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Adobe releases three CS4 beta apps

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Yesterday Adobe posted three public betas of Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth all CS4 betas.

The interface overhaul seems to be a nice thing, there is a certain standard between Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

The betas can be found at labs.adobe.com

Remember, you need an Adobe ID to download.





The Creative Suite 4 is expected to come around October this year.

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Just finished installing Dreamweaver.

The first thing where you spot the change is right at the installer. It has been completely overhauled, somewhat faster but with a nicer outlook. The artwork/icons are still the CS3 ones, which is no wonder yet.


The installer finished quickly, and immediately showed the option to run Dw right away.


This is the screen that appears on first run:


The new UI has also been revised. By clicking on the [DESIGNER] drop-down menu, you are presented with several workspace configurations, toolbar arangements(App Developer, App Developer Plus, Classic, Coder, Coder Plus, Designer, Designer Compact, Dual Screen). This instant configuration is extremely handy and convenient.


So, let's open a file here:


You get used to it pretty easily since the main window is basically the same, although some tweakings are noticeable. Te new side panes are more professional-looking, more Adobe-like, and overall the UI got a darker look.

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I think this was a typo...here I'll fix it:


Adobe < *


We're talking about a company with no respect for standards, GUI consistency, or Mac users in general.

I believe Adobe has corrected most of these with CS4.

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Have you even looked at the betas? Not even close. They are far, far worse than CS3 in these terms.


The hotkeys are STILL not localized to Mac, they don't even make sense, the only thing they bothered to do was swap out the Control key for the Command key. And have you seen Fireworks? It's the most hideous thing I've ever seen, buttons in the title bar? WTF were they thinking?

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