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  1. OSXRestart.kext

    just return success not enough , 1: attach your class to correct provider 2: handle messages / sub messages start's with kIOMes.... and sub comes from argument ( cast it to int ) i give you all possible hints wish to give entire function(s) but you all know where will finish so no more favors to psysf**k and "co" just read darn iokit doc's - all you need is there have a fun
  2. OSXRestart.kext

    and if you dare to handle IOService::message.... in your class you may give "sh**t" if dsdt broken or sbus, cbus ..xbus ??
  3. OSXRestart.kext

    what you do is "outb(0xcf9, 0x6);" -< soo called "PCI reset" ->maybe will work maybe not should be outb(0xcf9, 0x02); //IODelay(XXXX); //give it some time is an intel not "cray" ... outb(0xcf9, 0x04); that suppose to work much better, give it shoot and let me know
  4. there is zero security "risk", is just good your UUID to not match someone else, or better locked to your iomacaddress
  5. is generated using your IOMacaddress no idea on you mac book but that is correct way "platform-uuid"....
  6. or correct way add after line 158 (#include <unisdt.h>) #include <pthread.h> and edit "osunixxf.c" function "AcpiOsGetThreadID() replace line 1110 "return getpid());" with "return (pthread_self());" rest same
  7. for you - use google for rest - they can use application
  8. is for UUID (system profile) = IOPlatfromUUID and if i remember correct there was some kext called "UUID.kext" where you can add this into plist (UUID-key)
  9. for anyone who need real IOPlatformUUID string i just created smoll app does this for you, using your IOMacAddress ( if present ) just copy PlatformUUID and paste ( you know where ) have a fun. ps: there is no "license" for this app means you are allowed to sell , re-package , distribute, claim that you wrote it - anything you like np_ MacToPlatformUUID.zip update ( forget to remove a test inside, sorry now is ok )
  10. **Definitive CMOS Reset fix**

    try this - replace entire block Device (RTC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00")) Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0070, // Range Minimum 0x0070, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x02, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x0074, // Range Minimum 0x0074, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x04, // Length ) }) }
  11. wow "great job" Andy ! can't wait for the "great app" !!!!!
  12. here is more info http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/ http://www.x.org/wiki/radeonhd what you need to do is new iokit driver who loads before any ati***.kext ( something like natit ) mapping ATI mem base IO ( check docs for correct registers, they are almost same for any ati card ) and you can read/write anywhere in card mem space , that include to read EDID , card bios ..etc getting correct info you can push it into ioregs without no problem at all just note - avoid to hard code EDID info data into ioregs or any data copied from real mac's ioregs, it will cause in most situation black screen or even put video card in funny moods
  13. see i have same problem but i fix it in a way i do explain to you what i did was 1: unplug all power cables, 2: remove battery, 3: let only one ram in first slot then i forget board ( without battery ) about 1 hrs or so, when i back before i put battery back i just shortcut battery terms. for just a second or so put battery back, plug all cables and did boot on first time - will not boot on second you have to wait some time but did boot - no loops no nothing next i did is update bios , shutdown machine and add rest of ram till today still works, all this is caused by overclocking, i don't think board is dead but ram can be dead , try to test your ram on other board first just to make sure is ok np_
  14. ok what exactly did you try - step by step , anyway this you get is very known problem and only solution is to remove the battery also try to reseat cpu himself ( i don't think is cpu problem but with gigabyte you can expect anything )
  15. there is one very simple but effective solution 1: unplug all power cables to mobo 2: remove battery 3: - two choices - wait about 10 mins or just shortcut battery pins on mobo then put back battery , plug all cables , let only one mem dim, boot , and update to last bios ( if any ) restore bios ( take care of wrong overclocking ), shutdown again , add rest mem