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This kext inject id device for Sata chip :



AppleAHCIDiskDriver, IOAHCISerialATAPI, ASMedia ASM1061, ASMedia ASM1062, DH89xxCC AHCI, AppleSATAExpress, GenericAHCI, ICH10AHCI, ICH10RAHCI, ICH10RAID, ICH10RRAID, ICH6 ESB2 AHCI, ICH6 ESB2 RAID, ICH7MAHCI, ICH7MRAID, ICH7RAHCI, ICH7RAHCI, ICH7RRAID, ICH8AHCI, ICH8MAHCI, ICH8MRAID, ICH8RAHCI, ICH8RRAID, ICH9AHCI, ICH9MAHCI, ICH9MRAID, ICH9RAHCI, ICH9RRAID, Intel10SeriesAHCI, Intel5SeriesAHCI, Intel5SeriesRAID, Intel6SeriesAHCI, Intel6SeriesRAID, Intel7SeriesAHCI, Intel7SeriesRAID, Intel8SeriesAHCI, Intel9SeriesAHCI,Intel10SeriesAHCI,IntelC600SeriesAHCI, IntelC600SeriesRAID, IntelLynxPointAHCI, IntelLynxPointRAID, IntelWellsburgAHCI, IntelWellsburgRAID, JMicron JMB360 AHCI, JMicron JMB360 RAID, JMicron JMB361 AHCI, JMicron JMB361 RAID, JMicron JMB362 AHCI, JMicron JMB362 RAID, JMicron JMB363 AHCI, JMicron JMB363 RAID, JMicron JMB364 AHCI, JMicron JMB365 AHCI, JMicron JMB366 AHCI, JMicron JMB366 RAID, JMicron JMB369 AHCI, JMicronAHCI, MCP79AHCI, MCP89AHCI, Marvell 88SE9120, Marvell 88SE9123, Marvell 88SE9125, Marvell 88SE9128, Marvell 88SE9172, Marvell 88SE91A0, Marvell 88SE9230, Marvell 88SE9480



Install via Kext Wizard repair permissions/cache


Kext by Fabio1971, updated the work of ErmaC eep357 and Micky1979

What's New in Version 11/21/2016 01:07 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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How do I solve this ? I have installed this kext with "Kext Wizard", after booting to install OSX it will not show SATA drives so I went into System Information/Extensions under Utilities. Picking AHCIPortInjector from the list I see this; 


"Loadable: No.

Authentication Errors:

Authentication Failures:

File owner/permissions are incorrect ( must be root:wheel,nonwritable by group/other): AHCIPortInjector.kext, Contents, Info.plist"


After installing with  Kext Wizard I also ran "Repair Permissions etc" from under Maintenance...and no help.


The kext file "ahciporinjector.kext" is installed on the USB Drive under /System/Library/Extensions/AHCIPortInjector.kext


I'm trying to get El Capitan (what I'm using) to see my HD's on a Dell Studio XPS 8100.

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Hi Fabio


Since macOS High Sierra Beta 7, hot-plug (hot-swap) don't work with Asmedia and Intel 7 Series on my system (Asus p8z77-v pro). Under Sierra, this kext work like a charm.


Any solution?

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