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  1. When patched usb port is correctly, Bluetooth is working forever.
  2. Make sure usb port patch is correctly. I used DW1820A without problem.
  3. anonymousnbs

    AppleHDA.kext for Latitude E6420

    wern apfel . u have patch applehda el capitan 10.11 ? i have patch OTF but Device ( output and microphone ) and if u use applehda.kext Device ( line , output ,microphone ) all the same layout , hdaconfig, platform
  4. anonymousnbs

    DSDT for Dell Precision M4600

    I have install Dell M4600 with AMD Firepro and working ) .good job bro and bluetooth working oke .. no problems
  5. I tested the patch itself or mirone but dont working T_T
  6. micky hello, I have a problem with IDT audio 92HD90BXX although I did patch applehda complete but I have some hope you correct the error after fears: - On player automatically lose - Do not switch between headphones and speaker
  7. anonymousnbs

    Fixing boot glitches

    Boot graphics glitch, 10.10.x/10.11.x (credit lisai9093, cecekpawon) Find 0100007517 Name : disabled:IOGraphicsFamily Replace 0100007417
  8. anonymousnbs

    Cheap Compatible WiFi Cards

    ar9285 ebay 5-6$ bcm943225hmb ..
  9. anonymousnbs

    7mb memory video HD4600

    8086:0412 Desktop GT2 Intel HD4600 Azul HD5000 OOB
  10. anonymousnbs

    7mb memory video HD4600

    Check config and check vram in bios ( 64mb ) if = 64mb => full qe/ci if > 64mb => never full qe/ci And I need to be sure that all kext intact and original installer from Apple config.plist.zip
  11. anonymousnbs

    Prima config el capitan

    CsrActiveConfig = 0x67 Booter = 0x28 and remove kext AppleIntelE1000e and download intelmausiethernet and run with kext utility working
  12. anonymousnbs

    Prima config el capitan

    Intel HD 4600 : Install Fakepciid and fakepciid hd4400 hd4600 + inject DSDT https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Fake-PCI-ID Audio : patch DSDT ( IQR , HPET , patch audio and inject layout ) Network : Check device name card .and install kext Compatible