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  1. uphuck

    ML UEFI Installation Questions

    Read more before posting
  2. uphuck

    getcodecid - Command line tool to detect codec id

    Andy it is very good news! I finished the audio autodetection script which is using your terminal program 8) Party time soon Cheers Andy!!!
  3. Here is the ATI6000Controller.kext from 10.8.2. Have a nice&safe trip.
  4. uphuck

    10.7.4 is OUT !

    Yes I saw the workaround. I hope the solution comes from the bootloader level.
  5. uphuck

    10.7.4 is OUT !

    %50 lower geekbench scores reported (14K to 7K) from 2 machines after updating from 10.7.3. Asus P8Z68 with i7 2600K and P8P67 with i7 2700K. Both have modded bios' using stock cpupowermanagement without disabler.
  6. Yes you are right. It also did not perform the test on GTX 560 (sm_21) which seems to be ok on 10.8 DP1.
  7. Then this luxmark test on 10.8 DP1 with GTX470 (sm_20) is confusing.. Score is ~10 times higher than the test applied in lion using similar cards. http://i.imm.io/hPfv.png
  8. uphuck

    iATKOS L2M- lion for x86 computers

    There are people that can not even read the 1 line simple info.
  9. uphuck

    Chameleon SVN 2.1-r1650

    It does not work on RAID0, no panics but no iCloud either. Works on Non-RAID installs.
  10. uphuck

    Chameleon SVN 2.1-r1650

    nice to hear that! the topic is still r1640
  11. uphuck

    iAtkos L1 is Out

    chameleon 2.1 r1650 and still lion kernel cache problem..
  12. uphuck

    iAtkos L1 is Out

    hey folks good luck! There are some issues with some hardware, I'll try to fix them
  13. using own vbios rom does not work for all and the real problem is the 10.6.5.
  14. hey, first of all it is not my trick, injecting rom into nvenabler method is from idoc secondly, mac 8800gt rom did not work for me. when I converted the base64 code in nvenabler plist, it came out with a 64k file. mac vbios roms are 128k. but that rom is working for most 8800 and 9800 and hopefully for gts250. i dunno what is modified in that pc vbios rom for our hdmi problems but it is working. you can edit that rom to match your 8600 gpu core speeds and use it. i am running raid0(3X) linux, raid0(3X) mac and a poor windows on 3 disks, triple booting with grub and chameleon is ok, probably a windows software may do that. i did not write a guide about this but the main trick is partitioning and booter installation for linux especially. for iatkos raid installation, bootloader is installed on the first disk, when you boot first disk by your bios then chameleon will start, so the other disks are free for other bootloader installations. for partitioning, better to modify the partition table using disk utility.