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Where's MacVidia!?

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... the site is down.


macvidia.com is no longer.


what happened? my post as to when we could expect 1.0.8 was removed swiftly about 3 weeks ago, and now i don't know what the hell is going on... i've offered my assistance in any way possible, and now this?!



anyone got any news!?


i hope it's nothing catastrophic. QE/CI would be a dream for us nForce/nVidia users who feel that using nVidia products on an nVidia platform is the definition of a stable system. (atleast through my experience with ATi on this mobo)


who's with me?!

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Everyone keep your cool. :D The entire starchaser.org domain is down right now, so there is nothing to worry about with the MacVidia project suddenly coming to an end.

Okay, so it isn't coming to an end... But where can I get the driver right now? :D

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