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  1. Yosemite messed Win8

    sadly you suggestion didnt worked any more thoughts?
  2. Yosemite messed Win8

    Thank you for your quick response! i have tried clover but after installing it 2.3k version screen just goes black... maybe i have to select some stuff before installing it, any way, i will try your link now
  3. Yosemite messed Win8

    Hello i used Yosemite zone 10.10 and it installed chameleon
  4. Hello all The story: I have running 10.6.8 system on my guid hard drive,on partition 1 other partition in this hard drive is empty so i thought i will give yosemite a try, but i have also win8 on another hard drive witch is on mbr, after installing yosemite on second partition i can no longer boot win8 , error boot/bcd 0xc000000f I have tried many things to fix this using win8 usb installation media, tried to /rebuildBcd but with no luck can you help me? BTW that hidden win8 boot volume (200mb) is on guid hard drive so its efi I hope you understood my problem here
  5. Hello everyone Isee amd scene is still active, im still on 10.6.8 and im thinking to give Yosemite a try, but im on old machine, phenom 9600 4gb ram 8500gt geforce, What kind of kernel can you guys recommend? Sorry if im on wrong forum thread have a nice day!
  6. [AMD] General Chat, Questions & Answers

    Thank you for your replays. Yes ahci is set on bios, im using npci=0x3000
  7. [AMD] General Chat, Questions & Answers

    hello there mavericks is working on my amd the issue is that it hangs without -f (still waiting for root device) tried totallyfixstillwaiting.kext did not helped, tried kext utility repair permissions, did not worked any thoughts?
  8. Thank you spakk just one issue system hangs if i boot without -f with -f its ok,
  9. I cant pass this amd 9600 geforce8500 gt, usb boot tried bunch of kernels from this thread, no go, someone know what is the problem?
  10. [AMD] General Chat, Questions & Answers

    OK im on amd Phenom 9600 4gb ram geforce 8500gt using myhack to make bootable usb, replaced kernel (tried R9 and R8) trying to boot but got stuck at this line all the time what could be the problem?
  11. [AMD] General Chat, Questions & Answers

    Got the problem Made USB drive with 10.9.1 trying to boot, -v and it stuck at lines hfs:summary table not allowed on FS with block size of 2048 hfs: could not initialize summary table for (my usb name) Whats the problem?
  12. ok installer iatkos l2 put my atiata kext on system/E booted up with legacy kernel archx86-64 -v and iv got this panic: unable to find driver for this platform ACPI whats wrong?
  13. can you please explain how to use that lion patch? long time snow leopard user, bit rusty with all those patch stuff..
  14. well mine is amd phenom 9600, 4 cores, not that awful ;D other genius kernel test2 was booting for me normally, about 1-2 minutes, so its something to do with this kernel, but i have no idea what is wrong..