express 32 and 64 bit mode



Also it seems like iTunes wont work in 32bit mode either, anyhow thanks for the quick kernel:)

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works fine on amd (phenom 9600) and finally it boot -force64 , and like all we know, no 32bt app is working :(

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Yeah I've heard of some issues regarding some intel processors. There are some little changes in some of the code regarding cpuid.h and .c as as well as lapic.c which might relate to how the added code gets incorrectly handled in regards to intels. I should have this fixed by the end of today.

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On my wks in signature i tried the kernel...

All works great and really fast...

Only issue i had (and this is why i revert to old 10.2) is with mouse.

It is an usb keyboard and mouse from microsoft, drivers are from microsoft.

With your kernel, my mouse run strange, very slow and not fluid, like moving in little steps...


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Thanks for the new kernel. It looks the kernel is somewhat unstable on my system. I got KP while booting the system.

And CPU frequency shows incorrectly in dmesg:


TSC: Frequency = 0.0000MHz, FSB frequency = 201.30763MHz, bus ratio = 10


Also reboot fix does not work. I had to restore OpenHaltRestart.kext in order to reboot the system properly.

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thanks for the kernel 10.3.0 - it helped to my SnowLeo to come up

on my Acer 5220. Unfortunately my Leo on disk0s2 does not come up.

I am going to search for solution.

Kind regards,




PS: rewritten /Volumes/SnowLeo/legacy_kernel -->mach_kernel

in :




legacy_kernel -->mach_kernel


and OK!!!

p2: Leo -v -f arch=i386 cpus=1

p3: SnowLeo -v -f





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hi nawcom and qoopz,


Just to let you know guys, this one and the old 10.2.0 kernel from you broke the legacyhda solution, running on 10.6.3 system with 10.6.2 AppleHDA. It was ok with stock 10.3.0 kernel.

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Works great on my Pentium-D. Finally got it upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6. One trick though; If you have >= 4GB RAM, you need to add the kernel flag -force64 to make it boot. Nawcom, was this what your patch for "instant restarts" fixed?



One more issue: whenever I shutdown or reboot, it appears to zap my CMOS. I didn't have this in 10.5. Any ideas? Can I disable the built-in shutdown/reboot and go back to OpenHaltRestart?


Thanks again!

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Hey rayflower, I modified this kernel to include the Phenom FSB detection, but I'm still waiting to see if Andy has some more fixes to add before I put it online. Also, I don't know what changed, but I have the same problem that fxwizrd has where the CPU speed is not detected, even though the FSB is correct. As for OpenHaltRestart.kext, I still use the one that was posted a while back on my EFI partition and it works great.

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Thanks for the fabulous works.


So far snow 10.6.3 ran great for more than a week on my AMD 8450+ ASUS M3A78.


A pity is that the voodooHDA still not work with this kernel (or vise verse) for my VT1708B, which worked great when in leopard age with your leopard kernel.

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I just wanted to share that I upgraded to the 10.3.0 latest revision (Apr 4 19:13). And all the previously mentioned problems are still present:

- CPU clock does not show correctly

- reboot fix does not work. I still have to use OpenHaltRestart.kext

- KPs occasionally


I attached screenshots of KPs with previous and current revision of kernel.



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