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  1. Adobe releases three CS4 beta apps

    Except the whole NO 64-BIT FOR YOU thing.
  2. The iPhone...in x86?

    I has two ARMs lawl.
  3. Clinton or Obama?

    Democratic People's Republic of Korea, more commonly known as North Korea. Point?
  4. Naked this, naked that

    So basically it only counts when it's American, because...you know...it's American. I see.
  5. Mac Users Have Different Brains

    So where's the study that shows us that the Windows fanboys (yeah, they exist. You know them.) are a bunch of closed minded, stubborn gits? (hint: they're the ones who still complain about Macs having one mouse button and link to that video with the guy bashing the iMac G3 with it's handle being for use as a boat anchor as the absolute truth and an accurate depiction of the computers of today) PS: If you take this post seriously, you're part of the problem.
  6. You can't...erm...copyright a number. If the code was 12 34 56 78 90, would we be no longer be able to use those numbers in sequence? No.
  7. Windows Experience Index Scores

    E2180 is overclocked to 2.66GHz. I'd overclock it to 3.33GHz (so the FSB matches my DDR2-667 RAM), but the Conroe1333 motherboard seems to have an FSB wall of 266, with it's inability to adjust Vcore. A BSEL mod could fix that, but I'm too lazy and don't feel like reapplying paste.
  8. The Next Mac Cat?

    Mac OS X 10.6 "Mittens"
  9. System of a Down - Aerials
  10. Porting Adium to Windows

    Adium uses libpurple for all it's IM protocol support. libpurple is written by the Pidgin team. In essense, they're just different frontends.
  11. Can't boot after install

    Is your OS X volume named "Leopard"? I think the BrazilMac script assumes that.
  12. Mac OSX Hidden Games!

    Welcome to Emacs.
  13. Leopard Perfect Install

    I just got 10.5.1 working all peachy thanks to your wonderful little guide. It's been...an adventure. I went through two botched installs because I was greeted with a blank screen and a flashing cursor twice; the bootloader didn't install. I was confused and then decided perhaps the Kalyway CD tripped over itself somewhere (I presume that's what it's for, installing the bootloader), so on my third attempt I used one the other disk utility on there (the ASR one, I believe), to temporarily format it as GUID to nuke the MBR table and then reformatted the disk using the proper disk utility, and I did a test boot (before installing), and sure enough, the darwin bootloader came up spouting an error about not being able to find some plist file (boot config, I presume). Success. I then installed the BrazilMac patched DVD, and, in case pc_efi was FUBARing the bootloader, I did the regular patched install first. Booted perfect. Afterwards I booted into single user mode to set up pc_efi and replaced the proper kexts as per the guide, and presto! it works. I'm not sure what went wrong the first two times, but I'm damn glad it works. Did the software update, and it's all operational, as if it were a real Mac. Also, as a bit of advice, when you first put in the BrazilMac DVD (or whichever patched setup you're using), open the terminal and copy over all the data you put on your flash drive for this project onto the hard disk you want to install to. That way, you can simply use the terminal in Kalyway the second time around, therefore saving you a lot of time, as it boots much faster than the install DVD. It's been fun.
  14. OS X keeps asking for restart

    No, you really can't. AthlonXPs do not have SSE2, only SSE, and you can't do anything, trust me (I have a Intel Celeron S [Pentium III core] and it just won't work)