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  1. Things have changed around here in half a year huh
  2. The Dumbing Down of osx86

    100% agreed. I mean I built my system for running OS X on it.
  3. KDE4, your view now?

    Make that three.
  4. Is it worth buying Office 2008 for Excel?

    If you really have to use it, go buy it. I'd suggest you try to find a way to make your excel stuff on windows, then import it. Office for Mac 2008 is a piece of {censored}. Not because it's by Microsoft, because it simply sucks. When I started using OS X I thought MSOffice would be more familiar than iWork, and I used Office for Windows a lot before. It's nothing like Office for Windows. It's totally different. As overhyped as it may seem, it was crappy. Slow, unresponsive sometimes, crashing(excel especially, word is somewhat better at stability), and even though it's Universal, performance stinks. Office 07's (on Vista)speed compared with with this is blazing. Really. Also, using it is a mess as well. Preferences are hard to find, and it looks like a mess. I personally hated the fact that you had to use inspectors all the time. I would never ever recommend you Office:mac 08, it's crappy, slow and unstable. Better off OpenOffice.org.
  5. Intel is an evil company

    It may be evil, but it makes pretty damn good processors, and that's all that matters to me. Intel+nVIDIA all the way!
  6. The 14 best Linux distros

    yeah, haha
  7. Maybe bought a pirated version of Leopard?

    I don't think the ones who sell CDs like this pretending it isn't pirated have a good return policy. In fact, I doubt they have any policies at all. And there's no semi-legit thing. C'mon, man couldn't you just do a Google search or something about how the real DVD looks like?
  8. What kind of Watch do you have?

    A cellphone.
  9. Bad Grammar

    Yeah, me too.
  10. Bad Grammar

    Haha, I know the feeling...
  11. Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 preview

    Not comparing to the competition doesn't make a discussion mature, but rather unrealistic.You see I thought Windows was an OK OS till I tried OS X. Free market means a product has to stack up with its competitors, or else it will eventually fail. Anyways, I would like a highly customizable Windows installation option, where you could choose from drivers for example, or background activities that will run on your future installation. That would not only solve the stability issues, but would give a serious speed bump compared to the default one. When you open Task Manager on a pristine Vista, you already see a lot of processes running, however, with some search in guides you can manage to reduce these processes without any feature loss. For example you are connected to the internet, but you have no local network. You can instantly stop 2 or 3 background processes which would cause the loss of a feature you didn't need anyway, so for you it's a win-win situation. Quicker boot, snappier windows. Also, Windows has a lot of unneeded/barely needed stuff in it. My first thing would be to eliminate compatibility with 95/98/Me/2000. Companies and low-end PC users have these operating systems, and corporations can live with older software(some of them didn't even upgrade to xp yet), and low-end machines wouldn't be able to run it, so another bug-prone issue solved, another speed bump received. And notice that I didn't mention any new development, but only eliminating {censored}. Oh, and... No, Live waznt born before .mac, you are probably talking about MSN.
  12. Bad Grammar

    I am also really irritated about the grammar, I have no problem with commas or capital letters, but misspelled words really drive me crazy. And the preposterous thing is that some of the bad grammar folks use English as their mother tongue. And what I also hate is the following I have news for you arseholes, what about doing something about it instead of stitching this sentence after every post you make? Yeah, we noticed your bad English, so don't beg for empathy for no apparent reason. Oh, and please, I mean please look up the difference between its and it's, theirs and there's, and 's form in general. I know no one is perfect, i know about typos(i do newspaper editing), I know about occasional misspellings etc, but c'mon... I had to rant. I had to.
  13. Adobe Creative Suite 4 unveiled!

    Beta testers reported an overall speed increase across the suite, so that makes it tastier. BTW, packaging is beautiful.
  14. Where the have you dreamed that? Don't you think IF, if this would happen, it would've happened years ago. Apple has been a computer company for 30 years, don't you :censored2: think they know their job better than some hopeless kid(that's you jaez) who has absolutely no idea about a thing? You picked up some words off the Internet, and you are just reusing them by making a huge jabber about nothing. @eject: Please next time don't duplicate your post three times. BTW, love your sig. In romania, OS X costs 197$.