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  1. kalel83

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    This is surprisingly awesome and unexpected, thank you good sir for creating this.
  2. So I installed Bootcamp in Windows 7 to get the volume keys working. After a repair with the installer it was successfully working (BootCamp64msi_M4xim). Problem is, I never want to use the bottons because of that damn annoying bloop noise when changing volume or muting. In OS X you can disable it, yet in windows, even with the sounds disabled for things like volume change(and all event noises), the bloop noise still occurs. Filter keys is also disabled, so it's not that. Question: How do I kill the bloop noise but retain the volume keys vio the boot camp drivers? Thanks :Update: seems muting the bootcamp manager disables the sound. if anyone has a different/better solution please let me know. also, the brightness buttons don't actually function, as it doesn't actually change., just flashes, and stays at max hmm, seems the bootcamp thing sucks horribly...
  3. thanks for continuing with these
  4. not that i regret upgrading to an i7, but i wish this had existed a year or so ago. assuming it works, good job!
  5. exhaust all other options before going the dsdt route. it's super complicated. something I an not skilled enough to explain (I barely stumbled through it myself) did you try the ideas verdant listed. also, you said you changed some of the nvidia kexts, swapped with 10.6.1. make sure you replaced them with the original, and like he listed above NOTE: The methods above are mutually exclusive......use only one at a time. Undo any changes you make before you try something different. are you able to test with a friends graphics card?
  6. he meant, only have one thing plugged into the graphics card at one time. don't have anything more then one cable connected, until you get it to work no, don't use all three, or 2 of em. only hdmi, or only dvi, or only vga
  7. kalel83

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    you both got me on the puma. as for the other one jaguar != Jaguarundi
  8. first, maybe your card is somehow not compatible. I had a 9800, that never worked. everyone else's did. something about it having 1xVGA+1xDVI and not 2xDVI. anyways you could try making a dsdt for your motherboard and adding the graphics that way http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/01/adv...a-graphics.html or.. boot with it plugged into one port (vga), if it dosn't work, unplug the vga with it still turned on and switch to dvi, if no go, reboot with it plugged into dvi, when booted in swap to vga. keep changing it up. i think i remember someone advising something like this with my 9800. obviously i replaced it with a 2xDvi, no vga 250 because swapping cables, adding codes to kexts, and everything else didn;t work. when i put in my current card, it was like 1000% easier. so if you reach a point where nothing seems to work, it might not be your fault. the card might not be close enough to factory/apple specifications, maybe something was changed before production, different from what nvidias reference board had.. and if you do replace the card, get one that's known to work http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/11/ful...hics-cards.html http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...L_10.6.5#NVIDIA also, you might want to put your entire system specs in your signature. makes future questions a lot easier to navigate for others
  9. kalel83

    HWSensors project

    works here
  10. kalel83

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    OS X 10.8 Bobcat OS X 10.9 Puma OS X 10.10 Jaguarundi OS X 10.11 Kodkod OS X 10.12 Liger OS X 10.13 Lynx Ocelot Margay Pampas Pallas Serval then they could goto domestic breeds OS X 10.32 Calico OS X 10.97 Tabby
  11. kalel83

    How to remove FakeSMC.kext? (Kernel Panic)

    are you using dsmos? or.. how is the encrypted files being decrypted on the fly facesmc is not primarily for monitoring temp, it's for filesystem decryption, same as the old dsmos kext
  12. I can also confirm it works on 7.1.2 on Windows 7 64bit, as long as you re-patch everything.
  13. kalel83

    Nvidia 256.00.05a23 2010.09.09

    I've read blizzard is also working with apple on opengl performance. glad to hear the 10.6.5 looks promising and the thought of turning off graphics power management scares me. i'll stick with windows gaming for now (and probably for a while/for ever).
  14. kalel83

    Nvidia 256.00.05a23 2010.09.09

    how much better performance?
  15. kalel83

    Nvidia 256.00.05a23 2010.09.09

    Just installed on a GTS 250 after editing the installer, and it turned my display into boxes, no text, just boxes, everywhere when I log into OS X. I've read other people having the same issue in the aquamac forums, and here as well. I had to go back to the previous version, anyone else have success in 10.6.4?